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Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump Type A2FO80, A2FO90

Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump Type A2FO80, A2FO90

    • Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump Type A2FO80, A2FO90
    • Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump Type A2FO80, A2FO90
    • Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump Type A2FO80, A2FO90
    • Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump Type A2FO80, A2FO90
  • Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump Type A2FO80, A2FO90

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Germany
    Brand Name: Rexroth
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: A2FO80/61L-PPB050 A2FO80/61L-PBB05 A2FO80/61R-PBB05 A2FO90/61R-VBB05 A2FO90/61L-VBB05-S A2FO90/61R-VBB05

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: On request
    Packaging Details: Carton, Wooden box
    Delivery Time: 7-10days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 10PCS in 7-10days
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    Detailed Product Description
    Model No.: A2FO90/61R-VBB05-S Model: A2FO90/61R-PBB05
    Type: A2FO80/61R-VPB05 Material: A2FO80/61R-VAB05-S

    Rexroth Axial Piston Fixed Pump Type A2FO80, A2FO90



    Rexroth A2FO Series Axial Piston Fixed Pump

    Series 6
    Size Nominal pressure/Maximum pressure
    5 315/350 bar
    10 to 200 400/450 bar
    250 to 1000 350/400 bar
    Open circuit




    Dimensions sizes 5
    Dimensions sizes 10, 12, 16
    Dimensions sizes 23, 28, 32
    Dimensions size 45
    Dimensions sizes 56, 63
    Dimensions sizes 80, 90
    Dimensions sizes 107, 125
    Dimensions sizes 160, 180
    Dimensions size 200
    Dimensions size 250



    ––Fixed pump with axial tapered piston rotary group of bent-axis design, for hydrostatic drives in an open circuit
    ––For use in mobile and stationary applications
    ––The flow is proportional to the drive speed and displacement
    ––The drive shaft bearings are designed for the bearing service life requirements usually encountered in these areas
    ––High power density
    ––Small dimensions
    ––High total efficiency
    ––Economical design
    ––One-piece tapered piston with piston rings for sealing


    SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.
    Rexroth A2FO80, A2FO90 Series Axial Piston Fixed Pumps on Sale, Short lead time, Best price!!!
    R900570865 A2FO80/61L-PPB050
    R902030798 A2FO80/61L-PAB05
    R902137555 A2FO80/61L-PAB05
    R902137556 A2FO80/61L-PAB05
    R902030623 A2FO80/61L-PBB05
    R902137974 A2FO80/61L-PBB05
    R902193114 A2FO80/61L-PBB05
    R902137516 A2FO80/61L-PBB05
    R902021613 A2FO80/61L-PPB05
    R902137525 A2FO80/61L-PPB05
    R902137522 A2FO80/61L-PPB05
    R902226154 A2FO80/61L-PPB05
    R902052158 A2FO80/61L-PSB05-S
    R902024596 A2FO80/61L-PZB05
    R902137648 A2FO80/61L-PZB05
    R902137614 A2FO80/61L-PZB05
    R902137528 A2FO80/61L-PZB05
    R902088919 A2FO80/61L-VAB05
    R902138076 A2FO80/61L-VAB05
    R902247172 A2FO80/61L-VAB05
    R902137526 A2FO80/61L-VAB05
    R902063863 A2FO80/61L-VAB05-S
    R902251720 A2FO80/61L-VBB05
    R902018116 A2FO80/61L-VBB05-S
    R902138475 A2FO80/61L-VBB05-S
    R902040250 A2FO80/61L-VPB05
    R902137524 A2FO80/61L-VPB05
    R902251977 A2FO80/61L-VPB05
    R902251569 A2FO80/61L-VPB05
    R902024583 A2FO80/61L-VPB05-S
    R902161229 A2FO80/61L-VPB05-S
    R902217606 A2FO80/61L-VZB05
    R902137957 A2FO80/61R-PAB05
    R909424687 A2FO80/61R-PAB05
    R902137955 A2FO80/61R-PAB05
    R902160984 A2FO80/61R-PBB05
    R902137533 A2FO80/61R-PBB05
    R909610687 A2FO80/61R-PBB05
    R902160958 A2FO80/61R-PBB05
    R902138075 A2FO80/61R-PBB05
    R902138022 A2FO80/61R-PBB05
    R902138074 A2FO80/61R-PBB05
    R902241844 A2FO80/61R-PBB05
    R902040265 A2FO80/61R-PBB05-S
    R902197846 A2FO80/61R-PBB05-S
    R902160645 A2FO80/61R-PBB05-S
    R909409727 A2FO80/61R-PPB05
    R902233124 A2FO80/61R-PPB05
    R902137822 A2FO80/61R-PPB05
    R902137815 A2FO80/61R-PPB05
    R902226008 A2FO80/61R-PPB05
    R902137814 A2FO80/61R-PPB05
    R902137821 A2FO80/61R-PPB05
    R902052156 A2FO80/61R-PSB05-S
    R909409726 A2FO80/61R-PZB05
    R902137698 A2FO80/61R-PZB05
    R902161061 A2FO80/61R-VAB05
    R902084058 A2FO80/61R-VAB05-S
    R902250548 A2FO80/61R-VBB040
    R902011713 A2FO80/61R-VBB05
    R902197595 A2FO80/61R-VBB05
    R902161475 A2FO80/61R-VBB05
    R902031756 A2FO80/61R-VBB05-S
    R902160981 A2FO80/61R-VBB05-S
    R902137509 A2FO80/61R-VBB05-S
    R902137558 A2FO80/61R-VBB05-S
    R902082316 A2FO80/61R-VPB040-S
    R902203445 A2FO80/61R-VPB040-S
    R902138189 A2FO80/61R-VPB05
    R902137646 A2FO80/61R-VPB05
    R902196958 A2FO80/61R-VPB05
    R909434886 A2FO80/61R-VPB05
    R902160985 A2FO80/61R-VPB05
    R902251976 A2FO80/61R-VPB05
    R902138461 A2FO80/61R-VPB05
    R902009775 A2FO80/61R-VPB05-S
    R902018112 A2FO80/61R-VPB05-S
    R902138474 A2FO80/61R-VPB05-S
    R909434885 A2FO80/61R-VZB05
    R900074771 A2FO90/61L-VBB05
    R900078143 A2FO90/61R-VBB05
    R902024756 A2FO90/61L-PAB05
    R902137659 A2FO90/61L-PAB05
    R902247316 A2FO90/61L-PAB05
    R902021616 A2FO90/61L-PBB05
    R902137712 A2FO90/61L-PBB05
    R902245894 A2FO90/61L-PBB05
    R902137527 A2FO90/61L-PBB05
    R902260192 A2FO90/61L-VAB05
    R902250786 A2FO90/61L-VBB05
    R902027055 A2FO90/61L-VBB05-S
    R902161252 A2FO90/61L-VBB05-S
    R902161000 A2FO90/61L-VBB05-S
    R902137634 A2FO90/61R-PAB05
    R909408467 A2FO90/61R-PAB05
    R902137635 A2FO90/61R-PAB05
    R909408472 A2FO90/61R-PBB05
    R902137651 A2FO90/61R-PBB05
    R902137647 A2FO90/61R-PBB05
    R902137654 A2FO90/61R-PBB05
    R902160648 A2FO90/61R-PBB05
    R909610165 A2FO90/61R-PBB05-S
    R902235204 A2FO90/61R-VAB05
    R909420198 A2FO90/61R-VAB05-S
    R902222288 A2FO90/61R-VAB05-Y
    R909433963 A2FO90/61R-VBB05
    R902138462 A2FO90/61R-VBB05
    R902138463 A2FO90/61R-VBB05
    R902160900 A2FO90/61R-VBB05
    R909418897 A2FO90/61R-VBB05-S
    R902138165 A2FO90/61R-VBB05-S
    R902137849 A2FO90/61R-VBB05-S
    R902247093 A2FO90/61R-VBB05-S
    R909427027 A2FO90/61R-XAB05-S
    R909418841 AA2FO90/61-NBD55
    R902137673 AA2FO90/61L-VQDN05-S
    R902205975 AA2FO90/61L-VQDN55
    R902075350 AA2FO90/61L-VUDN55
    R902028588 AA2FO90/61R-VQDN55
    R902137542 AA2FO90/61R-VQDN55
    R902217998 AA2FO90/61R-VQDN55
    R902070856 AA2FO90/61R-VUDN55

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