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Rexroth Type Hydraulic Filter Element 9.1110 9.1320 9.160 9.240 9.330 9.500 9.60 9.990

Rexroth Type Hydraulic Filter Element 9.1110 9.1320 9.160 9.240 9.330 9.500 9.60 9.990

    • Rexroth Type Hydraulic Filter Element 9.1110 9.1320 9.160 9.240 9.330 9.500 9.60 9.990
    • Rexroth Type Hydraulic Filter Element 9.1110 9.1320 9.160 9.240 9.330 9.500 9.60 9.990
    • Rexroth Type Hydraulic Filter Element 9.1110 9.1320 9.160 9.240 9.330 9.500 9.60 9.990
    • Rexroth Type Hydraulic Filter Element 9.1110 9.1320 9.160 9.240 9.330 9.500 9.60 9.990
  • Rexroth Type Hydraulic Filter Element 9.1110 9.1320 9.160 9.240 9.330 9.500 9.60 9.990

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Germany
    Brand Name: Rexroth
    Certification: ISO
    Model Number: Rexroth Type 9.0035 9.0095 9.1110 9.1320 9.160 9.240 9.330 9.500 9.60 9.990 Size Filter Elements

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: On request
    Packaging Details: Standard paper box
    Delivery Time: 7-10days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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    Detailed Product Description

    Rexroth Type Hydraulic Filter Element 9.1110 9.1320 9.160 9.240 9.330 9.500 9.60 9.990

    Rexroth Type 9.0 Filter elements for installation in Hydac filter housings

    Size 30, 60, 110, 140, 160, 240, 0260, 280, 0300, 330, 500, 660, 30LA, 0035LA, 0055LA, 60LA, 0075LA, 0095LA, 110LA, 140LA, 160LA, 240LA, 280LA, 330LA, 500LA, 660LA, 990LA, 1320LA, 1500LA
    Pressure differential 210 bar
    Filter rating 1 µm
    Operating temperature range -10 … +100 °C

    ▶ Filter media
    – Glass fiber material of the 5th product generation with electrically conductive non-woven medium and increased dirt holding capacity
    – Glass fiber material with water-absorbing function
    – Additional filter media: Filter paper, wire mesh, non-woven material and non-woven metal fiber for numerous fields of application in fluid filtration.
    ▶ Extended product range for non-mineral oil based fluids
    ▶ Installation in return flow filters (R)
    ▶ Installation in inline filters (D)
    ▶ Frame sizes: 30-1500 (model D)
    ▶ Frame sizes: 30-2600 (model R)
    ▶ Pressure differential resistance up to 210 bar [3045 psi]


    Flame-resistant – containing water: Due to possible chemical reactions with materials or surface coatings of machine and system components, the service life with these hydraulic fluids may be less than expected. Filter materials made of filter paper P must not be used, filter elements with glass fiber material have to be used instead.
    Bio-degradable: If filter materials made of filter paper are used, the filter life may be shorter than expected due to material incompatibility and swelling.

    For applications outside these parameters, please consult us!

    Hydraulic fluid Classification Suitable sealing materials Suitable adhesive Standards
    Mineral oil HLP NBR Standard DIN 51424
    Bio-degradable Insoluble in water HETG NBR VDMA 24568
    Soluble in water HEPG FKM VDMA 24568
    Flame-resistant Water-free HFDU, HFDR FKM VDMA 24317
    Containing water HFAS NBR DIN 24320
    HFC NBR VDMA 24317
    Skydrol EPDM Special “H”


    SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.


    Rexroth Type 9.0035 9.0095 9.1110 9.1320 9.160 9.240 9.330 9.500 9.60 9.990 Size Filter Elements​ on Sale, Short lead time, Best price!!!


