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Hydraulic Pressure Sequence valve,Pilot-operated Type DZ10 DZ20 DZ30

Hydraulic Pressure Sequence valve,Pilot-operated Type DZ10 DZ20 DZ30

    • Hydraulic Pressure Sequence valve,Pilot-operated Type DZ10 DZ20 DZ30
    • Hydraulic Pressure Sequence valve,Pilot-operated Type DZ10 DZ20 DZ30
    • Hydraulic Pressure Sequence valve,Pilot-operated Type DZ10 DZ20 DZ30
    • Hydraulic Pressure Sequence valve,Pilot-operated Type DZ10 DZ20 DZ30
  • Hydraulic Pressure Sequence valve,Pilot-operated Type DZ10 DZ20 DZ30

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Germany
    Brand Name: Rexroth
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: Rexroth DZ10-1-52/200 DZ10-2-5X/100Y DZ10-3-5X/315 DZ20-1-5X/200XYV DZ20-2-5X/100 DZ20-2-5X/200XY DZ20-3-5X/200 DZ30-1-5X/200 DZ30-2-5X/100Y DZ30-2-5X/315 DZ30-3-5X/315Y

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: On request
    Packaging Details: Standard paper box
    Delivery Time: 7-10days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Model: DZ10-1-5X/100YMV Certification: ISO9001
    Origin: Germany

    Hydraulic Pressure Sequence valve,Pilot-operated Type DZ10 DZ20 DZ30Rexroth Pressure Sequence valve,Pilot-operated Type DZ10 DZ20 DZ30

    • Size 10 … 32
    • Component series 5X
    • Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
    • Maximum flow 600 l/min

    – Suitable for use as preload, sequence or switchover valve
    – For subplate mounting
    – Porting pattern according to ISO 5781
    – As cartridge valve
    – 4 pressure ratings
    – 4 adjustment types:
    • Rotary knob
    • Bushing with hexagon and protective cap
    • Lockable rotary knob with scale
    • Rotary knob with scale
    – Check valve, optional

    Type code

    01 02 03   04   05   06 07 08 09 10
    DZ       5X /         *
    01 Pressure sequence valve, pilot-operated DZ
    02 Valve complete (subplate mounting) no code
    Pilot control valve without main spool insert (cartridge valve) (do not enter nominal size) C
    Pilot control valve with main spool insert (cartridge valve) (enter valve size 30) C
    03 Size 10 10
    Size 25 20
    Size 32 30
    Adjustment type
    04 Rotary knob 1
    Sleeve with hexagon and protective cap 2
    Lockable rotary knob with scale 3 1)
    Rotary knob with scale 7
    05 Component series 50 … 59 (50 … 59: unchanged installation and connection dimensions) 5X
    Set pressure
    06 50 bar 50
    100 bar 100
    200 bar 200
    315 bar 315
    Pilot oil supply
    07 Pilot oil supply internal, pilot oil return internal no code

    External pilot oil supply, internal pilot oil return



    Internal pilot oil supply, external pilot oil return


    External pilot oil supply, external pilot oil return (see symbols) XY

    With check valve


    no code
    Without check valve M
    Seal material
    09 NBR seals no code
    FKM seals (other seals upon request) V
    Observe compatibility of seals with hydraulic fluid used.
    10 Further details in the plain text *


