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Rexroth R900469302 4WMM6J53/ 4WMM6J5X/ Manual Directional Valve

Rexroth R900469302 4WMM6J53/ 4WMM6J5X/ Manual Directional Valve

    • Rexroth R900469302 4WMM6J53/ 4WMM6J5X/ Manual Directional Valve
  • Rexroth R900469302 4WMM6J53/ 4WMM6J5X/ Manual Directional Valve

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Germany
    Brand Name: Rexroth
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: R900469302 4WMM6J53/ 4WMM6J5X/

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: On request
    Packaging Details: Standard paper box
    Delivery Time: 7-10days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Model: R900469302 MNR: 4WMM6J53/ 4WMM6J5X/
    High Light:

    Rexroth Manual Directional Valve




    Direct Operated Directional Spool Valve

    4/3, 4/2 and 3/2 directional valve with mechanical, manual actuation
    Types WMR, WMU, WMM, WMD(A) and WMRZ


    Component series 5X, 6X
    Maximum operating pressure 315 bar [4569 psi]
    Maximum flow 60 l/min [15.8 US gpm]


    – Direct operated directional spool valve
    – Actuating elements:
    • Roller plunger
    • Hand lever
    • Rotary knob
    – Porting pattern to DIN 24340 Form A (without locating bore)
    – Porting pattern to ISO 4401-03-02-0-05,
    NFPA T3.5.1 R2 and ANSI B93-7 D03 (with locating bore)
    – For subplates, see data sheet RE 45052 (separate order)
    – For inductive position switches and proximity sensors
    (contact-free and floating), see RE 24830


    Type Code:

    01 02 03 04 05   06 07 08   09 10 11 12 13
      WMM 6   5X /       /   no code     *
    01 3 main ports 3
    4 main ports 4
    Type of actuation
    02 Hand lever WMM
    03 Size 6 6
    04 Symbols e. g. C, E, EA, EB, etc.; for the possible version, see Symbols and Types of actuation  
    05 Component series 50 … 59 (50 … 59: unchanged installation and connection dimensions) 5X
    06 With spring return ohne Bez.
    Without spring return with detent F
    Corrosion protection
    07 Standard corrosion protection ohne Bez.

    Improved corrosion protection



    Spool position monitoring


    08 Without position switch ohne Bez.
    Inductive position switch type QM
    Monitored spool position "a" QMAG24
    Monitored spool position "b" QMBG24
    Monitored rest position QM0G24
    09 Without throttle insert ohne Bez.
    Throttle Ø 0.8 mm B083)
    Throttle Ø 1.0 mm B10 3)
    Throttle Ø 1.2 mm B123)
    Clamping length
    10 42 mm (standard) no code
    Seal material
    11 NBR seals ohne Bez.
    FKM seals V
    Observe compatibility of seals with hydraulic fluid used. (Other seals upon request)
    12 Without locating hole ohne Bez.
    With locating hole /604)
    With locating hole and locking pin ISO 8752-3x8-St /62
    13 Further details in the plain text *


    SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.


    Rexroth Types 4WMM6 Series Model List:

