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Eaton Vickers V20, V25, V35,V45 Hydraulic Pump Single Vane Pump

Eaton Vickers V20, V25, V35,V45 Hydraulic Pump Single Vane Pump

  • Eaton Vickers V20, V25, V35,V45 Hydraulic Pump Single Vane Pump
  • Eaton Vickers V20, V25, V35,V45 Hydraulic Pump Single Vane Pump
  • Eaton Vickers V20, V25, V35,V45 Hydraulic Pump Single Vane Pump
  • Eaton Vickers V20, V25, V35,V45 Hydraulic Pump Single Vane Pump
Eaton Vickers V20, V25, V35,V45 Hydraulic Pump Single Vane Pump
Product Details:
Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Eaton Vickers
Model Number: 20V8A-1A22R 25V14A-1C22R 25V21A-1C22R F3-25V21A-1B22R 35V30A-1B22R 35V38A-86A22R 45V50A-1C22R 45V60A-11C22R
CertifiSAARion: ISO9001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Paper or wooden carton
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Model No.: F3-45V60A-86A22R Model: 45V60A-1D22R
Type: 35V38A-1A22R Material: F3-25V12A-1C22R
High Light:

eaton vickers piston pumps


hydraulic axial piston pump

Eaton Vickers V20, V25, V35,V45 Hydraulic Pump Single Vane Pump 0Eaton Vickers Single Vane Pumps V Series - Low Noise Vane Pumps
Features and Benefits
• High operating pressure capabilities in compact packages provide high power to weight ratios and lower installed costs.
• Low noise characteristics inherent in intravane design enhance operator comfort.
• Twelve vane system provides low amplitude flow pulsations resulting in low system noise characteristics.
• Hydraulic balancing, designed to prevent internally-induced radial shaft and bearing loads, provides long life.
• Double pumps and thru-drive arrangements save installation space and cost by eliminating double shaft extension electric motors or by reducing the number of motors and drive couplings.
• Thru-drive models provide valuable circuit design flexibility, such as having fixed and variable displacement models on a single input drive.
• Sixteen flow displacements and high operating pressure capabilities provide optimum selection and single-source capability for your complete range of flow and pressure requirements.
• Factory tested cartridge kits provide new pump performance upon installation.
• The cartridge kit design offers fast and efficient field serviceability. The cartridge is independent of the drive shaft, allowing for easy change of flow capacity and servicing without removing the pump from its mounting.
• Inlet and outlet ports can be oriented in four different positions relative to each other, providing greater installation
flexibility and ease of machine design.
Eaton Vickers Single Vane Pumps V Series Ordering Code:
Eaton Vickers V20, V25, V35,V45 Hydraulic Pump Single Vane Pump 1
SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.