    R928038737 9.0035LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928035520 9.0055LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928035915 9.0075LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928035368 9.0075LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928039986 9.0075LAPWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928039987 9.0075LAPWR6-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928046598 9.0080PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928041331 9.0095LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928041333 9.0095LAPWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928041332 9.0095LAPWR6-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928035901 9.0100PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928025536 9.0151PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928046600 9.0201H16XL-A00-0-M
    R928053863 9.0201PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928046602 9.0251H16XL-A00-0-M
    R928035494 9.0260AS3-G00-0-M
    R928036154 9.0260AS3-G00-0-V
    R928054117 9.0260H20XL-G00-0-M
    R928034930 9.0260H6XL-G00-0-M
    R928046603 9.0260PWR10-G00-0-M
    R928054549 9.0260PWR10-G00-0-V
    R928023888 9.0260PWR3-G00-0-M
    R928048018 9.0260PWR3-G00-0-V
    R928054550 9.0260PWR6-G00-0-V
    R928046605 9.0400H16XL-A00-0-M
    R928046606 9.0800PWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928019901 9.110G100-A00-0-M
    R928017132 9.110G10-F00-0-M
    R928017122 9.110G25-A00-0-M
    R928039495 9.110G25-A0D-0-M/VT
    R928017131 9.110G25-F00-0-M
    R928038380 9.110G300-A00-0-M
    R928034756 9.110G40-A00-0-M
    R928034874 9.110G500-A00-0-M
    R928017127 9.110H20XL-A00-0-M
    R928049057 9.110M10-F00-0-M
    R928017124 9.110P10-A00-0-M
    R928017128 9.110PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928017136 9.110PWR10-F00-0-M
    R928017138 9.110PWR3-F00-0-M
    R928046607 9.110LAG100-A00-0-M
    R928046609 9.110LAG25-A00-0-M
    R928046610 9.110LAG40-A00-0-M
    R928017143 9.110LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017151 9.110LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017145 9.110LAH6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928048353 9.110LAH6XL-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017144 9.110LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928055305 9.110LAPWR10-A00-0-M/ZF
    R928022425 9.110LAPWR10-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017152 9.110LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928037340 9.110LAPWR10-F00-0-V SO3000/VT
    R928028490 9.110LAPWR10-F0Z-0-V
    R928017146 9.110LAPWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017154 9.110LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928036285 9.110LAPWR3-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928017149 9.110LAPWR6-F00-0-M
    R928017153 9.110LAPWR6-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928022720 9.110LAPWR6-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928022670 9.1320LAG25-A00-0-M
    R928039845 9.1320LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928047392 9.1320LAH20XL-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928048019 9.1320LAH3XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928025333 9.1320LAH6XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928039821 9.1320LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928022742 9.1320LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928051370 9.1320LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017155 9.140G25-A00-0-M
    R928017170 9.140H6XL-F00-0-M
    R928017161 9.140PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928054574 9.140LAG25-A00-0-M
    R928017176 9.140LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017184 9.140LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017178 9.140LAH6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928049359 9.140LAH6XL-A00-0-M/FP
    R928017186 9.140LAH6XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017177 9.140LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017185 9.140LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017179 9.140LAPWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017187 9.140LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928049566 9.140LAPWR3-F00-0-M/FP
    R928025450 9.160G100-A00-0-M
    R928047361 9.160G10-A00-0-M
    R928017198 9.160G10-B00-0-M
    R928017188 9.160G25-A00-0-M
    R928047843 9.160G25-A00-0-V
    R928037557 9.160G25-A0Z-0-M
    R928040985 9.160G25-A0Z-0-V
    R928017197 9.160G25-B00-0-M
    R928035875 9.160G40-A00-0-M
    R928017193 9.160H20XL-A00-0-M
    R928017196 9.160H3XL-A00-0-M
    R928040947 9.160M10-B00-0-M
    R928017199 9.160M5-B00-0-M
    R928017190 9.160P10-A00-0-M
    R928017194 9.160PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928017202 9.160PWR10-F00-0-M
    R928017195 9.160PWR6-A00-0-M
    R928019875 9.160LAG100-A00-0-M
    R928053638 9.160LAG200-A00-0-M
    R928027932 9.160LAG25-A00-0-M
    R928046614 9.160LAG40-A00-0-M
