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Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve , Pilot - Operated Type DB10 DB20 DB30

Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve , Pilot - Operated Type DB10 DB20 DB30

    • Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve , Pilot - Operated Type DB10 DB20 DB30
    • Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve , Pilot - Operated Type DB10 DB20 DB30
    • Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve , Pilot - Operated Type DB10 DB20 DB30
    • Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve , Pilot - Operated Type DB10 DB20 DB30
  • Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve , Pilot - Operated Type DB10 DB20 DB30

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Germany
    Brand Name: Rexroth
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: Rexroth DB10-2-5X/50Y DB10-2-5X/100Y DB10-3-5X/200X DB10G1-5X/200Y DB15G1-5X/100 DB15G2-5X/350V DB20-1-5X/100Y DB20-2-5X/315 DB20G1-5X/315 DB30-1-5X/50Y DB30-3-5X/100

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: On request
    Packaging Details: Standard paper box
    Delivery Time: 7-10days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Model: DB10-2-5X/350YV Certification: ISO9001
    Origin: Germany

    Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve , Pilot - Operated Type DB10 DB20 DB30Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve,Pilot-operated Type DB10 DB20 DB30


    Size 10 … 32
    Component series 5X
    Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
    Maximum flow 650 l/min


    ▶▶ For subplate mounting
    ▶▶ Porting pattern according to ISO 6264-06-09 (NG10),
    ISO 6264-08-13 (NG25) and ISO 6264-10-17 (NG32)
    ▶▶ For threaded connection
    ▶▶ As cartridge valve (cartridge)
    ▶▶ 4 adjustment types for pressure adjustment, optionally:
    –– Rotary knob
    –– Bushing with hexagon and protective cap
    –– Lockable rotary knob with scale
    –– Rotary knob with scale
    ▶▶ 5 pressure ratings
    ▶▶ Solenoid-actuated unloading via an installed directional
    spool valve or directional seat valve
    ▶▶ High-power solenoid
    ▶▶ Explosion-protected solenoid (upon request)
    ▶▶ Switching shock damping, optional (DBW type only)
    ▶▶ Corrosion-protected design


    Type code

    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09   10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
    DB               5X /                         *
    01 Pressure relief valve DB
    02 Without directional valve no code
    03 Pilot-operated valve (complete) no code
    Pilot control valve without main spool insert (do not enter any size) C
    Pilot control valve with main spool insert (enter size 10 or 30) C
    Pilot control valve without main spool insert for subplate mounting (do not enter any size) T 1)
    04 Size 10
    Subplate mounting "no code" 10
    Threaded connection "G" 10 (G1/2)
    Size 16
    Threaded connection "G" 15 (G3/4)
    Size 25
    Subplate mounting "no code" 20
    Threaded connection "G" 20 (G1)
    Threaded connection "G" 25 (G1 1/4)
    Size 32
    Subplate mounting "no code" 30
    Threaded connection "G" 30 (G1 1/2)
    05 Without directional valve no code
    Type of connection
    06 Subplate mounting or cartridge valve no code
    For threaded connection G
    Adjustment type for pressure adjustment
    07 Rotary knob (not for version "C" and "T") 1
    Sleeve with hexagon and protective cap 2
    Lockable rotary knob with scale 3 2)
    Rotary knob with scale 7
    08 Main spool Ø24 mm (all sizes)
    Main spool Ø28 mm (only for NG32) N
    09 Component series 50 … 59 (50 … 59: unchanged installation and connection dimensions) 5X
    10 Set pressure up to 50 bar 50
    Set pressure up to 100 bar 100
    Set pressure up to 200 bar 200
    Set pressure up to 315 bar 315
    Set pressure up to 350 bar 350
    Pilot oil flow
    11 External pilot oil supply, internal pilot oil return X 3)
    Internal pilot oil supply, external pilot oil return Y
    Pilot oil supply and pilot oil return external XY 3)
    12 Standard version no code
    Valve for minimum cracking pressure (not for versions "without main spool insert" and not suitable for mutual relief) U 4)
    13 Without switching shock damping no code
    14 Without directional valve no code
    15 Without directional valve no code
    16 Without manual override no code
    Electrical connection
    17 Without directional valve no code
    18 Without directional valve no code
    Corrosion resistance
    19 None no code
    Improved corrosion protection (240 h salt spray test according to EN ISO 9227) J3 5)
    Seal material
    20 NBR seals no code
    FKM seals V
    Observe compatibility of seals with hydraulic fluid used. (Other seals upon request)
    Equipment Directive
    21 Without type-examination procedure no code
    Type-examination tested safety valve according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU E
    22 Further details in the plain text *
    1) DBT corresponds to DBC, however with closed central bore
    2) H-Key with material no. R900008158 is included in the scope of delivery.
    3) Not with version "DBC"
    4) Only possible up to pressure rating 315 bar
    5) Only version "2", however without protective cap