Eaton Vickers 20V 25V 35V 45V Single Vane Pump​s on Sale, Short lead time, Best price!!!
02-137103-AR 20V5A1A22R 20V5A-1A22R
02-137103-BR 20V5A1B22R 20V5A-1B22R
02-137103-C 20V5A1C22R 20V5A-1C22R
02-137103-CL 20V5A1C22L 20V5A-1C22L
02-137103-CR 20V5A1C22R 20V5A-1C22R
02-137103-DR 20V5A1D22R 20V5A-1D22R
02-137104-A 20V8A1A22R 20V8A-1A22R
02-137104-AL 20V8A1A22L 20V8A-1A22L
02-137104-AR 20V8A1A22R 20V8A-1A22R
02-137104-BR 20V8A1B22R 20V8A-1B22R
02-137104-CL 20V8A1C22L 20V8A-1C22L
02-137104-CR 20V8A1C22R 20V8A-1C22R
02-137104-DR 20V8A1D22R 20V8A-1D22R
02-137105-A 20V8A151A22R 20V8A-151A22R
02-137105-AR 20V8A151A22R 20V8A-151A22R
02-137105-CR 20V8A151C22R 20V8A-151C22R
02-137106-A 20V11A1A22R 20V11A-1A22R
02-137106-AL 20V11A1A22L 20V11A-1A22L
02-137106-AR 20V11A1A22R 20V11A-1A22R
02-137106-BR 20V11A1B22R 20V11A-1B22R
02-137106-C 20V11A1C22R 20V11A-1C22R
02-137106-CR 20V11A1C22R 20V11A-1C22R
02-137106-DR 20V11A1D22R 20V11A-1D22R
02-137107-AR 25V10A1A22R 25V10A-1A22R
02-137109-A 25V12A1A22R 25V12A-1A22R
02-137109-AL 25V12A1A22L 25V12A-1A22L
02-137109-AR 25V12A1A22R 25V12A-1A22R
02-137109-B 25V12A1B22R 25V12A-1B22R
02-137109-BL 25V12A1B22L 25V12A-1B22L
02-137109-BR 25V12A1B22R 25V12A-1B22R
02-137109-CL 25V12A1C22L 25V12A-1C22L
02-137109-CR 25V12A1C22R 25V12A-1C22R
02-137109-DL 25V12A1D22L 25V12A-1D22L
02-137109-DR 25V12A1D22R 25V12A-1D22R
02-137110 25V14A1A22L 25V14A-1A22L
02-137110-A 25V14A1A22R 25V14A-1A22R
02-137110-AL 25V14A1A22L 25V14A-1A22L
02-137110-AR 25V14A1A22R 25V14A-1A22R
02-137110-BL 25V14A1B22L 25V14A-1B22L
02-137110-BR 25V14A1B22R 25V14A-1B22R
02-137110-CL 25V14A1C22L 25V14A-1C22L
02-137110-CR 25V14A1C22R 25V14A-1C22R
02-137110-DR 25V14A1D22R 25V14A-1D22R
02-137111-AL 25V14A11A22L 25V14A-11A22L
02-137111-AR 25V14A11A22R 25V14A-11A22R
02-137111-CR 25V14A11C22R 25V14A-11C22R
02-137113-A 25V17A1A22R 25V17A-1A22R
02-137113-AL 25V17A1A22L 25V17A-1A22L
02-137113-AR 25V17A1A22R 25V17A-1A22R
02-137113-B 25V17A1B22R 25V17A-1B22R
02-137113-BL 25V17A1B22L 25V17A-1B22L
02-137113-BR 25V17A1B22R 25V17A-1B22R
02-137113-C 25V17A1C22R 25V17A-1C22R
02-137113-CL 25V17A1C22L 25V17A-1C22L
02-137113-CR 25V17A1C22R 25V17A-1C22R
02-137113-DL 25V17A1D22L 25V17A-1D22L
02-137113-DR 25V17A1D22R 25V17A-1D22R
02-137114-A 25V17A11A22R 25V17A-11A22R
02-137114-AL 25V17A11A22L 25V17A-11A22L
02-137114-AR 25V17A11A22R 25V17A-11A22R
02-137114-BR 25V17A11B22R 25V17A-11B22R
02-137114-CR 25V17A11C22R 25V17A-11C22R
02-137117-A 25V21A1A22R 25V21A-1A22R
02-137117-AL 25V21A1A22L 25V21A-1A22L
02-137117-AR 25V21A1A22R 25V21A-1A22R
02-137117-B 25V21A1B22R 25V21A-1B22R
02-137117-BR 25V21A1B22R 25V21A-1B22R
02-137117-C 25V21A1C22R 25V21A-1C22R
02-137117-CL 25V21A1C22L 25V21A-1C22L
02-137117-CR 25V21A1C22R 25V21A-1C22R
02-137117-DR 25V21A1D22R 25V21A-1D22R