    R900476281 4WMM6C5X/5
    R900346681 4WMM6C5X/FSO329
    R900476604 4WMM6C5X/F/5
    R900337794 4WMM6C5X/SO32
    R900337794 4WMM6C5X/SO32
    R900341069 4WMM6C5X/V/5
    R900473817 4WMM6D5X/5
    R900338947 4WMM6D5X/FSO329
    R900474300 4WMM6D5X/F/5
    R900334822 4WMM6D5X/F/B08/5
    R900490708 4WMM6D5X/F/B10/5
    R900405820 4WMM6D5X/F/V/5
    R900332579 4WMM6D5X/T06
    R900409217 4WMM6D5X/V/5
    R900474164 4WMM6E5X/5
    R900408269 4WMM6E5X/F
    R900351440 4WMM6E5X/FSO329
    R900474165 4WMM6E5X/F/5
    R900416962 4WMM6E5X/F/V/5
    R900402506 4WMM6E5X/SO329
    R900488643 4WMM6E5X/V/5
    R900348707 4WMM6EA5X/5
    R900354355 4WMM6EA5X/F/5
    R900341891 4WMM6EB5X/F/5
    R900348339 4WMM6F5X//5
    R900474811 4WMM6G5X/5
    R900335292 4WMM6G5X/FSO5
    R900474301 4WMM6G5X/F/5
    R900485053 4WMM6G5X/F/V/5
    R900346842 4WMM6G5X/SO431
    R900496771 4WMM6G5X/V/5
    R900342324 4WMM6GA5X/F/5
    R900474519 4WMM6H5X/5
    R900477682 4WMM6H5X/F/5
    R900332099 4WMM6H5X/V/5
    R900348708 4WMM6HA5X/5
    R900347837 4WMM6HB5X//5
    R900488199 4WMM6J5X//B08/5
    R900474166 4WMM6J5X/5
    R900496948 4WMM6J5X/F
    R900474783 4WMM6J5X/F/5
    R900409245 4WMM6J5X/F/B08/5
    R900413418 4WMM6J5X/V/5
    R900478120 4WMM6M5X/5
    R900490068 4WMM6M5X/F/5
    R900497993 4WMM6PB5X/
    R900341779 4WMM6Q5X/5
    R900419369 4WMM6Q5X/F/5
    R900419369 4WMM6Q5X/F/5
    R900337667 4WMM6Q5X/SO22
    R900499518 4WMM6R5X/F/5
    R900355352 4WMM6U5X/F/5
    R900350367 4WMM6C1-5X/
    R900479281 4WMM6C5X/
    R900511934 4WMM6C5X//B08
    R901158115 4WMM6C5X//B10
    R900705808 4WMM6C5X//B12
    R901410924 4WMM6C5X//B12V
    R900497305 4WMM6C5X//V
    R900472158 4WMM6C5X/F
    R900339423 4WMM6C5X/F/B08
    R900356033 4WMM6C5X/F/B10
    R900443660 4WMM6C5X/F/B12
    R900512865 4WMM6C5X/F/T06
    R900478764 4WMM6C5X/F/V
    R901382906 4WMM6C5X/FJ
    R901475271 4WMM6C5X/FJ3
    R901328130 4WMM6C5X/FXC
    R901283323 4WMM6C5X=/V
    R900468328 4WMM6D5X/
    R900487233 4WMM6D5X//B08
    R900474978 4WMM6D5X//B10
    R901428454 4WMM6D5X//B10
    R900371054 4WMM6D5X//B10V
    R900427547 4WMM6D5X//B12
    R900364202 4WMM6D5X//B15
    R900566369 4WMM6D5X//H10
    R900370832 4WMM6D5X//H12
    R900389176 4WMM6D5X//T06
    R900499287 4WMM6D5X//V
    R900469301 4WMM6D5X/F
    R900342116 4WMM6D5X/F/B08
    R901038314 4WMM6D5X/F/B08V
    R978858372 4WMM6D5X/F/B08V
    R900406650 4WMM6D5X/F/B10
    R900911448 4WMM6D5X/F/B10V
