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Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve , Pilot Operated Type DR10 DR20 DR30

Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve , Pilot Operated Type DR10 DR20 DR30

    • Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve , Pilot Operated Type DR10 DR20 DR30
    • Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve , Pilot Operated Type DR10 DR20 DR30
    • Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve , Pilot Operated Type DR10 DR20 DR30
    • Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve , Pilot Operated Type DR10 DR20 DR30
  • Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve , Pilot Operated Type DR10 DR20 DR30

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Germany
    Brand Name: Rexroth
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: Rexroth DR10-4-5X/100Y DR10-4-5X/315XY DR10-5-5X/200YV DR10G4-5X/100YM DR10G5-5X/350YM DR20-4-5X/100YV DR20-5-5X/200-150YM DR20-5-5X/315-200Y DR20G4-5X/200YMV DR30-4-5X/200Y DR30-5-5X/200YV

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: On request
    Packaging Details: Standard paper box
    Delivery Time: 7-10days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Model: DR10-5-5X/200YM Certification: ISO9001
    Origin: Germany

    Hydraulic Pressure Reducing Valve , Pilot Operated Type DR10 DR20 DR30

    Rexroth Pressure Reducing Valve,Pilot-operated, Type DR10 DR20 DR30

    Size 10 to 32
    Component series 5X
    Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
    Maximum flow 400 l/min


    – For subplate mounting
    – Porting pattern according to ISO 5781
    – For threaded connection
    – As cartridge valve
    – 4 adjustment types, optional:
    • Rotary knob
    • Bushing with hexagon and protective cap
    • Lockable rotary knob with scale
    • Rotary knob with scale
    – 5 pressure ratings
    – Check valve, optional (only subplate mounting)


    Type code

    01 02 03 04 05   06   07 08 09 10 11
    DR         5X /   Y     *
    01 3-way pressure reducing valve DR
    02 Valve complete (subplate mounting or threaded connection) no code
    Pilot control valve without main spool insert (cartridge valve) (do not enter nominal size) C
    Pilot control valve with main spool insert (cartridge valve) (enter valve size 30) C
    03 Size Ordering code
    Subplate mounting "–" Threaded connection "G"
    10 = 10 = 10 (G1/2)
    16 = 15 (G3/4)
    25 = 20 = 20 (G1)
    25 = 25 (G1 1/4)
    32 = 30 = 30 (G1 1/2)
    04 As cartridge valve (version "C", without main spool insert) no code
    As cartridge valve (version "C", with main spool insert)
    For subplate mounting
    For threaded connection G
    Adjustment type for pressure adjustment
    05 Rotary knob 4
    Sleeve with hexagon and protective cap (always at maximum pressure adjustment) 5
    Lockable rotary knob with scale 6 1)
    Rotary knob with scale 7
    06 Component series 50 … 59 (50 … 59: unchanged installation and connection dimensions) 5X
    07 Set pressure up to 50 bar 50
    Set pressure up to 100 bar 100
    Set pressure up to 200 bar 200
    Set pressure up to 315 bar 315
    Set pressure up to 350 bar (only version "M") 350
    Pilot oil supply
    08 Internal pilot oil supply, external pilot oil return Y
    09 With check valve (only for subplate mounting) no code
    Without check valve M
    Seal material
    10 NBR seals no code
    FKM seals (other seals upon request) V
    Observe compatibility of seals with hydraulic fluid used.
    11 Further details in the plain text *