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    R900597547 DZ10-1-52/200
    R900566811 DZ10-1-5X/100
    R901145334 DZ10-1-5X/100M
    R900785539 DZ10-1-5X/100V
    R901070218 DZ10-1-5X/100X
    R900533539 DZ10-1-5X/100XM
    R900938567 DZ10-1-5X/100XY
    R900520359 DZ10-1-5X/100XYM
    R900930856 DZ10-1-5X/100XYV
    R900535769 DZ10-1-5X/100Y
    R900501167 DZ10-1-5X/100YM
    R900733190 DZ10-1-5X/100YMV
    R900597547 DZ10-1-5X/200
    R900516600 DZ10-1-5X/200M
    R900532070 DZ10-1-5X/200V
    R900599016 DZ10-1-5X/200X
    R900503244 DZ10-1-5X/200XM
    R900599234 DZ10-1-5X/200XY
    R900512501 DZ10-1-5X/200XYM
    R900502998 DZ10-1-5X/200XYV
    R900599114 DZ10-1-5X/200Y
    R900500236 DZ10-1-5X/200YM
    R900500254 DZ10-1-5X/315
    R901181470 DZ10-1-5X/315M
    R900529687 DZ10-1-5X/315XM
    R900599750 DZ10-1-5X/315XY
    R900570785 DZ10-1-5X/315XYM
    R900929833 DZ10-1-5X/315XYMV
    R900597741 DZ10-1-5X/315Y
    R900512268 DZ10-1-5X/315YM
    R900901725 DZ10-1-5X/50
    R901031959 DZ10-1-5X/50M
    R900962884 DZ10-1-5X/50V
    R901146330 DZ10-1-5X/50X
    R901137535 DZ10-1-5X/50XYM
    R901100476 DZ10-1-5X/50Y
    R900520436 DZ10-1-5X/50YM
    R900596755 DZ10-2-52/200
    R900502897 DZ10-2-5X/100
    R900926880 DZ10-2-5X/100M
    R901112669 DZ10-2-5X/100MV
    R900508154 DZ10-2-5X/100V
    R900500253 DZ10-2-5X/100X
    R900504781 DZ10-2-5X/100XM
    R901068075 DZ10-2-5X/100XMV
    R900515758 DZ10-2-5X/100XY
    R900501277 DZ10-2-5X/100XYM
    R900502839 DZ10-2-5X/100Y
    R900502988 DZ10-2-5X/100YM
    R900532878 DZ10-2-5X/100YV
    R900596755 DZ10-2-5X/200
    R900598681 DZ10-2-5X/200M
    R900504445 DZ10-2-5X/200V
    R900598728 DZ10-2-5X/200X
    R900597479 DZ10-2-5X/200XM
    R901116953 DZ10-2-5X/200XMV
    R901114270 DZ10-2-5X/200XV
    R900598724 DZ10-2-5X/200XY
    R900599906 DZ10-2-5X/200XYM
    R900560911 DZ10-2-5X/200XYMV
    R900566810 DZ10-2-5X/200XYV
    R900596661 DZ10-2-5X/200Y
    R900501991 DZ10-2-5X/200YM
    R900552999 DZ10-2-5X/200YV
    R900597934 DZ10-2-5X/315
    R900562378 DZ10-2-5X/315M
    R900522118 DZ10-2-5X/315V
    R900598189 DZ10-2-5X/315X
    R900503634 DZ10-2-5X/315XM
    R900533413 DZ10-2-5X/315XMV
    R900532527 DZ10-2-5X/315XV
    R900509787 DZ10-2-5X/315XY
    R900598698 DZ10-2-5X/315XYM
    R900598137 DZ10-2-5X/315XYMV
    R900519762 DZ10-2-5X/315XYV
    R900504251 DZ10-2-5X/315Y
    R900597715 DZ10-2-5X/315YM
    R900503450 DZ10-2-5X/50
    R900519171 DZ10-2-5X/50M
    R900710220 DZ10-2-5X/50X
    R900517647 DZ10-2-5X/50XM
    R900750582 DZ10-2-5X/50XY
    R900510350 DZ10-2-5X/50XYM
    R900701669 DZ10-2-5X/50XYV