    R900408046 4WMM6D5X/F/B12
    R900370807 4WMM6D5X/F/B20
    R900379568 4WMM6D5X/F/T06
    R900493350 4WMM6D5X/F/T07
    R900409450 4WMM6D5X/F/V
    R900465084 4WMM6D5X/F/X08
    R901303549 4WMM6D5X/F/ZV
    R901270854 4WMM6D5X/FJ
    R901270853 4WMM6D5X/FJ/B10
    R901475390 4WMM6D5X/FJ3
    R901281058 4WMM6D5X/FXC
    R901259500 4WMM6D5X/FXC/B10
    R901532167 4WMM6D5X/FXC/V
    R901243459 4WMM6D5X/J
    R901475393 4WMM6D5X/J3
    R901475396 4WMM6D5X/J3/V
    R901253902 4WMM6D5X/XC
    R901283186 4WMM6D5X=/V
    R901210354 4WMM6D5X=F
    R900559108 4WMM6D5X=F=KM
    R900576402 4WMM6D5X=F=PL
    R900394209 4WMM6E1-5X//B08
    R900394211 4WMM6E1-5X/F/B12
    R901142240 4WMM6E168-5X/F
    R901475397 4WMM6E19-5X/FJ3
    R900426657 4WMM6E42-5X//B22
    R900467936 4WMM6E5X/
    R900411035 4WMM6E5X//B08
    R901056150 4WMM6E5X//B08V
    R900493475 4WMM6E5X//B10
    R900486843 4WMM6E5X//B12
    R900582113 4WMM6E5X//B12V
    R900955056 4WMM6E5X//B15
    R900469299 4WMM6E5X//B20
    R900520070 4WMM6E5X//B30
    R900388435 4WMM6E5X//B52
    R900332580 4WMM6E5X//T06
    R900496904 4WMM6E5X//V
    R900576428 4WMM6E5X/=LB
    R900405611 4WMM6E5X/F
    R900468746 4WMM6E5X/F/B08
    R901139080 4WMM6E5X/F/B08V
    R900413222 4WMM6E5X/F/B10
    R900488218 4WMM6E5X/F/B12
    R900389059 4WMM6E5X/F/B12V
    R900340884 4WMM6E5X/F/B20V
    R900524301 4WMM6E5X/F/MK
    R900416917 4WMM6E5X/F/T06
    R900413615 4WMM6E5X/F/V
    R901248160 4WMM6E5X/FJ
    R901275453 4WMM6E5X/FXC
    R901246836 4WMM6E5X/J
    R901475391 4WMM6E5X/J3
    R901354557 4WMM6E5X/XC
    R901409391 4WMM6E5X/XC/T06
    R901425221 4WMM6E5X=F
    R900372885 4WMM6E67-5X//T07V
    R900532255 4WMM6E71-5X//T08
    R900378293 4WMM6E71-5X/F
    R978010019 4WMM6E73-5X/F/V
    R900495420 4WMM6EA5X/
    R900768277 4WMM6EA5X//B12
    R900405663 4WMM6EA5X//V
    R900495891 4WMM6EA5X/F
    R900535090 4WMM6EA5X/F/B12
    R900376114 4WMM6EA5X/F/V
    R900499217 4WMM6EB5X/
    R900387955 4WMM6EB5X//B10
    R900508975 4WMM6EB5X//V
    R900403196 4WMM6EB5X/F
    R900394069 4WMM6EB5X/F/V
    R901240771 4WMM6EB5X/FJ
    R900413562 4WMM6F5X/
    R900486683 4WMM6F5X//B12
    R900404664 4WMM6F5X/F
    R978869019 4WMM6F5X/F/V
    R900442840 4WMM6FA5X/F
    R900499012 4WMM6FA5X/F/B12
    R900471651 4WMM6G10-5X/
    R900381257 4WMM6G11-5X/F
    R900471209 4WMM6G5X/
    R900583820 4WMM6G5X//B08
    R900488682 4WMM6G5X//B10
    R900725034 4WMM6G5X//B10V
    R900475493 4WMM6G5X//B12
