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Rexroth R900500093 SL20GB2-42/ SL20GB2-4X/ Pilot Operated Check Valve

Rexroth R900500093 SL20GB2-42/ SL20GB2-4X/ Pilot Operated Check Valve

    • Rexroth R900500093 SL20GB2-42/ SL20GB2-4X/ Pilot Operated Check Valve
    • Rexroth R900500093 SL20GB2-42/ SL20GB2-4X/ Pilot Operated Check Valve
  • Rexroth R900500093 SL20GB2-42/ SL20GB2-4X/ Pilot Operated Check Valve

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Germany
    Brand Name: Rexroth
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: R900500093 SL20GB2-42/ SL20GB2-4X/

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: On request
    Packaging Details: Standard paper box
    Delivery Time: 7-10days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    MNR: R900500093 Model No.: SL20GB2-42/ SL20GB2-4X/
    High Light:

    Rexroth Pilot Operated Check Valve




    550l/min Rexroth Hydraulic Valves

    Check valves, pilot operated
    SV 10...32


    Size 10 … 32
    Component series 4X
    Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
    Maximum flow 550 l/min


    Type Code:

    01 02 03 04 05 06   07   08   09 10 11 12 13 14
    S V         4X /             *
    Pilot oil return internal = V Pilot oil return external = L 
    01 Check valve S
    02 Pilot oil return, internal V
    03 Size 10 10
    Size 20 20
    Size 32 30
    Type of connection
    04 Subplate mounting P
    Threaded connection G
    05 With pre-opening A
    Without pre-opening B
    Cracking pressure
    06 See characteristic curves (A → B) 1
    07 Component series 40 … 49 (40 … 49: unchanged installation and mounting dimensions) 4X
    Spool position monitoring
    08 Without position switch no code

    With position switch


    For more information see "Electrical connection"
    Orifice fitting channel Y
    09 Channel Y closed (standard) Y99

    Orifice Ø** in channel Y


    Seal material
    10 NBR seals N
    FKM seals V
    Observe compatibility of seals with hydraulic fluid used. (Other seals upon request)
    Corrosion resistance
    11 None no code
    Improved corrosion protection (240 h salt spray test according to EN ISO 9227) J3
    12 Standard no code
    Pilot pressure ppilot from channel X SO168
    Control open spool with shaft sealing (between channel X–Y and Y–A) SO286
    Connection thread (versions with threaded connection "G" only)
    13 Pipe thread "G" according to ISO 228-1 no code
    Pipe thread “UNF/UN” according to ANSI/ASME B 1.1 /12
    14 Further details in the plain text *
    SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.
    Rexroth Check valves, pilot operated SL20 Model List:
    R900587554 SL20GA1-4X/
    R900504903 SL20GA1-4X/
    R900508963 SL20GA1-4X//12
    R900510859 SL20GA1-4X//5
    R901078045 SL20GA1-4X/6U
    R901089754 SL20GA1-4X/6U/V
    R900562748 SL20GA1-4X/B12V
    R900500169 SL20GA1-4X/J
    R901314151 SL20GA1-4X/J3
    R900504557 SL20GA1-4X/V
    R900223516 SL20GA1-4X/V/12
    R900599966 SL20GA2-4X/
    R900618416 SL20GA2-4X//12
    R901286572 SL20GA2-4X/6U
    R900537862 SL20GA2-4X/B10V
    R900508234 SL20GA2-4X/V
    R900599862 SL20GA3-4X/
    R901237276 SL20GA3-4X/12
    R901278401 SL20GA3-4X/6U
    R900082340 SL20GA3-4X/V
    R900507211 SL20GA4-4X/
    R901028141 SL20GA4-4X/V
    R900500298 SL20GB1-4X/
    R900033364 SL20GB1-4X//12
    R900083805 SL20GB1-4X/J
    R900509551 SL20GB1-4X/V
    R900500093 SL20GB2-4X/
    R901294462 SL20GB2-4X/6U
    R900538549 SL20GB2-4X/B08
    R900537233 SL20GB2-4X/V
    R900505950 SL20GB3-4X/
    R900562242 SL20GB3-4X/SO295
    R900560497 SL20GB3-4X/V
    R900525517 SL20GB4-4X/
    R900587559 SL20PA1-4X/
    R901188104 SL20PA1-4X/6U
    R900514055 SL20PA1-4X/J
    R901430276 SL20PA1-4X/J3
    R900207274 SL20PA1-4X/JV
    R900599358 SL20PA1-4X/SO279
    R900220252 SL20PA1-4X/SO113
    R900501405 SL20PA1-4X/SO113
    R900501547 SL20PA1-4X/V
    R901093767 SL20PA1-4X/VSO113
    R900599536 SL20PA2-4X/
    R901246036 SL20PA2-4X/6U
    R901430281 SL20PA2-4X/J3
    R901369998 SL20PA2-4X/J50
    R901141400 SL20PA2-4X/MT
    R900500870 SL20PA2-4X/V
    R900599606 SL20PA3-4X/
    R900501197 SL20PA3-4X/V
    R900500630 SL20PA4-4X/
    R900532373 SL20PA4-4X/J
    R901430277 SL20PA4-4X/J3
    R901368271 SL20PA4-4X/J50
    R900514669 SL20PA4-4X/V
    R900599586 SL20PB1-4X/
    R900745702 SL20PB1-4X/J
    R901430275 SL20PB1-4X/J3
    R900502181 SL20PB1-4X/MK
    R900509458 SL20PB1-4X/V
    R900500208 SL20PB2-4X/
    R901533729 SL20PB2-4X/J3
    R900072376 SL20PB2-4X/MK
    R900504955 SL20PB2-4X/V
    R900500527 SL20PB3-4X/
    R900573076 SL20PB3-4X/SO295
    R900535425 SL20PB3-4X/V
    R900513545 SL20PB4-4X/
    R900059865 SL20PB4-4X/V
    R987052926 SL20GA2-4X/12
    R978006496 SL20GA2-4X/V/12
    R978911873 SL20GB3-4X/12

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