    R900502253 DZ10-2-5X/50Y
    R900537692 DZ10-2-5X/50YM
    R900532065 DZ10-3-5X/100
    R901137543 DZ10-3-5X/100X
    R901025500 DZ10-3-5X/100XY
    R900502257 DZ10-3-5X/200
    R900701464 DZ10-3-5X/200M
    R900502264 DZ10-3-5X/200V
    R900568681 DZ10-3-5X/200X
    R900598533 DZ10-3-5X/200XM
    R900506203 DZ10-3-5X/200XY
    R900567654 DZ10-3-5X/200XYM
    R900507217 DZ10-3-5X/200Y
    R900508905 DZ10-3-5X/200YM
    R900521355 DZ10-3-5X/315
    R901005202 DZ10-3-5X/315X
    R900764804 DZ10-3-5X/315XM
    R901210965 DZ10-3-5X/315XY
    R900515728 DZ10-3-5X/315YM
    R900737793 DZ10-3-5X/50
    R900721426 DZ10-3-5X/50M
    R901008382 DZ10-3-5X/50X
    R900745054 DZ10-3-5X/50XM
    R901053734 DZ10-7-5X/100M
    R901140998 DZ10-7-5X/100YM
    R901036287 DZ10-7-5X/200
    R900245246 DZ10-7-5X/200XY
    R900946537 DZ10-7-5X/200YM
    R900245170 DZ10-7-5X/200YMV
    R901023105 DZ10-7-5X/315
    R900927156 DZ10-7-5X/315X
    R901101901 DZ10-7-5X/50
    R900597546 DZ20-1-53/200
    R900567992 DZ20-1-5X/100
    R900967100 DZ20-1-5X/100X
    R900536230 DZ20-1-5X/100XM
    R900518901 DZ20-1-5X/100XY
    R900965151 DZ20-1-5X/100XYM
    R900536118 DZ20-1-5X/100Y
    R900962141 DZ20-1-5X/100YM
    R900909779 DZ20-1-5X/100YV
    R900597546 DZ20-1-5X/200
    R900526631 DZ20-1-5X/200M
    R900962140 DZ20-1-5X/200V
    R900597113 DZ20-1-5X/200X
    R900599998 DZ20-1-5X/200XM
    R900512502 DZ20-1-5X/200XY
    R900501371 DZ20-1-5X/200XYM
    R900955029 DZ20-1-5X/200XYV
    R900599116 DZ20-1-5X/200Y
    R900599115 DZ20-1-5X/200YM
    R900914999 DZ20-1-5X/200YV
    R900594110 DZ20-1-5X/315
    R900538019 DZ20-1-5X/315M
    R900561542 DZ20-1-5X/315X
    R901017043 DZ20-1-5X/315XM
    R900599751 DZ20-1-5X/315XY
    R900244665 DZ20-1-5X/315XYM
    R900597716 DZ20-1-5X/315Y
    R900523923 DZ20-1-5X/315YM
    R900500450 DZ20-1-5X/50
    R901180792 DZ20-1-5X/50M
    R901041545 DZ20-1-5X/50X
    R900515847 DZ20-1-5X/50XM
    R900967825 DZ20-1-5X/50XYM
    R900511038 DZ20-1-5X/50YM
    R900507430 DZ20-2-52/100Y
    R900596858 DZ20-2-53/200
    R900596863 DZ20-2-53/200Y
    R900528655 DZ20-2-53/50Y
    R900505394 DZ20-2-5X/100
    R900563125 DZ20-2-5X/100M
    R900759928 DZ20-2-5X/100V
    R900598427 DZ20-2-5X/100X
    R900516216 DZ20-2-5X/100XM
    R900524814 DZ20-2-5X/100XY
    R900518790 DZ20-2-5X/100XYM
    R900573809 DZ20-2-5X/100XYMV
    R900573810 DZ20-2-5X/100XYV
    R900507430 DZ20-2-5X/100Y
    R900538037 DZ20-2-5X/100YM
    R900966709 DZ20-2-5X/100YV
    R900596858 DZ20-2-5X/200
    R900514056 DZ20-2-5X/200M
    R900563665 DZ20-2-5X/200MV
    R900551388 DZ20-2-5X/200V
    R900501493 DZ20-2-5X/200X