    R900368895 4WMM6G5X//B15
    R901226072 4WMM6G5X//B20
    R900397535 4WMM6G5X//MT
    R900510335 4WMM6G5X//N12
    R900389177 4WMM6G5X//T06
    R900487265 4WMM6G5X//V
    R900469533 4WMM6G5X/F
    R900353273 4WMM6G5X/F/B08
    R900565334 4WMM6G5X/F/B10
    R900436150 4WMM6G5X/F/B12
    R900508054 4WMM6G5X/F/B20
    R900488009 4WMM6G5X/F/V
    R901432328 4WMM6G5X/J
    R901359900 4WMM6G5X/XC
    R901232257 4WMM6G5X=F
    R900412911 4WMM6GA5X/
    R901423647 4WMM6GA5X//MT
    R901269251 4WMM6GA5X//V
    R900470084 4WMM6GA5X/F
    R900738756 4WMM6GA5X/F/B10
    R901342580 4WMM6GA5X/F/B10V
    R900524857 4WMM6GA5X/F/T06
    R900940108 4WMM6GA5X/F/V
    R900338544 4WMM6GB5X/
    R900361875 4WMM6GB5X/F
    R900438364 4WMM6H22-5X/
    R900467370 4WMM6H5X/
    R900398301 4WMM6H5X//B08
    R900349696 4WMM6H5X//B10
    R900393692 4WMM6H5X//T06
    R900407066 4WMM6H5X//V
    R900472755 4WMM6H5X/F
    R900453436 4WMM6H5X/F/B08
    R901129198 4WMM6H5X/F/B12
    R900520659 4WMM6H5X/F/B20
    R900463544 4WMM6H5X/F/T06
    R900414871 4WMM6H5X/F/V
    R901401635 4WMM6H5X/FJ
    R901278600 4WMM6H5X/J
    R901428491 4WMM6H5X/XC
    R901210355 4WMM6H5X=
    R900942193 4WMM6H64-5X/
    R900942194 4WMM6H65-5X/
    R900492186 4WMM6HA5X/
    R900333224 4WMM6HA5X//V
    R900474830 4WMM6HA5X/F
    R900549662 4WMM6HA5X/F/B10
    R901531241 4WMM6HA5X/FJ3
    R901243507 4WMM6HA5X/J
    R901254557 4WMM6HA5X/XC
    R900439127 4WMM6HB5X/
    R900498362 4WMM6HB5X/F
    R900383139 4WMM6HB5X/F/V
    R900365253 4WMM6J1-5X/F
    R900395281 4WMM6J21A5X/
    R900469302 4WMM6J5X/
    R900372061 4WMM6J5X//B05
    R900395171 4WMM6J5X//B06
    R900491533 4WMM6J5X//B08
    R900487043 4WMM6J5X//B08V
    R900352087 4WMM6J5X//B10
    R901383585 4WMM6J5X//B10V
    R900359970 4WMM6J5X//B12
    R900333898 4WMM6J5X//B12V
    R900495197 4WMM6J5X//B15
    R900515873 4WMM6J5X//B18
    R900520071 4WMM6J5X//B20
    R900777170 4WMM6J5X//B25
    R900520072 4WMM6J5X//B30
    R900388436 4WMM6J5X//B52
    R900499215 4WMM6J5X//MT
    R901256039 4WMM6J5X//N08V
    R900389178 4WMM6J5X//T06
    R900402164 4WMM6J5X//V
    R900558732 4WMM6J5X/=LB
    R900466583 4WMM6J5X/F
    R900371998 4WMM6J5X/F/B08
    R900920465 4WMM6J5X/F/B08V
    R900363911 4WMM6J5X/F/B10
    R901030312 4WMM6J5X/F/B10V
    R900371450 4WMM6J5X/F/B12
    R900729020 4WMM6J5X/F/B12V
    R900411264 4WMM6J5X/F/B15
    R900463738 4WMM6J5X/F/B20
    R901353639 4WMM6J5X/F/B25