02-137119-A 25V21A11A22R 25V21A-11A22R
02-137119-AL 25V21A11A22L 25V21A-11A22L
02-137119-AR 25V21A11A22R 25V21A-11A22R
02-137119-BR 25V21A11B22R 25V21A-11B22R
02-137119-CL 25V21A11C22L 25V21A-11C22L
02-137119-CR 25V21A11C22R 25V21A-11C22R
02-137120-AR F3-25V12A1A22R F3-25V12A-1A22R
02-137120-CR F3-25V12A1C22R F3-25V12A-1C22R
02-137121-AL F3-25V14A1A22L F3-25V14A-1A22L
02-137121-AR F3-25V14A1A22R F3-25V14A-1A22R
02-137121-CL F3-25V14A1C22L F3-25V14A-1C22L
02-137121-CR F3-25V14A1C22R F3-25V14A-1C22R
02-137122-AL F3-25V17A1A22L F3-25V17A-1A22L
02-137122-AR F3-25V17A1A22R F3-25V17A-1A22R
02-137122-CR F3-25V17A1C22R F3-25V17A-1C22R
02-137123-AR F3-25V21A1A22R F3-25V21A-1A22R
02-137123-BR F3-25V21A1B22R F3-25V21A-1B22R
02-137124-A 35V25A1A22R 35V25A-1A22R
02-137124-AL 35V25A1A22L 35V25A-1A22L
02-137124-AR 35V25A1A22R 35V25A-1A22R
02-137124-BR 35V25A1B22R 35V25A-1B22R
02-137124-C 35V25A1C22R 35V25A-1C22R
02-137124-CL 35V25A1C22L 35V25A-1C22L
02-137124-CR 35V25A1C22R 35V25A-1C22R
02-137124-DR 35V25A1D22R 35V25A-1D22R
02-137125-AR 35V25A11A22R 35V25A-11A22R
02-137125-CR 35V25A11C22R 35V25A-11C22R
02-137126-A 35V30A1A22R 35V30A-1A22R
02-137126-AL 35V30A1A22L 35V30A-1A22L
02-137126-AR 35V30A1A22R 35V30A-1A22R
02-137126-B 35V30A1B22R 35V30A-1B22R
02-137126-BL 35V30A1B22L 35V30A-1B22L
02-137126-BR 35V30A1B22R 35V30A-1B22R
02-137126-CL 35V30A1C22L 35V30A-1C22L
02-137126-CR 35V30A1C22R 35V30A-1C22R
02-137126-D 35V30A1D22R 35V30A-1D22R
02-137126-DR 35V30A1D22R 35V30A-1D22R
02-137127-AR 35V30A11A22R 35V30A-11A22R
02-137127-CR 35V30A11C22R 35V30A-11C22R
02-137128-AR 35V30A86A22R 35V30A-86A22R
02-137128-CR 35V30A86C22R 35V30A-86C22R
02-137129-A 35V35A1A22R 35V35A-1A22R
02-137129-AL 35V35A1A22L 35V35A-1A22L
02-137129-AR 35V35A1A22R 35V35A-1A22R
02-137129-BL 35V35A1B22L 35V35A-1B22L
02-137129-BR 35V35A1B22R 35V35A-1B22R
02-137129-CL 35V35A1C22L 35V35A-1C22L
02-137129-CR 35V35A1C22R 35V35A-1C22R
02-137129-DR 35V35A1D22R 35V35A-1D22R
02-137130-AL 35V35A11A22L 35V35A-11A22L
02-137130-AR 35V35A11A22R 35V35A-11A22R
02-137130-BR 35V35A11B22R 35V35A-11B22R
02-137130-CR 35V35A11C22R 35V35A-11C22R
02-137131-AR 35V35A86A22R 35V35A-86A22R
02-137131-CR 35V35A86C22R 35V35A-86C22R
02-137132-A 35V38A1A22R 35V38A-1A22R
02-137132-AL 35V38A1A22L 35V38A-1A22L
02-137132-AR 35V38A1A22R 35V38A-1A22R
02-137132-BL 35V38A1B22L 35V38A-1B22L
02-137132-BR 35V38A1B22R 35V38A-1B22R
02-137132-C 35V38A1C22 35V38A-1C22
02-137132-CL 35V38A1C22L 35V38A-1C22L
02-137132-CR 35V38A1C22R 35V38A-1C22R
02-137132-DL 35V38A1D22L 35V38A-1D22L
02-137132-DR 35V38A1D22R 35V38A-1D22R
02-137133-AL 35V38A11A22L 35V38A-11A22L
02-137133-AR 35V38A11A22R 35V38A-11A22R
02-137133-CR 35V38A11C22R 35V38A-11C22R
02-137133-DR 35V38A11D22R 35V38A-11D22R
02-137134-AR 35V38A86A22R 35V38A-86A22R