    R900503161 DZ20-2-5X/200XM
    R900752292 DZ20-2-5X/200XMV
    R900597002 DZ20-2-5X/200XV
    R900596588 DZ20-2-5X/200XY
    R900599999 DZ20-2-5X/200XYM
    R901050375 DZ20-2-5X/200XYMV
    R900518695 DZ20-2-5X/200XYV
    R900596863 DZ20-2-5X/200Y
    R900597595 DZ20-2-5X/200YM
    R900778466 DZ20-2-5X/200YMV
    R900511393 DZ20-2-5X/200YV
    R900590623 DZ20-2-5X/315
    R900505720 DZ20-2-5X/315M
    R900563372 DZ20-2-5X/315X
    R900598115 DZ20-2-5X/315XM
    R900597717 DZ20-2-5X/315XY
    R900597718 DZ20-2-5X/315XYM
    R900908919 DZ20-2-5X/315XYV
    R900597138 DZ20-2-5X/315Y
    R900522226 DZ20-2-5X/315YM
    R900523682 DZ20-2-5X/50
    R900518301 DZ20-2-5X/50M
    R900559723 DZ20-2-5X/50V
    R900552122 DZ20-2-5X/50X
    R900517053 DZ20-2-5X/50XM
    R900509123 DZ20-2-5X/50XY
    R900563442 DZ20-2-5X/50XYM
    R900528655 DZ20-2-5X/50Y
    R900513686 DZ20-2-5X/50YM
    R900597508 DZ20-3-53/200Y
    R900507011 DZ20-3-5X/100
    R900567942 DZ20-3-5X/100V
    R900617623 DZ20-3-5X/100XM
    R900550186 DZ20-3-5X/100XY
    R900923158 DZ20-3-5X/100XYM
    R900788025 DZ20-3-5X/100Y
    R900512560 DZ20-3-5X/100YM
    R900596774 DZ20-3-5X/200
    R900618308 DZ20-3-5X/200V
    R900597116 DZ20-3-5X/200X
    R900520073 DZ20-3-5X/200XM
    R900537145 DZ20-3-5X/200XV
    R900509821 DZ20-3-5X/200XY
    R900501687 DZ20-3-5X/200XYM
    R900597508 DZ20-3-5X/200Y
    R900507732 DZ20-3-5X/200YM
    R900511604 DZ20-3-5X/200YV
    R900532071 DZ20-3-5X/315
    R901030414 DZ20-3-5X/315XY
    R900910514 DZ20-3-5X/315Y
    R900503337 DZ20-3-5X/50
    R900971498 DZ20-3-5X/50V
    R900918164 DZ20-3-5X/50XYMV
    R900936979 DZ20-3-5X/50Y
    R900963908 DZ20-7-5X/100
    R901104391 DZ20-7-5X/200Y
    R901041763 DZ20-7-5X/315M
    R900766469 DZ30-1-5X/100
    R900716137 DZ30-1-5X/100XM
    R900536229 DZ30-1-5X/100XYM
    R900577833 DZ30-1-5X/100Y
    R900500687 DZ30-1-5X/200
    R900741428 DZ30-1-5X/200M
    R900579980 DZ30-1-5X/200X
    R900508100 DZ30-1-5X/200XM
    R900596572 DZ30-1-5X/200XY
    R900512920 DZ30-1-5X/200XYM
    R900787344 DZ30-1-5X/200XYV
    R900596571 DZ30-1-5X/200Y
    R900535881 DZ30-1-5X/200YM
    R900597731 DZ30-1-5X/315
    R900756760 DZ30-1-5X/315M
    R900516066 DZ30-1-5X/315X
    R900920736 DZ30-1-5X/315XM
    R900599752 DZ30-1-5X/315XY
    R900524429 DZ30-1-5X/315XYM
    R900597769 DZ30-1-5X/315Y
    R900506924 DZ30-1-5X/315YM
    R901021238 DZ30-1-5X/50
    R900974974 DZ30-1-5X/50M
    R900977355 DZ30-1-5X/50XM
    R900923065 DZ30-1-5X/50XY
    R901241511 DZ30-1-5X/50XYM
    R900733192 DZ30-1-5X/50YMV
    R900596906 DZ30-2-52/200
    R900595960 DZ30-2-52/200XM
    R900506856 DZ30-2-5X/100
