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Hydraulic Proportional Directional Valve 4WRKE10 Series

Hydraulic Proportional Directional Valve 4WRKE10 Series

  • Hydraulic Proportional Directional Valve 4WRKE10 Series
  • Hydraulic Proportional Directional Valve 4WRKE10 Series
  • Hydraulic Proportional Directional Valve 4WRKE10 Series
  • Hydraulic Proportional Directional Valve 4WRKE10 Series
Hydraulic Proportional Directional Valve 4WRKE10 Series
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Model Number: Rexroth 4WRKE10E 4WRKE10W 4WRKE10R Proportional Directional Valve
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Standard paper box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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Detailed Product Description
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rexroth proportional valve


hydraulic pressure relief valve

Hydraulic Proportional Directional Valve 4WRKE10 Series 0Rexroth 4WRKE Series Proportional Directional Valve

Size 10, 16, 25, 27, 32, 35
Component series 3X
Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
Maximum flow 3000 l/min


*Pilot-operated 2-stage proportional directional valves with electrical position feedbackof the main control spool and integrated electronics (OBE) Control of flow direction and size
*Proportional solenoid operation
For subplate mounting: Porting pattern according to ISO 4401 Electrical position feedback
*Spring-centered main control spool Pilot control valve: single-stage proportional directional valve
*Main stage with position control


Technical Data


Type 4WRKE
Size 10 16 25 27 32 35
Installation position   any, preferably horizontal
Ambient temperature range °C -20 … +50
Storage temperature range °C -20 … +80
Weight kg 8.7 11.2 16.8 17 31.5 34
Sine test according to DIN EN 60068-2-6   10 cycles, 10…2000.. 10 Hz with logarithmic frequency changing speed of 1 octave/min, 5 to 57 Hz, amplitude 1.5 mm (p-p), 57 to 2000 Hz, amplitude 10g, 3 axes
Noise test according to DIN EN 60068-2-64   20…2000 Hz, amplitude 0.05g2/Hz (10gRMS) 3 axes, testing time 30 min per axis
Shock test according to DIN EN 60068-2-27   Half-sine 15g / 11 ms, 3 times in positive and 3 times in negative direction per axis, 3 axes
Damp heat according to DIN EN 60068-2-30   Variant 2: +25 °C … +55 °C, 90 % … 97 % relative humidity, 2 cycles á 24 hours


Size 10 16 25 27 32 35
Maximum operating pressure   bar 350
Maximum operating pressure Port P bar 315 350 210 350
Port A bar 315 350 210 350
Port B bar 315 350 210 350
Operating pressure range Pilot control valve, pilot oil supply bar 25 … 315
Maximum return flow pressure Port T, external pilot oil return bar 315 250 210 250
Port T, internal pilot oil return bar 10
Port Y bar 10
Maximum flow   l/min 170 460 870 1000 1600 3000
Nominal flow 1)   l/min 25
500 400
Pilot flow input signal 0 → 100% Port X and Y l/min 4.1 8.5 11.7 13
Hydraulic fluid temperature range   °C -20 … +80
preferably °C -40 … +50
Viscosity range   mm²/s 20 … 380
preferably mm²/s 30 … 45
Maximum admissible degree of contamination of the hydraulic fluid, cleanliness class according to ISO 4406 (c) 2) Pilot control valve   Class 18/16/13 according to ISO 4406 (c)
Main valve   Class 20/18/15 according to ISO 4406 (c)
Hysteresis   % ≤ 1
Response sensitivity   % ≤ 0.5
1) ±10% with Δp = 10 bar, Δp = valve pressure differential
2) The cleanliness classes specified for the components must be adhered to in hydraulic systems. Effective filtration prevents faults and simultaneously increases the life cycle of the components. For the selection of the filters, see


Size 10 16 25 27 32 35
Voltage type   Direct voltage
Type of signal   analog
Maximum current consumption of the amplifier A 1.5
of the amplifier (impulse current) A 3
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529   IP65 (with mating connector mounted and locked)
Power supply   V 24
Supply voltage range   V 18 … 35
Earthing (GND)   V 0
Command value input "A1" V 10
Command value input range "F1" mA 4 … 20
Actual value output "A1" V 10
Actual value output range "F1" mA 4 … 20
Hydraulic fluid ClassifiSAARion Suitable sealing materials Standards
Mineral oils and related hydrocarbons HL, HLP NBR / FKM DIN 51524
Flame-resistant - containing water HFC (Fuchs HYDROTHERM 46M, Petrofer Ultra Safe 620) NBR ISO 12922
Phosphoric acid esters HFD-R FKM  

Important information on hydraulic fluids:

For more information and data on the use of other hydraulic fluids please contact us.

There may be limitations regarding the technical valve data (temperature, pressure range, life cycle, maintenance intervals, etc.).

The flash point of the process and operating medium used must be 40 K over the maximum solenoid surface temperature.