    R900344723 4WMM6J5X/F/MT
    R900391074 4WMM6J5X/F/T06
    R900473008 4WMM6J5X/F/T15
    R900402409 4WMM6J5X/F/V
    R900370445 4WMM6J5X/F/X10
    R901272493 4WMM6J5X/F/ZV
    R901250224 4WMM6J5X/FJ
    R901479423 4WMM6J5X/FJ3=MG
    R901315212 4WMM6J5X/FXC
    R901176588 4WMM6J5X/J
    R901270855 4WMM6J5X/J/B10
    R901475392 4WMM6J5X/J3
    R901479422 4WMM6J5X/J3=MG
    R901210805 4WMM6J5X=
    R901283326 4WMM6J5X=/V
    R900559109 4WMM6J5X==KM
    R901412064 4WMM6J73A5X//V
    R900413600 4WMM6JA5X/
    R900382770 4WMM6JA5X//B08
    R901487459 4WMM6JA5X//B10V
    R900372646 4WMM6JA5X//V
    R900494250 4WMM6JA5X/F
    R901512710 4WMM6JA5X/F/B10
    R901246375 4WMM6JA5X/F/B10V
    R900962342 4WMM6JA5X/F/B12
    R900548479 4WMM6JA5X/F/V
    R900529106 4WMM6JB5X/
    R901375683 4WMM6JB5X//B12
    R900965381 4WMM6JB5X//V
    R900492869 4WMM6JB5X/F
    R901147292 4WMM6JB5X/F/B08V
    R900496826 4WMM6JB5X/F/B10
    R901371028 4WMM6JB5X/F/B12
    R900725424 4WMM6JB5X/F/V
    R900476480 4WMM6L5X/
    R901183994 4WMM6L5X//B08
    R900926245 4WMM6L5X//B10
    R900500111 4WMM6L5X//B12
    R900343623 4WMM6L5X//R08
    R900372884 4WMM6L5X//V
    R900339780 4WMM6L5X/F
    R900483869 4WMM6LA5X/F
    R901263395 4WMM6LA5X/F/V
    R900387979 4WMM6LB5X/
    R900328655 4WMM6LB5X//V
    R900486542 4WMM6LB5X/F
    R900328256 4WMM6LB5X/F/V
    R900479042 4WMM6M5X/
    R901115196 4WMM6M5X//B08
    R900344725 4WMM6M5X//MT
    R900409630 4WMM6M5X/F
    R900969026 4WMM6M5X/F/B10
    R901459744 4WMM6M5X/F/B10V
    R900561085 4WMM6M5X/F/MK
    R900726594 4WMM6M5X/F/T06
    R978851421 4WMM6M5X/F/V
    R901250793 4WMM6M5X/FJ
    R901387757 4WMM6M5X/J
    R900479758 4WMM6MA5X/
    R900503338 4WMM6MA5X/F
    R900469065 4WMM6MB5X/
    R901327925 4WMM6MB5X/F
    R901240055 4WMM6MB5X/F/B08
    R901240056 4WMM6MB5X/F/B10
    R900488484 4WMM6P5X/
    R978027900 4WMM6P5X/F
    R900474566 4WMM6P5X/F
    R978853570 4WMM6P5X/V
    R900361228 4WMM6PA5X/
    R900348998 4WMM6PA5X/F
    R900496884 4WMM6PB5X/
    R900475319 4WMM6Q5X/
    R900583629 4WMM6Q5X//B08
    R900345416 4WMM6Q5X//B10
    R900376899 4WMM6Q5X//B30
    R900379260 4WMM6Q5X//V
    R900403020 4WMM6Q5X/F
    R901347777 4WMM6QB5X/F/V
    R900956018 4WMM6R5X/
    R900403929 4WMM6R5X/
    R901229793 4WMM6R5X//B12
    R900387206 4WMM6R5X//V
    R900474383 4WMM6R5X/F
    R901053430 4WMM6R5X/F/V
    R901434849 4WMM6R5X/J
    R901294934 4WMM6R5X/XC
    R900528128 4WMM6RB5X/
    R901119620 4WMM6RB5X//B12