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    R900597713 DR10-4-5X/100Y
    R900905978 DR10-4-5X/100Y/12
    R900501033 DR10-4-5X/100YM
    R900962883 DR10-4-5X/100YM
    R900574008 DR10-4-5X/100YM/12
    R978878814 DR10-4-5X/100YMV/12
    R900711897 DR10-4-5X/100YV
    R978879632 DR10-4-5X/100YV/12
    R901080390 DR10-4-5X/160XY
    R901080203 DR10-4-5X/160XYM
    R900596517 DR10-4-5X/200Y
    R901076739 DR10-4-5X/200Y/12
    R978872792 DR10-4-5X/200Y/12
    R900558885 DR10-4-5X/200Y=LB
    R900596823 DR10-4-5X/200YM
    R900936305 DR10-4-5X/200YM/12
    R978899115 DR10-4-5X/200YV/12
    R901080388 DR10-4-5X/315XY
    R901080202 DR10-4-5X/315XYM
    R900596764 DR10-4-5X/315Y
    R978864796 DR10-4-5X/315Y/12
    R900500923 DR10-4-5X/315YM
    R978863618 DR10-4-5X/315YM/12
    R900536806 DR10-4-5X/315YMK
    R900970104 DR10-4-5X/315YMMK/12
    R901032689 DR10-4-5X/315YMV
    R900965346 DR10-4-5X/315YV
    R978863500 DR10-4-5X/315YV/12
    R900501997 DR10-4-5X/350YM
    R901192769 DR10-4-5X/350YM/12
    R900944095 DR10-4-5X/350YMV
    R978907771 DR10-4-5X/350YMV/12
    R900513215 DR10-4-5X/50Y
    R978892840 DR10-4-5X/50Y/12
    R900559468 DR10-4-5X/50YJ
    R900506354 DR10-4-5X/50YM
    R978875751 DR10-4-5X/50YM/12
    R901289014 DR10-4-5X=100YM
    R900596766 DR10-5-5X/100Y
    R900507099 DR10-5-5X/100Y/12
    R978912201 DR10-5-5X/100Y/12SO43A-1317
    R900510217 DR10-5-5X/100YJ
    R900597197 DR10-5-5X/100YM
    R900572119 DR10-5-5X/100YM/12
    R901308932 DR10-5-5X/100YMJ3
    R900509785 DR10-5-5X/100YMV
    R900528716 DR10-5-5X/100YMV/12
    R978891899 DR10-5-5X/100YMV/12SO43A-1317
    R900599048 DR10-5-5X/100YV
    R900965024 DR10-5-5X/100YV/12
    R901383430 DR10-5-5X/200-100YM
    R900908036 DR10-5-5X/200-140Y
    R901390119 DR10-5-5X/200-180YM
    R901161409 DR10-5-5X/200P100Y
    R901324519 DR10-5-5X/200P130YM
    R900503741 DR10-5-5X/200Y
    R900972812 DR10-5-5X/200Y/12
    R900598358 DR10-5-5X/200YM
    R900618736 DR10-5-5X/200YM/12
    R900510387 DR10-5-5X/200YMJ3
    R900599454 DR10-5-5X/200YMV
    R900937292 DR10-5-5X/200YMV/12
    R900523911 DR10-5-5X/200YV
    R978897069 DR10-5-5X/200YV/12
    R900708115 DR10-5-5X/315-210YM
    R901356016 DR10-5-5X/315-250YM
    R900596883 DR10-5-5X/315Y
    R900563182 DR10-5-5X/315Y/12
    R900597132 DR10-5-5X/315YM
    R900926554 DR10-5-5X/315YM/12
    R900510388 DR10-5-5X/315YMJ3
    R900505977 DR10-5-5X/315YMV
    R978864566 DR10-5-5X/315YMV/12
    R900500690 DR10-5-5X/315YV
    R978863400 DR10-5-5X/315YV/12
    R901440907 DR10-5-5X/350Y
    R900512119 DR10-5-5X/350YM
    R900937100 DR10-5-5X/350YM/12
    R901352208 DR10-5-5X/350YMJ3
    R900912911 DR10-5-5X/350YMV
    R901129493 DR10-5-5X/50P10YM
    R900503742 DR10-5-5X/50Y
    R900972467 DR10-5-5X/50Y/12
    R900953054 DR10-5-5X/50Y/50
    R900598359 DR10-5-5X/50YM
    R900920867 DR10-5-5X/50YM/12
    R901239031 DR10-5-5X/50YM/12SO12
    R900902861 DR10-5-5X/50YMJ3
    R900949417 DR10-5-5X/50YMV
    R978872319 DR10-5-5X/50YMV/12
    R900509062 DR10-5-5X/50YV
    R978878922 DR10-5-5X/50YV/12