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    Rexroth Pressure Relief Valve,Pilot-operated Type DB10 DB20 DB30 Valves on Sale, Short lead time, Best price!!!


    R900536300 DB10-2-5X/50XU
    R900597342 DB10-2-5X/50Y
    R900774148 DB10-2-5X/50YV
    R900509825 DB10-2-5X/50YU
    R900734775 DB10-2-5X/50XY
    R900516068 DB10-2-5X/50XYU
    R900590646 DB10-2-5X/100
    R900507503 DB10-2-5X/100V
    R900593839 DB10-2-5X/100U
    R900933729 DB10-2-5X/100UV
    R900596930 DB10-2-5X/100X
    R900909218 DB10-2-5X/100XV
    R900516785 DB10-2-5X/100XU
    R900561319 DB10-2-5X/100XUV
    R900595739 DB10-2-5X/100Y
    R900509059 DB10-2-5X/100YV
    R900513648 DB10-2-5X/100YU
    R900519210 DB10-2-5X/100YUV
    R900596738 DB10-2-5X/100XY
    R900515149 DB10-2-5X/100XYV
    R900532526 DB10-2-5X/100XYU
    R900587772 DB10-2-5X/200
    R900502649 DB10-2-5X/200V
    R901011411 DB10-2-5X/200U
    R900595345 DB10-2-5X/200X
    R900701467 DB10-2-5X/200XV
    R900968799 DB10-2-5X/200XU
    R900599380 DB10-2-5X/200Y
    R900528384 DB10-2-5X/200YV
    R900533538 DB10-2-5X/200YU
    R900509086 DB10-2-5X/200XY
    R900590334 DB10-2-5X/315
    R900505883 DB10-2-5X/315V
    R900593840 DB10-2-5X/315U
    R900562297 DB10-2-5X/315UV
    R900591126 DB10-2-5X/315X
    R900599205 DB10-2-5X/315XV
    R900526496 DB10-2-5X/315XU
    R900567750 DB10-2-5X/315XUV
    R900597313 DB10-2-5X/315Y
    R900708265 DB10-2-5X/315YV
    R900513599 DB10-2-5X/315YU
    R900597590 DB10-2-5X/315XY
    R901160806 DB10-2-5X/315XYV
    R901152542 DB10-2-5X/315XYU
    R900597992 DB10-2-5X/350
    R900249511 DB10-2-5X/350V
    R900501045 DB10-2-5X/350X
    R901246914 DB10-2-5X/350XV
    R900597420 DB10-2-5X/350Y
    R900500117 DB10-2-5X/350YV
    R900511665 DB10-2-5X/350XY
    R900503083 DB10-3-5X/50
    R900920195 DB10-3-5X/50V
    R900903174 DB10-3-5X/50U
    R900941383 DB10-3-5X/50UV
    R901179393 DB10-3-5X/50Y
    R900503664 DB10-3-5X/50YU
    R900596563 DB10-3-5X/100
    R900502262 DB10-3-5X/100V
    R900522567 DB10-3-5X/100U
    R900563388 DB10-3-5X/100UV
    R900513752 DB10-3-5X/100X
    R900937809 DB10-3-5X/100XV
    R900596562 DB10-3-5X/100Y
    R901041651 DB10-3-5X/100YU
    R900515045 DB10-3-5X/100XY
    R900594773 DB10-3-5X/200
    R900975411 DB10-3-5X/200V
    R900502039 DB10-3-5X/200X
    R900503544 DB10-3-5X/200Y
    R900573811 DB10-3-5X/200XYU
    R900594604 DB10-3-5X/315
    R900532300 DB10-3-5X/315U
    R900505157 DB10-3-5X/315X
    R900618979 DB10-3-5X/315XV
    R900772004 DB10-3-5X/315XU
    R900503637 DB10-3-5X/315Y
    R901096727 DB10-3-5X/315YV
    R900907113 DB10-3-5X/315YU
    R900523864 DB10-3-5X/315XY
    R900510623 DB10-3-5X/350
    R900528385 DB10-3-5X/350Y
    R900551708 DB10-7-5X/50
    R901021927 DB10-7-5X/50U
    R900906018 DB10-7-5X/100
