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Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated

Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated

  • Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated
  • Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated
  • Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated
  • Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated
Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: Rexroth 3DREP6A 3DREP6B 3DREP6C Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Standard paper box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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Detailed Product Description
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hydraulic pressure relief valve


hydraulic solenoid valve

Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated 0Rexroth Proportional pressure reducing valves, direct operated, in 3-way version 

3DREP(E) 6

Size 6
Component series 2X
Max. operating pressure 100 bar
Flow, max. 15 l/min


Direct operated proportional valve for controlling the pressure and direction of aflow
Actuation by proportional solenoid with central thread and detachable coil
For subplate mounting: Porting pattern according to ISO 4401
Manual override, optional
Spring-centered control spool
Type 3DREPE with integrated electronics (OBE)
Type 3DREP with external electronics



Type Code:

01 02 03 04   05   06 07 08 09 10 11   12 13 14
3DREP   6   2X /   E G24       /     *
01 Proportional pressure relief valve in 3-way version



02 For external analog electronics no code
With integrated control electronics E
03 Size 6 6

Type 3DREP6 A 2X/..

Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated 1

Type 3DREP6 B 2X/..

Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated 2

Type 3DREP6 C 2X/..

Rexroth Type 3DREP6 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves, Direct Operated 3
05 Component series 20 ... 29 (20 ... 29: unchanged installation and connection dimensions) - Size 6 2X
Pressure rating
06 16 bar 16
25 bar 25
45 bar 45
07 Proportional solenoid with detachable coil E
Power supply
08 Direct voltage 24 V G24
09 Without manual override no code
With concealed manual override N9 3)
10 Without special type of protection no code
Sea water-resistant J 2)
Electrical connection
11 For type DREP: Without mating connector; connector DIN EN 175301-803 K4 1)
For type DREPE: Without mating connector; connector DIN EN 175201-804 K311)
Electrical interface
12 For type DREP:   no code
For type DREPE: Command value/actual value ±10 V A1
  Command value/actual value 4 … 20 mA F1
Seal material
13 NBR seals M
FKM seals V
14 Further details in the plain text *
1) For version "J" = seawater-resistant only indicate "K31"  
2) Only for version 3DREP6  
3) With version “J”, indicate “N” only instead of “N9”  
Special electrical types of protection upon request
SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.
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R900954474 3DREP6A-2X/16EG24K4/M
R901411436 3DREP6A-2X/16EG24K4/M-674
R900954411 3DREP6A-2X/16EG24K4/V
R900974816 3DREP6A-2X/16EG24N9K4/M
R900967209 3DREP6A-2X/16EG24N9K4/V
R901265219 3DREP6A-2X/16EG24XEJ/V
R900954417 3DREP6A-2X/25EG24K4/M
R900945686 3DREP6A-2X/25EG24K4/V
R900955803 3DREP6A-2X/25EG24N9K4/M
R901224634 3DREP6A-2X/25EG24N9K4/M-674
R901224524 3DREP6A-2X/25EG24N9K4/M-674=TE
R900945801 3DREP6A-2X/25EG24N9K4/V
R901418347 3DREP6A-2X/25EG24N9K4/V-674
R901025332 3DREP6A-2X/25EG24XEJ/V
R901395467 3DREP6A-2X/45EG24JK31/V
R900954418 3DREP6A-2X/45EG24K4/M
R900962045 3DREP6A-2X/45EG24N9K4/M
R901224475 3DREP6A-2X/45EG24N9K4/M-674
R900617936 3DREP6A-2X/45EG24N9K4/ML
R900959129 3DREP6A-2X/45EG24N9K4/V
R901418765 3DREP6A-2X/45EG24N9K4/V-674
R901323921 3DREP6A-2X/45EG24NJK31/V
R901052777 3DREP6A-2X/45EG24XEJ/V
R900954491 3DREP6A-2X=16EG24K4/M=00
R900714944 3DREP6A-2X=16EG24K4/V=00
R900974818 3DREP6A-2X=16EG24N9K4/M=00
R900967212 3DREP6A-2X=16EG24N9K4/V=00
R900967983 3DREP6A-2X=25EG24K4/M=00
R900945836 3DREP6A-2X=25EG24K4/V=00
R901279571 3DREP6A-2X=25EG24N9K4/M-596=00
R901224433 3DREP6A-2X=25EG24N9K4/M-674=00
R900954492 3DREP6A-2X=25EG24N9K4/M=00
R900949625 3DREP6A-2X=25EG24N9K4/V=00
R900954493 3DREP6A-2X=45EG24K4/M=00
R901393244 3DREP6A-2X=45EG24N9K4/M
R901224470 3DREP6A-2X=45EG24N9K4/M-674=00
R900962057 3DREP6A-2X=45EG24N9K4/M=00
R900960654 3DREP6A-2X=45EG24N9K4/V=00
R901089114 3DREP6B-2X/16EG24N9K4/M
R901244923 3DREP6B-2X/16EG24N9K4/V
R900964865 3DREP6B-2X/25EG24K4/M
R900961227 3DREP6B-2X/25EG24K4/V
R900956636 3DREP6B-2X/25EG24N9K4/M
R901195876 3DREP6B-2X/25EG24N9K4/M-674
R900947955 3DREP6B-2X/25EG24N9K4/V
R900928317 3DREP6B-2X/25EG24N9K4/V-628
R901058810 3DREP6B-2X/25EG24NJK31/M
R901041055 3DREP6B-2X/25EG24XEJ/V
R900728553 3DREP6B-2X/45EG24K4/M
R901364621 3DREP6B-2X/45EG24K4/M-674
R900713629 3DREP6B-2X/45EG24N9K4/M
R901407191 3DREP6B-2X/45EG24N9K4/M-674
R901077122 3DREP6B-2X/45EG24NJK31/M
R901089105 3DREP6B-2X=16EG24N9K4/M=00
R901244922 3DREP6B-2X=16EG24N9K4/V=00
R900966128 3DREP6B-2X=25EG24K4/M=00
R900780118 3DREP6B-2X=25EG24K4/V=00
