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Rexroth R901278770 3WE10A50/EG24N9K4/M 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/M Directional Spool Valve

Rexroth R901278770 3WE10A50/EG24N9K4/M 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/M Directional Spool Valve

    • Rexroth R901278770 3WE10A50/EG24N9K4/M 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/M Directional Spool Valve
  • Rexroth R901278770 3WE10A50/EG24N9K4/M 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/M Directional Spool Valve

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Germany
    Brand Name: Rexroth
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: R901278770 3WE10A50/EG24N9K4/M 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/M

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: On request
    Packaging Details: Standard paper box
    Delivery Time: 7-10days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    MNR: R901278770 Model No.: 3WE10A50/EG24N9K4/M 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/M
    High Light:

    Rexroth Directional Spool Valve





    Rexroth 3WE10 Series Directional Spool Valves, Direct Operated, with Solenoid Actuation


    Size 10
    Component series 5X
    Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
    Maximum flow 160 l/min


    ▶ 4/3-, 4/2- or 3/2-way version
    ▶ Porting pattern according to ISO 4401-05-04-0-05 and NFPA T3.5.1 R2-2002 D05
    ▶ High-power solenoid, optionally rotatable by 90°
    ▶ Electrical connection as individual or central connection
    ▶ Cartridge optionally equipped with PWM connector (fast switching amplifier, energy reduction)
    ▶ Manual override, optional
    ▶ CE conformity according to the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC for electrical voltages >50 VAC or > 75 VDC
    ▶ Solenoid coil with UR approval UL 429
    ▶ Approval according to CSA C22.2 No. 139-10, optional


    SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.


    Rexroth 3WE10 Series Directional Spool Valves Model List:


    R901443658 3WE10A5X/DEG24N8DL/M
    R901388992 3WE10A5X/DEG24N9K4/M
    R901317863 3WE10A5X/DEG24N9K4/M=TA
    R901387364 3WE10A5X/DEW230RN9DK6L/M
    R901410725 3WE10A5X/EG110N9DK6L/V
    R901413659 3WE10A5X/EG110N9DL/M
    R901438960 3WE10A5X/EG125N9K4/M
    R901326390 3WE10A5X/EG12N9K4/M
    R901336179 3WE10A5X/EG205N9K4/M
    R901369225 3WE10A5X/EG205N9K4/V
    R901364502 3WE10A5X/EG220N9K4/M
    R901369219 3WE10A5X/EG220N9K4/V
    R901330537 3WE10A5X/EG24K4/M
    R901378646 3WE10A5X/EG24K4/MT
    R901347404 3WE10A5X/EG24K4/V
    R901414727 3WE10A5X/EG24K72L/M
    R901374684 3WE10A5X/EG24N5K4/M
    R901415313 3WE10A5X/EG24N8J3DL/M
    R901349808 3WE10A5X/EG24N8K4/M
    R901384704 3WE10A5X/EG24N8K4K/T12M
    R901174643 3WE10A5X/EG24N9DK6L/M
    R901362257 3WE10A5X/EG24N9DL/M
    R901404946 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/B10M
    R901337622 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/B12V
    R901278770 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/M
    R901317862 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/M=TA
    R901339842 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/V
    R901407601 3WE10A5X/EG24N9K72L/M
    R901412252 3WE10A5X/EG48N9K4/M
    R901347130 3WE10A5X/EG96N9K4/M
    R901374632 3WE10A5X/EG96N9K4/MH
    R901354100 3WE10A5X/EG96N9K4/V
    R901523563 3WE10A5X/EW100N9K4/M
    R901443659 3WE10A5X/EW110RN9DK6L/M
    R901375366 3WE10A5X/EW110RN9DL/M
    R901487106 3WE10A5X/EW120N9K4/M
    R901523641 3WE10A5X/EW200N9K4/M
    R901350500 3WE10A5X/OEG205N9K4/M
    R901523574 3WE10A5X/OEW100N9K4/M
    R901349736 3WE10A5X/OFEG205N9K4/V
    R901350294 3WE10A5X/OFEG220K4/M
    R901415404 3WE10A5X/OFEG220N9K4/M
    R901361238 3WE10A5X/OFEG24N9K4/B12V
    R901350295 3WE10A5X/OFEG24N9K4/M
    R901361241 3WE10A5X/OFEG24N9K4/V
    R901384329 3WE10A5X/OFEG24N9K72L/M
    R901532746 3WE10A5X/OFEG96N9K4/V
    R901385133 3WE10A5X/OFEW110RN9DL/M
    R901513885 3WE10A5X/SG24N9K4/M
    R901514858 3WE10A5X/SG24N9K4/V
    R901374358 5-3WE10A5X/EG205N9K4/CM
    R901158858 5-3WE10A5X/EG24K4/CM
    R901363455 5-3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/CM
    R901355611 5-3WE10A5X/EG24N9K4/M


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