    R901149028 DB10-7-5X/100V
    R900769126 DB10-7-5X/100Y
    R900961076 DB10-7-5X/100XY
    R900529920 DB10-7-5X/200
    R901146523 DB10-7-5X/200UV
    R900546636 DB10-7-5X/315
    R901110223 DB10-7-5X/315V
    R900730624 DB10-7-5X/315U
    R900930480 DB10-7-5X/315X
    R901095396 DB10-7-5X/315Y
    R901020886 DB10-7-5X/350
    R900524910 DB10G1-5X/50
    R900582099 DB10G1-5X/50Y
    R900500047 DB10G1-5X/100
    R900930854 DB10G1-5X/100XYV
    R900503508 DB10G1-5X/200
    R901054901 DB10G1-5X/200Y
    R900508342 DB10G1-5X/315
    R900763389 DB10G1-5X/315U
    R900577146 DB10G1-5X/315X
    R900970758 DB10G1-5X/315XY
    R900617093 DB10G1-5X/350
    R901127259 DB10G1-5X/350V
    R900519854 DB10G1-5X/350Y
    R900599233 DB10G2-5X/50
    R900597414 DB10G2-5X/50V
    R900510576 DB10G2-5X/50U
    R900953459 DB10G2-5X/50UV
    R900505398 DB10G2-5X/50Y
    R900505078 DB10G2-5X/50YV
    R901098905 DB10G2-5X/50YU
    R900537299 DB10G2-5X/50YUV
    R900746747 DB10G2-5X/50XY
    R900598149 DB10G2-5X/100
    R900546916 DB10G2-5X/100V
    R900560199 DB10G2-5X/100U
    R900500857 DB10G2-5X/100X
    R900535686 DB10G2-5X/100XU
    R900506685 DB10G2-5X/100Y
    R900597363 DB10G2-5X/200
    R900559545 DB10G2-5X/200V
    R900539744 DB10G2-5X/200X
    R900508489 DB10G2-5X/200Y
    R901037477 DB10G2-5X/200YV
    R900968514 DB10G2-5X/200XY
    R900590737 DB10G2-5X/315
    R900947547 DB10G2-5X/315V
    R900505374 DB10G2-5X/315X
    R901026090 DB10G2-5X/315XU
    R900535064 DB10G2-5X/315Y
    R900562988 DB10G2-5X/315XY
    R900513797 DB10G2-5X/350
    R900521337 DB10G2-5X/350X
    R900968097 DB10G2-5X/350Y
    R900534684 DB10G3-5X/50
    R900509060 DB10G3-5X/50V
    R900506738 DB10G3-5X/50Y
    R901031715 DB10G3-5X/50YU
    R900597340 DB10G3-5X/100
    R900597361 DB10G3-5X/200
    R900924746 DB10G3-5X/200X
    R901095933 DB10G3-5X/200Y
    R900968652 DB10G3-5X/315
    R900517281 DB10G3-5X/350
    R900952024 DB10G3-5X/350X
    R901219150 DB10G7-5X/50YU
    R900558164 DB10G7-5X/100
    R900549312 DB10G7-5X/200
    R900941168 DB15G1-5X/50
    R900951645 DB15G1-5X/50V
    R901052565 DB15G1-5X/50U
    R900503589 DB15G1-5X/100
    R900519478 DB15G1-5X/200
    R901178652 DB15G1-5X/200V
    R901127361 DB15G1-5X/200XUV
    R900509865 DB15G1-5X/315
    R900911768 DB15G1-5X/315X
    R900524299 DB15G1-5X/315Y
    R900767506 DB15G1-5X/350
    R900519855 DB15G1-5X/350Y
    R900523847 DB15G2-5X/50
    R901019528 DB15G2-5X/50V
    R900525501 DB15G2-5X/50U
    R900505571 DB15G2-5X/50X
    R900564620 DB15G2-5X/50Y
    R901152468 DB15G2-5X/50YU
    R900501568 DB15G2-5X/100
    R900524459 DB15G2-5X/100V
    R900568248 DB15G2-5X/100U
    R900502682 DB15G2-5X/100X
    R901050395 DB15G2-5X/100XU
    R900503979 DB15G2-5X/100Y
    R900922879 DB15G2-5X/100YU