    R901069396 DZ30-2-5X/100M
    R900569489 DZ30-2-5X/100X
    R900596881 DZ30-2-5X/100XM
    R900597785 DZ30-2-5X/100XY
    R900507119 DZ30-2-5X/100XYM
    R900502158 DZ30-2-5X/100Y
    R900535009 DZ30-2-5X/100YM
    R900596906 DZ30-2-5X/200
    R900568889 DZ30-2-5X/200M
    R900598579 DZ30-2-5X/200V
    R900501426 DZ30-2-5X/200X
    R900595960 DZ30-2-5X/200XM
    R900533482 DZ30-2-5X/200XMV
    R900568551 DZ30-2-5X/200XV
    R900500793 DZ30-2-5X/200XY
    R900597567 DZ30-2-5X/200XYM
    R900533724 DZ30-2-5X/200XYV
    R900599230 DZ30-2-5X/200Y
    R900501852 DZ30-2-5X/200YM
    R900597952 DZ30-2-5X/315
    R900506185 DZ30-2-5X/315M
    R900513741 DZ30-2-5X/315V
    R900564183 DZ30-2-5X/315X
    R900571011 DZ30-2-5X/315XM
    R900550220 DZ30-2-5X/315XV
    R900522454 DZ30-2-5X/315XY
    R900547563 DZ30-2-5X/315XYM
    R900964739 DZ30-2-5X/315XYV
    R900503456 DZ30-2-5X/315Y
    R900563742 DZ30-2-5X/315YM
    R900519498 DZ30-2-5X/50
    R901039829 DZ30-2-5X/50M
    R900599440 DZ30-2-5X/50X
    R900569305 DZ30-2-5X/50XM
    R900917388 DZ30-2-5X/50XY
    R900512011 DZ30-2-5X/50Y
    R900579630 DZ30-2-5X/50YM
    R901124932 DZ30-3-5X/100M
    R900527658 DZ30-3-5X/100X
    R901141933 DZ30-3-5X/100XYM
    R900507431 DZ30-3-5X/100Y
    R900552050 DZ30-3-5X/200M
    R900931109 DZ30-3-5X/200X
    R900598384 DZ30-3-5X/200XYM
    R900502258 DZ30-3-5X/200Y
    R900502265 DZ30-3-5X/200YV
    R900737784 DZ30-3-5X/315M
    R900527657 DZ30-3-5X/315X
    R900963667 DZ30-3-5X/315XYM
    R900902150 DZ30-3-5X/315Y
    R900553412 DZ30-3-5X/50
    R900964129 DZ30-3-5X/50Y
    R900773282 DZ30-7-5X/315XY
    R900500217 DZC1-5X/200
    R900506532 DZC1-5X/200XY
    R900525193 DZC1-5X/315
    R900503193 DZC2-5X/100
    R900502296 DZC2-5X/100XY
    R900597422 DZC2-5X/200
    R900599095 DZC2-5X/200XY
    R900916695 DZC2-5X/200XYV
    R900597745 DZC2-5X/315
    R900520303 DZC2-5X/315V
    R900503195 DZC2-5X/315XY
    R900503192 DZC2-5X/50
    R900503194 DZC2-5X/50XY
    R900596688 DZC30-1-5X/100
    R900507389 DZC30-1-5X/200
    R900513546 DZC30-1-5X/200XY
    R900918129 DZC30-1-5X/315
    R900567889 DZC30-1-5X/315XY
    R901193396 DZC30-1-5X/50
    R900921741 DZC30-1-5X/50XY
    R900564699 DZC30-2-5X/100
    R900596689 DZC30-2-5X/100XY
    R900597257 DZC30-2-5X/200
    R901150841 DZC30-2-5X/200V
    R900598444 DZC30-2-5X/200XY
    R900948155 DZC30-2-5X/315
    R900579681 DZC30-2-5X/315XY
    R900519736 DZC30-2-5X/50
    R900506300 DZC30-2-5X/50XY
    R900596665 DZC30-3-5X/200XY
    R900598067 DZC30-3-5X/315XY
    R900963708 DZC30-7-5X/315V


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