    R901361183 DR10-5-5X=200YM
    R901322585 DR10-5-5X=315YMJ
    R901346421 DR10-5-5X=50YMJ
    R900501429 DR10G4-5X/100YM
    R900930855 DR10G4-5X/100YMV
    R900506975 DR10G4-5X/200YM
    R900514847 DR10G4-5X/200YMV
    R901253531 DR10G4-5X/315YM
    R900520845 DR10G4-5X/350YM
    R900521900 DR10G4-5X/50YM
    R900724416 DR10G4-5X/50YMV
    R901361006 DR10G5-5X/100P50YM
    R900597206 DR10G5-5X/100YM
    R900559473 DR10G5-5X/100YM/12
    R900539964 DR10G5-5X/100YMJ3
    R900534874 DR10G5-5X/100YMV
    R900916676 DR10G5-5X/100YMV/12
    R900597117 DR10G5-5X/200YM
    R900941875 DR10G5-5X/200YM/12
    R900565947 DR10G5-5X/200YMV
    R901026880 DR10G5-5X/315-200YM
    R900511041 DR10G5-5X/315YM
    R900950300 DR10G5-5X/315YM/12
    R900520988 DR10G5-5X/315YMV
    R900549807 DR10G5-5X/315YMV/12
    R900527100 DR10G5-5X/350YM
    R900501121 DR10G5-5X/50YM
    R900571799 DR10G5-5X/50YM/12
    R900533446 DR10G5-5X/50YMV
    R900575207 DR20-4-5X/100-090Y
    R900596639 DR20-4-5X/100Y
    R900519415 DR20-4-5X/100Y/12
    R900596815 DR20-4-5X/100YM
    R900942502 DR20-4-5X/100YM/12
    R900512193 DR20-4-5X/100YMV
    R900516069 DR20-4-5X/100YV
    R978871897 DR20-4-5X/100YV/12
    R901080236 DR20-4-5X/160XY
    R901080234 DR20-4-5X/160XYM
    R901423164 DR20-4-5X/160XYMV
    R900505266 DR20-4-5X/200Y
    R900579092 DR20-4-5X/200Y/12
    R900500255 DR20-4-5X/200YM
    R900962450 DR20-4-5X/200YM/12
    R900928450 DR20-4-5X/200YMV
    R901008024 DR20-4-5X/200YV
    R901080233 DR20-4-5X/315XYM
    R900596629 DR20-4-5X/315Y
    R978864072 DR20-4-5X/315Y/12
    R901126940 DR20-4-5X/315YJ
    R900597478 DR20-4-5X/315YM
    R900513632 DR20-4-5X/315YM/12
    R901302646 DR20-4-5X/315YMV
    R900561414 DR20-4-5X/315YV
    R978862325 DR20-4-5X/315YV/12
    R900594109 DR20-4-5X/350YM
    R978876688 DR20-4-5X/350YM/12
    R900973869 DR20-4-5X/350YV
    R900533608 DR20-4-5X/50Y
    R900706689 DR20-4-5X/50Y/12
    R900597501 DR20-4-5X/50YM
    R900969899 DR20-4-5X/50YM/12
    R901302649 DR20-4-5X/50YV
    R901363485 DR20-4-5X=100YM
    R901403995 DR20-4-5X=160XYM
    R901299348 DR20-4-5X=200Y
    R901359580 DR20-4-5X=200YM
    R900559335 DR20-4-5X=315YSO96=PL
    R901229381 DR20-5-5X/100-40YM
    R901356015 DR20-5-5X/100-80Y
    R901268536 DR20-5-5X/100P50YM
    R900597198 DR20-5-5X/100Y
    R900519810 DR20-5-5X/100Y/12
    R900946728 DR20-5-5X/100Y/50
    R901125899 DR20-5-5X/100YJ
    R901294008 DR20-5-5X/100YJV
    R900597283 DR20-5-5X/100YM
    R900571774 DR20-5-5X/100YM/12
    R900538747 DR20-5-5X/100YMJ3
    R900503612 DR20-5-5X/100YMV
    R900513669 DR20-5-5X/100YMV/12
    R976718986 DR20-5-5X/100YSO57-186
    R900597284 DR20-5-5X/100YV
    R900972595 DR20-5-5X/100YV/12
    R987449706 DR20-5-5X/100YVSO26-529
    R901187114 DR20-5-5X/200-100Y
    R901397237 DR20-5-5X/200-100YM
    R901443729 DR20-5-5X/200-130YM
    R900926816 DR20-5-5X/200-135Y
    R901361193 DR20-5-5X/200-135YM
    R901208740 DR20-5-5X/200-140YMV
    R900967318 DR20-5-5X/200-150Y
    R900249647 DR20-5-5X/200-150YM
    R901093988 DR20-5-5X/200-160YM
    R901426273 DR20-5-5X/200P100Y