    R900597306 DB15G2-5X/200
    R900559544 DB15G2-5X/200V
    R900754069 DB15G2-5X/200U
    R900510625 DB15G2-5X/200X
    R900769794 DB15G2-5X/200XV
    R900532659 DB15G2-5X/200XY
    R900500779 DB15G2-5X/315
    R900525463 DB15G2-5X/315V
    R900568249 DB15G2-5X/315U
    R900594585 DB15G2-5X/315X
    R900532799 DB15G2-5X/315Y
    R900519970 DB15G2-5X/350
    R900730196 DB15G2-5X/350V
    R900971453 DB15G2-5X/350X
    R900514542 DB15G3-5X/100
    R900500780 DB15G3-5X/200
    R901057457 DB15G3-5X/315
    R900952029 DB15G3-5X/350X
    R900510806 DB15G7-5X/200
    R901171947 DB15G7-5X/315
    R900528963 DB20-1-5X/50
    R900527283 DB20-1-5X/50U
    R900947876 DB20-1-5X/50UV
    R900533026 DB20-1-5X/50Y
    R900780055 DB20-1-5X/50YU
    R900926945 DB20-1-5X/50XY
    R900777085 DB20-1-5X/50XYU
    R900589603 DB20-1-5X/100
    R900904340 DB20-1-5X/100V
    R900597666 DB20-1-5X/100U
    R901044543 DB20-1-5X/100X
    R900532967 DB20-1-5X/100XU
    R900501908 DB20-1-5X/100Y
    R900521035 DB20-1-5X/100YU
    R900501949 DB20-1-5X/100XY
    R900521488 DB20-1-5X/100XYV
    R900502117 DB20-1-5X/200
    R900921140 DB20-1-5X/200V
    R901045900 DB20-1-5X/200UV
    R900595978 DB20-1-5X/200X
    R901192099 DB20-1-5X/200XV
    R900532990 DB20-1-5X/200Y
    R900517599 DB20-1-5X/200XY
    R900587346 DB20-1-5X/315
    R900596697 DB20-1-5X/315V
    R900512862 DB20-1-5X/315U
    R900599564 DB20-1-5X/315X
    R900521436 DB20-1-5X/315XV
    R900532966 DB20-1-5X/315XU
    R900598045 DB20-1-5X/315Y
    R900506603 DB20-1-5X/315YV
    R900528455 DB20-1-5X/315XY
    R900505340 DB20-1-5X/315XYV
    R900703844 DB20-1-5X/315XYU
    R900507009 DB20-1-5X/350
    R901039128 DB20-1-5X/350V
    R900572862 DB20-1-5X/350X
    R901146521 DB20-1-5X/350Y
    R900597212 DB20-2-5X/50
    R900504620 DB20-2-5X/50V
    R900523523 DB20-2-5X/50U
    R900550230 DB20-2-5X/50X
    R901211806 DB20-2-5X/50XV
    R900773411 DB20-2-5X/50XU
    R900597352 DB20-2-5X/50Y
    R900505504 DB20-2-5X/50YV
    R900532512 DB20-2-5X/50YU
    R900595918 DB20-2-5X/50XY
    R900568989 DB20-2-5X/50XYV
    R900935311 DB20-2-5X/50XYU
    R900589433 DB20-2-5X/100
    R900599840 DB20-2-5X/100V
    R900514811 DB20-2-5X/100U
    R900516200 DB20-2-5X/100UV
    R900596693 DB20-2-5X/100X
    R900905381 DB20-2-5X/100XV
    R900564157 DB20-2-5X/100XU
    R900520388 DB20-2-5X/100XUV
    R900597421 DB20-2-5X/100Y
    R900556114 DB20-2-5X/100YV
    R900506585 DB20-2-5X/100YU
    R900513186 DB20-2-5X/100YUV
    R900501114 DB20-2-5X/100XY
    R900597293 DB20-2-5X/100XYU
    R900590768 DB20-2-5X/200
    R900513667 DB20-2-5X/200V
    R900519775 DB20-2-5X/200U
    R900707530 DB20-2-5X/200UV
    R900595893 DB20-2-5X/200X
    R900919860 DB20-2-5X/200XV
    R900523527 DB20-2-5X/200XU
    R900959855 DB20-2-5X/200XUV