Flame-resistant - containing water:
Maximum pressure differential per control edge 175 bar
Pressure pre-loading at the tank port > 20 % of the pressure differential, otherwise increased cavitation
Life cycle as compared to operation with mineral oil HL, HLP 50 % to 100 %


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R900704234 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R900702614 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24EK31/A5D3M
R900723205 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24EK31/A5D3M-710
R901125661 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24EK31/F1D3M
R900704216 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900705058 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M
R900725032 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M-710
R900745919 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/F1D3M
R900973372 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R900702018 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3V
R900708263 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M
R900710938 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M-710
R901141974 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24K31/C1D3M
R901044485 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24K31/F1D3M
R900716190 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24TK31/A5D3M
R900700594 4WRKE10E100L-3X/6EG24TK31/A5D3M-574
R900770262 4WRKE10E100P-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R900750893 4WRKE10E100P-3X/6EG24EK31/F1D3M
R900722870 4WRKE10E100P-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900737777 4WRKE10E100P-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3WC15M
R901140217 4WRKE10E100P-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R900732597 4WRKE10E100P-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M
R900749738 4WRKE10E100P-3X/6EG24K31/F1D3M
R900738436 4WRKE10E1-100L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R900721894 4WRKE10E1-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900704209 4WRKE10E1-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M
R901100438 4WRKE10E1-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M-280
R900706962 4WRKE10E1-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R901059576 4WRKE10E1-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M-280
R901100914 4WRKE10E1-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3V
R901231782 4WRKE10E1-100L-3X/6EG24K31/F1D3M
R900738627 4WRKE10E1-100L-3X/6EG24TK31/A1D3M
R900728910 4WRKE10E1-100L-3X/6EG24TK31/A5D3M
R900716427 4WRKE10E1-100P-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900716032 4WRKE10E1-100P-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M
R901060257 4WRKE10E1-25L-3X/6EG24ETK31/C1D3M
R901059565 4WRKE10E1-50L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R900746826 4WRKE10E1-50L-3X/6EG24EK31/A5D3M
R900744115 4WRKE10E1-50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R901039320 4WRKE10E1-50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M
R900745314 4WRKE10E1-50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M-280
R901119151 4WRKE10E1-50L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R901121866 4WRKE10E25L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M-280
R900781824 4WRKE10E25L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900777456 4WRKE10E3-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R900767800 4WRKE10E3-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M
R900706739 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R900702609 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24EK31/A5D3M
R900720552 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24EK31/A5D3M-280
R900723233 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24EK31/A5D3M-710
R900719754 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900973373 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R900706932 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M
R901129320 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M-259
R900769700 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M-710
R901239199 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24K31/C1D3M
R900737629 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24TK31/A1D3M
R900737714 4WRKE10E50L-3X/6EG24TK31/A1D3WC15M
R901086832 4WRKE10R3-100L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R901077968 4WRKE10R3-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R901120773 4WRKE10R3-50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/F1D3M
R901120323 4WRKE10R3-50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/F1D3V
R901007999 4WRKE10R5-100L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R900246010 4WRKE10W100P-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M-693=DE
R900715737 4WRKE10W1-100P-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M-706
R900741722 4WRKE10W3-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M
R901061564 4WRKE10W3-100P-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M-693
R900718465 4WRKE10W4-100P-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M-683
R900772051 4WRKE10W5-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M
R900771222 4WRKE10W5-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M-182
R900708955 4WRKE10W5-100P-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M-683
R900703914 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R901072886 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3V
R900704755 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24EK31/A5D3M
R900757868 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24EK31/F1D3M
R900704245 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900710529 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M
R900732764 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M-280
R900746091 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/F1D3M
R901301507 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/F1D3V
R900973353 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R901123279 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3V
R900708050 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M
R900705349 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24K31/F1D3M
R901077280 4WRKE10W6-100L-3X/6EG24TK31/A5D3M
R901210895 4WRKE10W6-100P-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R901240506 4WRKE10W6-100P-3X/6EG24EK31/C1D3M
R901197412 4WRKE10W6-100P-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900778657 4WRKE10W6-100P-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R901167463 4WRKE10W6-100P-3X/6EG24K31/F1D3M
R901057128 4WRKE10W6-25L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R900717546 4WRKE10W6-25L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M
R901202900 4WRKE10W6-25L-3X/6EG24ETK31/F1D3M
R901131241 4WRKE10W6-25L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R900719667 4WRKE10W6-50L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R900702610 4WRKE10W6-50L-3X/6EG24EK31/A5D3M
R901217997 4WRKE10W6-50L-3X/6EG24EK31/F1D3M
R900732436 4WRKE10W6-50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900702633 4WRKE10W6-50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M
R900749617 4WRKE10W6-50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/F1D3M
R900713239 4WRKE10W6-50L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R900706335 4WRKE10W6-50L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M
R900705350 4WRKE10W6-50L-3X/6EG24K31/F1D3M
R901197120 4WRKE10W6-50P-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900717250 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R901146772 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24EK31/F1D3M
R901301548 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24EK31/F1D3V
R901020021 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900977503 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M
R901036444 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/F1D3M
R900721057 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24ETK31/F1D3V
R901023119 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3M
R900719780 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A1D3V
R900708071 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M
R900717966 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3V
R901144327 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24K31/F1D3M
R900708991 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24TK31/A1D3M
R901301515 4WRKE10W8-100L-3X/6EG24TK31/F1D3V
R900718127 4WRKE10W8-100P-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R900737966 4WRKE10W8-100P-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900756192 4WRKE10W8-100P-3X/6EG24ETK31/A5D3M
R901175046 4WRKE10W8-100P-3X/6EG24K31/F1D3M
R901072595 4WRKE10W8-50L-3X/6EG24EK31/A1D3M
R900616658 4WRKE10W8-50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/A1D3M
R900766958 4WRKE10W8-50L-3X/6EG24ETK31/F1D3M
R901259654 4WRKE10W8-50L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3M
R901066928 4WRKE10W8-50L-3X/6EG24K31/A5D3V
R900736984 4WRKE10W8-50L-3X/6EG24K31/F1D3M
R901049770 4WRKE10W8-50L-3X/6EG24TK31/A1D3M
R900718146 4WRKE10W8-50L-3X/6EG24TK31/A5D3M

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