    R901172365 DR20-5-5X/200P100YM
    R901279851 DR20-5-5X/200P120Y
    R901279402 DR20-5-5X/200P120YM
    R900597892 DR20-5-5X/200Y
    R900550222 DR20-5-5X/200Y/12
    R901204455 DR20-5-5X/200YJ
    R900597233 DR20-5-5X/200YM
    R900546289 DR20-5-5X/200YM/12
    R900568522 DR20-5-5X/200YMV
    R900940472 DR20-5-5X/200YMV/12
    R976002480 DR20-5-5X/200YSO57-186
    R900510114 DR20-5-5X/200YV
    R901184364 DR20-5-5X/200YV
    R900940468 DR20-5-5X/200YV/12
    R901201336 DR20-5-5X/315-175YMV
    R901415104 DR20-5-5X/315-200Y
    R901167557 DR20-5-5X/315-275YM
    R901359811 DR20-5-5X/315-90YM
    R901319264 DR20-5-5X/315P200YM
    R901115370 DR20-5-5X/315XYM
    R900597048 DR20-5-5X/315Y
    R900509502 DR20-5-5X/315Y/12
    R900596754 DR20-5-5X/315YM
    R900574009 DR20-5-5X/315YM/12
    R900519544 DR20-5-5X/315YMJ3
    R900773414 DR20-5-5X/315YMJ3V
    R900528076 DR20-5-5X/315YMV
    R900536826 DR20-5-5X/315YMV/12
    R900508160 DR20-5-5X/315YV
    R900578205 DR20-5-5X/315YV/12
    R900590622 DR20-5-5X/350YM
    R900552882 DR20-5-5X/350YM/12
    R901073346 DR20-5-5X/350YMV
    R901248083 DR20-5-5X/50P10Y
    R900598360 DR20-5-5X/50Y
    R900720359 DR20-5-5X/50Y/12
    R900946729 DR20-5-5X/50Y/50
    R901139832 DR20-5-5X/50YJ
    R900500284 DR20-5-5X/50YM
    R900972333 DR20-5-5X/50YM/12
    R900911338 DR20-5-5X/50YM/50
    R901297898 DR20-5-5X/50YMJ3
    R900507308 DR20-5-5X/50YMV
    R900944274 DR20-5-5X/50YMV/12
    R900516648 DR20-5-5X/50YV
    R978877922 DR20-5-5X/50YV/12
    R901388480 DR20-5-5X=315Y
    R900523153 DR20G4-5X/100YM
    R900563995 DR20G4-5X/100YM/12
    R900501896 DR20G4-5X/200YM
    R900536623 DR20G4-5X/200YM/12
    R900700003 DR20G4-5X/200YMV
    R900929830 DR20G4-5X/200YMV/12
    R900519937 DR20G4-5X/315YM
    R900525528 DR20G4-5X/315YM/12
    R900968391 DR20G4-5X/50YM
    R900777481 DR20G4-5X/50YM/12
    R900564650 DR20G4-5X/50YMV/12
    R900596862 DR20G5-5X/100YM
    R900505951 DR20G5-5X/100YM/12
    R900935803 DR20G5-5X/100YMV
    R900597688 DR20G5-5X/200YM
    R900571712 DR20G5-5X/200YM/12
    R900568329 DR20G5-5X/200YMV
    R900514809 DR20G5-5X/200YMV/12
    R900597589 DR20G5-5X/315YM
    R900505724 DR20G5-5X/315YM/12
    R900973365 DR20G5-5X/315YMV
    R900913182 DR20G5-5X/315YMV/12
    R900714896 DR20G5-5X/350YM
    R900528739 DR20G5-5X/350YM/12
    R900501124 DR20G5-5X/50YM
    R900527063 DR20G5-5X/50YM/12
    R900574062 DR20G5-5X/50YMMK
    R900938521 DR20G5-5X/50YMV
    R900599113 DR30-4-5X/100Y
    R978869521 DR30-4-5X/100Y/12
    R900599112 DR30-4-5X/100YM
    R978869035 DR30-4-5X/100YM/12
    R901447288 DR30-4-5X/100YMV
    R900562612 DR30-4-5X/100YMV/12
    R900505886 DR30-4-5X/100YV
    R978862362 DR30-4-5X/100YV/12
    R900931769 DR30-4-5X/200-120Y
    R901260435 DR30-4-5X/200-160YM
    R900508498 DR30-4-5X/200Y
    R901003349 DR30-4-5X/200Y/12
    R900513985 DR30-4-5X/200YM
    R900533803 DR30-4-5X/200YM/12
    R900928452 DR30-4-5X/200YMV
    R978893001 DR30-4-5X/200YMV/12
    R901225455 DR30-4-5X/200YV
    R978900959 DR30-4-5X/200YV/12
    R900596961 DR30-4-5X/315Y