    R900596528 DB20-2-5X/200Y
    R900506323 DB20-2-5X/200YV
    R901145333 DB20-2-5X/200YU
    R900500218 DB20-2-5X/200XY
    R900966321 DB20-2-5X/200XYV
    R900565471 DB20-2-5X/200XYU
    R900593530 DB20-2-5X/315
    R900591404 DB20-2-5X/315V
    R900589371 DB20-2-5X/315U
    R900538787 DB20-2-5X/315UV
    R900587347 DB20-2-5X/315X
    R900500559 DB20-2-5X/315XV
    R900501816 DB20-2-5X/315XU
    R900512789 DB20-2-5X/315XUV
    R900594511 DB20-2-5X/315Y
    R900501279 DB20-2-5X/315YV
    R900513505 DB20-2-5X/315YU
    R901045971 DB20-2-5X/315YUV
    R900596768 DB20-2-5X/315XY
    R900505282 DB20-2-5X/315XYV
    R900599670 DB20-2-5X/315XYU
    R900590618 DB20-2-5X/350
    R900509038 DB20-2-5X/350V
    R900516184 DB20-2-5X/350X
    R900509468 DB20-2-5X/350Y
    R900947300 DB20-2-5X/350YV
    R900598442 DB20-2-5X/350XY
    R900502708 DB20-3-5X/50
    R900515495 DB20-3-5X/50V
    R900505621 DB20-3-5X/50X
    R900955194 DB20-3-5X/50Y
    R900500319 DB20-3-5X/100
    R900571005 DB20-3-5X/100V
    R900512665 DB20-3-5X/100U
    R900947910 DB20-3-5X/100UV
    R901007689 DB20-3-5X/100XU
    R900599740 DB20-3-5X/100Y
    R900925797 DB20-3-5X/100YV
    R901111118 DB20-3-5X/100XY
    R900501855 DB20-3-5X/200
    R900500905 DB20-3-5X/200V
    R900574210 DB20-3-5X/200U
    R900522296 DB20-3-5X/200X
    R900520906 DB20-3-5X/200XU
    R900907816 DB20-3-5X/200Y
    R900956685 DB20-3-5X/200YU
    R900566474 DB20-3-5X/200XYU
    R900597029 DB20-3-5X/315
    R900500291 DB20-3-5X/315V
    R900512814 DB20-3-5X/315U
    R900712979 DB20-3-5X/315UV
    R900597155 DB20-3-5X/315X
    R900527614 DB20-3-5X/315XU
    R900597594 DB20-3-5X/315Y
    R900567993 DB20-3-5X/315YV
    R900616954 DB20-3-5X/315XY
    R900515046 DB20-3-5X/315XYU
    R900505248 DB20-3-5X/350
    R901187299 DB20-3-5X/350V
    R901043740 DB20-7-5X/50
    R901117987 DB20-7-5X/50U
    R900920356 DB20-7-5X/50X
    R901219147 DB20-7-5X/50XV
    R900766257 DB20-7-5X/100
    R900536510 DB20-7-5X/100UV
    R900942534 DB20-7-5X/200
    R901219149 DB20-7-5X/200XV
    R900539745 DB20-7-5X/315XU
    R900757533 DB20-7-5X/350
    R900505625 DB20G1-5X/50
    R901113881 DB20G1-5X/50V
    R900942703 DB20G1-5X/50U
    R900560798 DB20G1-5X/100
    R901146722 DB20G1-5X/100Y
    R900522725 DB20G1-5X/200
    R900503676 DB20G1-5X/315
    R901028765 DB20G1-5X/315U
    R900911769 DB20G1-5X/315X
    R901028766 DB20G1-5X/315Y
    R900525260 DB20G1-5X/350
    R901098632 DB20G1-5X/350V
    R900534875 DB30G1-5X/200
    R900548406 DB30G1-5X/315U
    R900500647 DB30G1-5X/315X/12
    R900522026 DB30G1-5X/315XY
    R900501952 DB30G1-5X/350
    R900539707 DB30G1-5X/350Y
    R900507132 DB30G1-5X/50UV
    R900514166 DB30G1-5X/50YU
    R900502598 DB30G2-5X/100
    R900516213 DB30G2-5X/100U
    R900503299 DB30G2-5X/100X