R901195874 3DREP6B-2X=25EG24N9K4/M-674=00
R900956637 3DREP6B-2X=25EG24N9K4/M=00
R900930539 3DREP6B-2X=25EG24N9K4/V-628=00
R901446036 3DREP6B-2X=25EG24N9K4/V-674=00
R900947956 3DREP6B-2X=25EG24N9K4/V=00
R901058807 3DREP6B-2X=25EG24NJK31/M=00
R900728554 3DREP6B-2X=45EG24K4/M=00
R901407196 3DREP6B-2X=45EG24N9K4/M-674=00
R900717941 3DREP6B-2X=45EG24N9K4/M=00
R901077126 3DREP6B-2X=45EG24NJK31/M=00
R900954419 3DREP6C-2X/16EG24K4/M
R900978482 3DREP6C-2X/16EG24K4/V
R900956100 3DREP6C-2X/16EG24N9K4/M
R901279748 3DREP6C-2X/16EG24N9K4/M-674
R900944231 3DREP6C-2X/16EG24N9K4/V
R961005268 3DREP6C-2X/16EG24N9K4/V*ET
R901366934 3DREP6C-2X/16EG24NJK31/M
R901132780 3DREP6C-2X/16EG24XEJ/V
R900735026 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24JD/M
R900974956 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24JK31/M
R901015797 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24JK31/V
R900954420 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24K4/M
R901195627 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24K4/M-674
R900932154 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24K4/V
R901276150 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24K4/V-674
R900754960 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N5K4/M
R901510035 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N6JK10/M-899
R901113735 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N6JK10/V-899
R901047699 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N6JK31/M
R900753106 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N6K4/M
R901432622 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N6K4/V
R900955887 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N9K4/M
R901205987 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N9K4/M-674
R901368339 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N9K4/M-977
R900754062 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N9K4/M=PL
R900929529 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N9K4/V
R901227875 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24N9K4/V-674
R900959251 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24NJK31/M
R900961820 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24NJK31/V
R901025350 3DREP6C-2X/25EG24XEJ/V
R900967702 3DREP6C-2X/45EG24JK31/M
R900954421 3DREP6C-2X/45EG24K4/M
R901352667 3DREP6C-2X/45EG24K4/V
R901412135 3DREP6C-2X/45EG24N5K4/M
R900955796 3DREP6C-2X/45EG24N9K4/M
R901374904 3DREP6C-2X/45EG24N9K4/M-674
R900947444 3DREP6C-2X/45EG24N9K4/V
R901298082 3DREP6C-2X/45EG24N9K4/V-674
R901108117 3DREP6C-2X/45EG24NJK31/M
R901025268 3DREP6C-2X/45EG24XEJ/V
R900954494 3DREP6C-2X=16EG24K4/M=00
R900978553 3DREP6C-2X=16EG24K4/V=00
R901279747 3DREP6C-2X=16EG24N9K4/M-674=00
R900961946 3DREP6C-2X=16EG24N9K4/M=00
R900944232 3DREP6C-2X=16EG24N9K4/V=00
R901366936 3DREP6C-2X=16EG24NJK31/M=00
R900737480 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24JD/M=00
R900975380 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24JK31/M=00
R901015796 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24JK31/V=00
R901195626 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24K4/M-674=00
R900954495 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24K4/M=00
R900950904 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24K4/V-589=00
R901276145 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24K4/V-674=00
R900935218 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24K4/V=00
R900754961 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N5K4/M=00
R901510033 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N6JK10/M-899=00
R901113732 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N6JK10/V-899=00
R901047698 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N6JK31/M=00
R900753107 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N6K4/M=00
R901432623 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N6K4/V=00
R901136485 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N9JK10/M-899=00
R901205990 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N9K4/M-674=00
R901319901 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N9K4/M-977=00
R900956101 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N9K4/M=00
R900959420 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N9K4/M=LB
R900945828 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N9K4/V-589=00
R901227879 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N9K4/V-674=00
R900930267 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24N9K4/V=00
R900972053 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24NJK31/M=00
R900962549 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24NJK31/V=00
R901008747 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24NK4/M-20=00
R901008953 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24NK4/M-20=PL
R901403208 3DREP6C-2X=25EG24NK4/M=00
R901243790 3DREP6C-2X=45EG24JK31/M=00
R900954496 3DREP6C-2X=45EG24K4/M=00
R900958036 3DREP6C-2X=45EG24N9K4/M=00
R900947445 3DREP6C-2X=45EG24N9K4/V=00
R901108114 3DREP6C-2X=45EG24NJK31/M=00

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