    R928017209 9.160LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928048763 9.160LAH20XL-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017217 9.160LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017212 9.160LAH3XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017211 9.160LAH6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017210 9.160LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928025198 9.160LAPWR10-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017218 9.160LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928022426 9.160LAPWR10-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928051491 9.160LAPWR3-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017220 9.160LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928035479 9.160LAPWR3-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928017219 9.160LAPWR6-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928025771 9.160LAPWR6-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928027989 9.240G100-A00-0-M
    R928017231 9.240G10-B00-0-M
    R928017221 9.240G25-A00-0-M
    R928022431 9.240G25-A00-0-V
    R928035878 9.240G40-A00-0-M
    R928017226 9.240H20XL-A00-0-M
    R928017237 9.240H3XL-F00-0-M
    R928017227 9.240PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928017235 9.240PWR10-F00-0-M
    R928017229 9.240PWR3-A00-0-M
    R928047210 9.240LAG100-A00-0-M
    R928041992 9.240LAG25-A00-0-M
    R928035972 9.240LAG40-A00-0-M
    R928017250 9.240LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017245 9.240LAH3XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017244 9.240LAH6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928049365 9.240LAH6XL-A00-0-M/FP
    R928017252 9.240LAH6XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928025457 9.240LAP10-F00-0-M
    R928017243 9.240LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928022430 9.240LAPWR10-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017251 9.240LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928022721 9.240LAPWR10-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928053930 9.240LAPWR3-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017253 9.240LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928028935 9.240LAPWR6-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928054490 9.240LAPWR6-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928039004 9.240LAT200-B00-0-M/TE
    R928035006 9.240LAT200-B0D-0-M/TE
    R928054592 9.256LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928048883 9.280G25-A00-0-M
    R928017260 9.280PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928017269 9.280PWR6-F00-0-M
    R928052313 9.280LAG100-A00-0-M
    R928049649 9.280LAG40-A00-0-M
    R928017284 9.280LAH10XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017275 9.280LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928054390 9.280LAH20XL-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017283 9.280LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928047056 9.280LAH20XL-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928017277 9.280LAH6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017276 9.280LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928052605 9.280LAPWR10-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017278 9.280LAPWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928051685 9.280LAPWR3-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017286 9.280LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017285 9.280LAPWR6-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928056522 9.280LAPWR6-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928025259 9.30LAG100-A00-0-M
    R928022744 9.30LAG10-AHV-0-V
    R928017066 9.30LAG10-F00-0-M
    R928046620 9.30LAG130-A0V-0-M
    R928017693 9.30LAG25-A00-0-M
    R928017065 9.30LAG25-F00-0-M
    R928017695 9.30LAG25-F00-0-V
    R928017697 9.30LAG40-A00-0-M
    R928054054 9.30LAH10XL-A0V-0-M SO3000
    R928022743 9.30LAH10XL-AHV-0-V
    R928017716 9.30LAH16XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017718 9.30LAH16XL-F00-0-M
    R928017073 9.30LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928047976 9.30LAH20XL-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017085 9.30LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017076 9.30LAH3XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928028226 9.30LAH3XL-F0V-0-M
    R928017075 9.30LAH6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017087 9.30LAH6XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928047483 9.30LAM10-F00-0-M
    R928017067 9.30LAM5-F00-0-M
    R928017058 9.30LAP10-A00-0-M
    R928052769 9.30LAP25-A00-0-M
    R928053433 9.30LAP25-A00-0-V
    R928017074 9.30LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017712 9.30LAPWR10-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017086 9.30LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017704 9.30LAPWR3-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017088 9.30LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928049364 9.30LAPWR3-F00-0-M/FP
    R928022418 9.30LAPWR3-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928025957 9.30LAPWR6-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928022417 9.30LAPWR6-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928047575 9.330G100-A00-0-M
    R928053644 9.330G100-A00-0-V
    R928017297 9.330G10-B00-0-M
    R928017287 9.330G25-A00-0-M
    R928017296 9.330G25-B00-0-M
    R928022435 9.330G40-A00-0-M
    R928017292 9.330H20XL-A00-0-M
    R928048548 9.330M10-B00-0-M
    R928017298 9.330M5-B00-0-M
    R928017293 9.330PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928017301 9.330PWR10-F00-0-M
    R928017295 9.330PWR3-A00-0-M
    R928017302 9.330PWR6-F00-0-M
    R928022436 9.330LAG100-A00-0-M
    R928031687 9.330LAG25-A00-0-M
    R928046622 9.330LAG40-A00-0-M