    R900538696 DB30G2-5X/100XY
    R900532055 DB30G2-5X/100YU
    R900500719 DB30G2-5X/200
    R900537317 DB30G2-5X/200V
    R900520193 DB30G2-5X/200XU
    R900516214 DB30G2-5X/315U
    R900538957 DB30G2-5X/315V
    R900501416 DB30G2-5X/315XJ
    R900512904 DB30G2-5X/315XU
    R900506797 DB30G2-5X/315Y
    R900532525 DB30G2-5X/315YJ
    R900535222 DB30G2-5X/350
    R900535032 DB30G2-5X/350X
    R900537442 DB30G2-5X/50U
    R900500451 DB30G2-5X/50V
    R900509451 DB30G2-5X/50X
    R900522650 DB30G2-5X/50YUV
    R900504904 DB30G3-5X/100
    R900507448 DB30G3-5X/200V
    R900534467 DB30G3-5X/315
    R900520514 DB30G3-5X/315U
    R900507446 DB30G3-5X/315V
    R900504905 DB30G3-5X/350
    R900520784 DB30G3-5X/50
    R900533416 DB30G7-5X/200YV
    R900521875 DB30-1-5X/100XU
    R900515344 DB30-1-5X/100XY
    R900518899 DB30-1-5X/100YUV
    R900505384 DB30-1-5X/100YV
    R900503515 DB30-1-5X/200
    R900549130 DB30-1-5X/200XU
    R900536443 DB30-1-5X/200Y
    R900509026 DB30-1-5X/315U
    R900515729 DB30-1-5X/315V
    R900548320 DB30-1-5X/315XU
    R900521489 DB30-1-5X/315XYV
    R900508973 DB30-1-5X/315Y
    R900522009 DB30-1-5X/50XY
    R900522398 DB30-1-5X/50Y
    R900551641 DB30-2-5X/100/12
    R900518016 DB30-2-5X/100UV
    R900512790 DB30-2-5X/100XU
    R900509980 DB30-2-5X/100XYU
    R900529271 DB30-2-5X/100YU
    R900504546 DB30-2-5X/100YV
    R900504522 DB30-2-5X/200USO52
    R900536299 DB30-2-5X/200X
    R900505306 DB30-2-5X/200XY
    R900548557 DB30-2-5X/200XYU
    R900525817 DB30-2-5X/200XYV
    R900534759 DB30-2-5X/200YU
    R900503698 DB30-2-5X/315SO531
    R900504523 DB30-2-5X/315USO52
    R900513631 DB30-2-5X/315V/12
    R900534721 DB30-2-5X/315X/12
    R900527257 DB30-2-5X/315XU
    R900527531 DB30-2-5X/315XV
    R900248634 DB30-2-5X/315XY/12
    R900513530 DB30-2-5X/315XYU
    R900522726 DB30-2-5X/315XYV
    R900513574 DB30-2-5X/315YU
    R900509061 DB30-2-5X/315YV
    R900504902 DB30-2-5X/350
    R900548761 DB30-2-5X/350/12
    R900528577 DB30-2-5X/350XY
    R900509043 DB30-2-5X/50U
    R900509039 DB30-2-5X/50V
    R900538446 DB30-2-5X/50YU
    R900523465 DB30-3-5X/100
    R900532343 DB30-3-5X/100U
    R900502263 DB30-3-5X/100V
    R900502267 DB30-3-5X/100X
    R900532342 DB30-3-5X/100XU
    R900501176 DB30-3-5X/100Y
    R900503204 DB30-3-5X/200
    R900512812 DB30-3-5X/200U
    R900509348 DB30-3-5X/200X
    R900503747 DB30-3-5X/200Y
    R900501308 DB30-3-5X/315V
    R900522930 DB30-3-5X/315XY
    R900536773 DB30-3-5X/315Y
    R900524833 DB30-3-5X/350Y
    R900520557 DB30-3-5X/50
    R900512813 DB30-3-5X/50U
    R900504278 DB30-3-5X/50Y
    R900553937 DB30-3-5X/50YV
    R900521784 DB30-7-5X/100
    R900539746 DB30-7-5X/315XU
    R900519591 DB30-7-5X/50YU


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