02-137134-BL 35V38A86B22L 35V38A-86B22L
02-137134-CR 35V38A86C22R 35V38A-86C22R
02-137135-AL F3-35V25A1A22L F3-35V25A-1A22L
02-137135-AR F3-35V25A1A22R F3-35V25A-1A22R
02-137135-CR F3-35V25A1C22R F3-35V25A-1C22R
02-137136-AL F3-35V30A1A22L F3-35V30A-1A22L
02-137136-AR F3-35V30A1A22R F3-35V30A-1A22R
02-137136-CR F3-35V30A1C22R F3-35V30A-1C22R
02-137136-DR F3-35V30A1D22R F3-35V30A-1D22R
02-137137-AR F3-35V38A1A22R F3-35V38A-1A22R
02-137137-CR F3-35V38A1C22R F3-35V38A-1C22R
02-137138-AR F3-35V35A1A22R F3-35V35A-1A22R
02-137138-BR F3-35V35A1B22R F3-35V35A-1B22R
02-137140-AL 45V42A1A22L 45V42A-1A22L
02-137140-AR 45V42A1A22R 45V42A-1A22R
02-137140-CL 45V42A1C22L 45V42A-1C22L
02-137140-CR 45V42A1C22R 45V42A-1C22R
02-137140-DR 45V42A1D22R 45V42A-1D22R
02-137141-AR 45V42A11A22R 45V42A-11A22R
02-137142-AR 45V50A11A22R 45V50A-11A22R
02-137142-CR 45V50A11C22R 45V50A-11C22R
02-137143-A 45V42A86A22R 45V42A-86A22R
02-137143-AL 45V42A86A22L 45V42A-86A22L
02-137143-AR 45V42A86A22R 45V42A-86A22R
02-137143-BR 45V42A86B22R 45V42A-86B22R
02-137143-CL 45V42A86C22L 45V42A-86C22L
02-137143-CR 45V42A86C22R 45V42A-86C22R
02-137143-DR 45V42A86D22R 45V42A-86D22R
02-137144-AL 45V50A1A22L 45V50A-1A22L
02-137144-AR 45V50A1A22R 45V50A-1A22R
02-137144-BR 45V50A1B22R 45V50A-1B22R
02-137144-CL 45V50A1C22L 45V50A-1C22L
02-137144-CR 45V50A1C22R 45V50A-1C22R
02-137144-DL 45V50A1D22L 45V50A-1D22L
02-137144-DR 45V50A1D22R 45V50A-1D22R
02-137145-A 45V50A86A22R 45V50A-86A22R
02-137145-AL 45V50A86A22L 45V50A-86A22L
02-137145-AR 45V50A86A22R 45V50A-86A22R
02-137145-BR 45V50A86B22R 45V50A-86B22R
02-137145-CL 45V50A86C22L 45V50A-86C22L
02-137145-CR 45V50A86C22R 45V50A-86C22R
02-137145-DR 45V50A86D22R 45V50A-86D22R
02-137146 45V60A1A22R 45V60A-1A22R
02-137146-AL 45V60A1A22L 45V60A-1A22L
02-137146-AR 45V60A1A22R 45V60A-1A22R
02-137146-BL 45V60A1B22L 45V60A-1B22L
02-137146-BR 45V60A1B22R 45V60A-1B22R
02-137146-C 45V60A1C22R 45V60A-1C22R
02-137146-CL 45V60A1C22L 45V60A-1C22L
02-137146-CR 45V60A1C22R 45V60A-1C22R
02-137146-DL 45V60A1D22L 45V60A-1D22L
02-137146-DR 45V60A1D22R 45V60A-1D22R
02-137147-AR 45V60A11A22R 45V60A-11A22R
02-137147-CL 45V60A11C22L 45V60A-11C22L
02-137147-CR 45V60A11C22R 45V60A-11C22R
02-137147-DR 45V60A11D22R 45V60A-11D22R
02-137148-A 45V60A86A22R 45V60A-86A22R
02-137148-AL 45V60A86A22L 45V60A-86A22L
02-137148-AR 45V60A86A22R 45V60A-86A22R
02-137148-BR 45V60A86B22R 45V60A-86B22R
02-137148-CL 45V60A86C22L 45V60A-86C22L
02-137148-CR 45V60A86C22R 45V60A-86C22R
02-137148-DR 45V60A86D22R 45V60A-86D22R
02-137151-AR F3-45V50A1A22R F3-45V50A-1A22R
02-137151-CR F3-45V50A1C22R F3-45V50A-1C22R
02-137152-AR F3-45V60A1A22R F3-45V60A-1A22R
02-137152-CR F3-45V60A1C22R F3-45V60A-1C22R
02-137153-AR F3-45V60A86A22R F3-45V60A-86A22R

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