    R928017308 9.330LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017316 9.330LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017310 9.330LAH6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017318 9.330LAH6XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017309 9.330LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928028489 9.330LAPWR10-A0Z-0-V SO3000
    R928017317 9.330LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928041032 9.330LAPWR10-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928017311 9.330LAPWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928035465 9.330LAPWR3-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017319 9.330LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928031968 9.330LAPWR3-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928040810 9.330LAPWR6-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928017362 9.500G25-B00-0-M
    R928048848 9.500LAG800-A00-0-M
    R928017375 9.500LAH10XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017374 9.500LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017382 9.500LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017384 9.500LAH6XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017383 9.500LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017377 9.500LAPWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017385 9.500LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017376 9.500LAPWR6-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928031961 9.500LAPWR6-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928038038 9.60G100-A00-0-M
    R928044557 9.60G100-A00-0-V
    R928017099 9.60G10-F00-0-M
    R928046628 9.60G10-F00-0-V
    R928017089 9.60G25-A00-0-M
    R928018886 9.60G25-A00-0-V
    R928028834 9.60G25-A0V-0-V
    R928040982 9.60G25-A0Z-0-V
    R928017098 9.60G25-F00-0-M
    R928035877 9.60G40-A00-0-M
    R928017094 9.60H20XL-A00-0-M
    R928017096 9.60H6XL-A00-0-M
    R928017104 9.60H6XL-F00-0-M
    R928051450 9.60M10-A00-0-V
    R928044603 9.60M10-F00-0-M
    R928017100 9.60M5-F00-0-M
    R928017091 9.60P10-A00-0-M
    R928017090 9.60P25-A00-0-M
    R928017095 9.60PWR10-A00-0-M
    R928017103 9.60PWR10-F00-0-M
    R928017105 9.60PWR3-F00-0-M
    R928047311 9.60LAG100-A00-0-M
    R928022422 9.60LAG25-A00-0-M
    R928023998 9.60LAG25-F00-0-M
    R928046630 9.60LAG40-A00-0-M
    R928023884 9.60LAG40-F00-0-M
    R928022656 9.60LAG60-F00-0-M
    R928017110 9.60LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017118 9.60LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928018885 9.60LAH20XL-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928017112 9.60LAH6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017120 9.60LAH6XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017111 9.60LAPWR10-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928022420 9.60LAPWR10-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017119 9.60LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928017113 9.60LAPWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017121 9.60LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928049366 9.60LAPWR3-F00-0-M/FP
    R928031940 9.60LAPWR3-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928053464 9.60LAPWR6-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928031965 9.60LAPWR6-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928046632 9.660G100-A00-0-M
    R928017396 9.660G10-B00-0-M
    R928017386 9.660G25-A00-0-M
    R928022714 9.660G40-A00-0-M
    R928046943 9.660G500-A00-0-M
    R928017391 9.660H20XL-A00-0-M
    R928017397 9.660M5-B00-0-M
    R928017400 9.660PWR10-F00-0-M
    R928017394 9.660PWR3-A00-0-M
    R928017393 9.660PWR6-A00-0-M
    R928036923 9.660LAG100-A00-0-M
    R928040666 9.660LAG130-A00-0-M
    R928048594 9.660LAG25-A00-0-M
    R928035073 9.660LAG40-A00-0-M
    R928046839 9.660LAG40-A00-0-V
    R928046855 9.660LAG60-A00-0-V
    R928017408 9.660LAH10XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017407 9.660LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017415 9.660LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928052356 9.660LAH20XL-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928017410 9.660LAH3XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928017418 9.660LAH3XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928052038 9.660LAH3XL-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928017409 9.660LAH6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928035009 9.660LAH6XL-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928017417 9.660LAH6XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928031964 9.660LAPWR10-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928048881 9.660LAPWR10-A00-0-V-0068/SS
    R928017416 9.660LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928022722 9.660LAPWR10-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928040688 9.660LAPWR6-F00-0-V SO3000
    R928027871 9.990LAH10XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928053898 9.990LAH10XL-A00-0-V SO3000
    R928041863 9.990LAH20XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928019179 9.990LAH20XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928037197 9.990LAH6XL-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928019174 9.990LAH6XL-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928019176 9.990LAPWR10-F00-0-M SO3000
    R928022449 9.990LAPWR3-A00-0-M SO3000
    R928019172 9.990LAPWR3-F00-0-M SO3000

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