    R900900568 DR30-4-5X/315Y/12
    R900500853 DR30-4-5X/315YM
    R900721605 DR30-4-5X/315YM/12
    R900552601 DR30-4-5X/315YMK/12
    R900951565 DR30-4-5X/315YMV
    R900562490 DR30-4-5X/315YV
    R900770293 DR30-4-5X/350YM
    R978870662 DR30-4-5X/350YM/12
    R900902977 DR30-4-5X/50Y
    R901144891 DR30-4-5X/50YM
    R978898444 DR30-4-5X/50YM/12
    R900505866 DR30-4-5X/50YMV
    R900517977 DR30-4-5X/50YV
    R901363484 DR30-4-5X=100Y
    R901363483 DR30-4-5X=100YM
    R900920445 DR30-5-5X/100-080YMV
    R900596339 DR30-5-5X/100Y
    R900922541 DR30-5-5X/100Y/12
    R900597260 DR30-5-5X/100YM
    R900547952 DR30-5-5X/100YM/12
    R900597086 DR30-5-5X/100YMV
    R900596687 DR30-5-5X/100YV
    R900563023 DR30-5-5X/100YV/12
    R901167554 DR30-5-5X/200-100YM
    R901201341 DR30-5-5X/200-100YMV
    R901035294 DR30-5-5X/200-150Y
    R901429004 DR30-5-5X/200P160Y
    R900596500 DR30-5-5X/200Y
    R900578916 DR30-5-5X/200Y/12
    R900597158 DR30-5-5X/200YM
    R900550275 DR30-5-5X/200YM/12
    R900514647 DR30-5-5X/200YMV
    R900937293 DR30-5-5X/200YMV/12
    R900516120 DR30-5-5X/200YSO96
    R900513720 DR30-5-5X/200YV
    R900940657 DR30-5-5X/200YV/12
    R901264572 DR30-5-5X/315-250YM
    R901077257 DR30-5-5X/315P200YM
    R900596928 DR30-5-5X/315Y
    R900578614 DR30-5-5X/315Y/12
    R900500837 DR30-5-5X/315YJ
    R900596814 DR30-5-5X/315YM
    R900921125 DR30-5-5X/315YM/12
    R900728829 DR30-5-5X/315YMJ3
    R900505753 DR30-5-5X/315YMK
    R900598578 DR30-5-5X/315YMV
    R900961808 DR30-5-5X/315YMV/12
    R900597312 DR30-5-5X/315YV
    R900533722 DR30-5-5X/315YV/12
    R900506979 DR30-5-5X/350YM
    R901115967 DR30-5-5X/350YM/12
    R978878211 DR30-5-5X/350YM/12
    R900712932 DR30-5-5X/350YMV
    R901284127 DR30-5-5X/50P30Y
    R900503381 DR30-5-5X/50Y
    R978865405 DR30-5-5X/50Y/12
    R900503303 DR30-5-5X/50YM
    R978869175 DR30-5-5X/50YM/12
    R900514450 DR30-5-5X/50YMV
    R978903440 DR30-5-5X/50YMV/12
    R900568646 DR30-5-5X/50YV
    R978866060 DR30-5-5X/50YV/12
    R900503273 DR30G4-5X/100YM
    R900944456 DR30G4-5X/100YM/12
    R900527237 DR30G4-5X/200YM
    R900507876 DR30G4-5X/315YM
    R900509938 DR30G4-5X/315YM/12
    R900970102 DR30G4-5X/315YMMK/12
    R901020869 DR30G4-5X/315YMV
    R900507457 DR30G4-5X/50YM
    R900910867 DR30G4-5X/50YM/12
    R900598270 DR30G5-5X/100YM
    R900502407 DR30G5-5X/100YM/12
    R900566809 DR30G5-5X/100YMV
    R900708119 DR30G5-5X/100YMV/12
    R900595130 DR30G5-5X/200YM
    R900552906 DR30G5-5X/200YM/12
    R900513180 DR30G5-5X/200YMV
    R900563833 DR30G5-5X/200YMV/12
    R901026879 DR30G5-5X/315-200YM
    R900777095 DR30G5-5X/315-205YM
    R900598827 DR30G5-5X/315YM
    R900979325 DR30G5-5X/315YM/12
    R900597299 DR30G5-5X/315YMJ3
    R900521566 DR30G5-5X/315YMMK/12
    R900563901 DR30G5-5X/315YMV
    R900535434 DR30G5-5X/315YMV/12
    R901240099 DR30G5-5X/350YM
    R900960317 DR30G5-5X/350YM/12
    R900503382 DR30G5-5X/50YM
    R900927917 DR30G5-5X/50YM/12
    R900518575 DR30G5-5X/50YMV
    R900950678 DR30G5-5X/50YMV/12

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