    R901033237 4WMM6RB5X//V
    R900409158 4WMM6RB5X/F
    R901187037 4WMM6RB5X/F/T06
    R978019220 4WMM6RB5X/F/V
    R900471263 4WMM6T5X/
    R900353021 4WMM6T5X//B12
    R900514810 4WMM6T5X//H08
    R900345279 4WMM6T5X//MT
    R900972316 4WMM6T5X//V
    R900477795 4WMM6T5X/F
    R900397530 4WMM6T5X/F/B08V
    R900566995 4WMM6T5X/F/B12
    R978848035 4WMM6T5X/F/V
    R900346011 4WMM6T5X/SO86
    R901401277 4WMM6T5X/XC
    R900383753 4WMM6TA5X/
    R900369798 4WMM6TA5X//V
    R900485792 4WMM6TA5X/F
    R900425617 4WMM6TA5X/F/B08
    R900490974 4WMM6TB5X/
    R900580109 4WMM6U10B5X/SO10
    R900402212 4WMM6U5X/
    R900511890 4WMM6U5X//B10
    R900335070 4WMM6U5X//B12
    R900901377 4WMM6U5X//V
    R900378794 4WMM6U5X/F
    R900374374 4WMM6U5X/SO329
    R901054865 4WMM6UA5X/
    R900348110 4WMM6UA5X/F
    R900335159 4WMM6UA5X/FSO29
    R900340619 4WMM6V5X/
    R900581803 4WMM6V5X//B08
    R900550119 4WMM6V5X//B10
    R900458495 4WMM6V5X/F
    R900402208 4WMM6W2-5X/
    R900423167 4WMM6W5-5X//B22
    R901370463 4WMM6W5-5X/XC
    R900405829 4WMM6W5X/
    R900338220 4WMM6W5X//B08
    R900481255 4WMM6W5X//B12
    R900396057 4WMM6W5X//V
    R900474567 4WMM6W5X/F
    R900341274 4WMM6W5X/F/B08
    R900334061 4WMM6W5X/F/B10
    R900347953 4WMM6W5X/F/V
    R901242849 4WMM6W5X/J
    R901340293 4WMM6W5X/J/V
    R900597358 4WMM6W5X/SO114
    R900377225 4WMM6W5X/SO329
    R901424210 4WMM6W5X/XC
    R900396000 4WMM6WB5X/
    R900495893 4WMM6Y5X/
    R900535340 4WMM6Y5X//B08
    R900361648 4WMM6Y5X//B10
    R900484040 4WMM6Y5X//V
    R900740090 4WMM6Y5X//V
    R900404770 4WMM6Y5X/F
    R900513388 4WMM6Y5X/F/B08
    R900384933 4WMM6Y5X/F/B10
    R900431010 4WMM6Y5X/F/B12
    R900343782 4WMM6Y5X/F/V
    R901297432 4WMM6Y5X/F/ZV
    R901313197 4WMM6Y5X/FJ
    R901528601 4WMM6Y5X/FJ3/B08
    R901338628 4WMM6Y5X/FXC
    R901475394 4WMM6Y5X/J3
    R978910035 4WMM6D5X/F/B20V
    R978896582 4WMM6D5X/R08
    R978899129 4WMM6E1A-5X/
    R978861879 4WMM6E5X/B10V
    R978912427 4WMM6E5X/N12
    R978896796 4WMM6E73-5X/
    R978906911 4WMM6E73-5X/F
    R988003547 4WMM6F5X/FV
    R978847643 4WMM6F5X/V
    R978907928 4WMM6G5X/B12V
    R978899352 4WMM6G5X/H08
    R978897078 4WMM6G73-5X/B08
    R978908984 4WMM6H5X/F/B12
    R978908602 4WMM6LB5X/F/B12
    R978906568 4WMM6M5X/F/B08
    R978890450 4WMM6Q5X/B08V
    R978849411 4WMM6R5X/F/V
    R978011242 4WMM6Y5X/B12V


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