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Rexroth High-response Directional Valves, Pilot Operated Type 4WRTE32 Valves

Rexroth High-response Directional Valves, Pilot Operated Type 4WRTE32 Valves

  • Rexroth High-response Directional Valves, Pilot Operated Type 4WRTE32 Valves
  • Rexroth High-response Directional Valves, Pilot Operated Type 4WRTE32 Valves
  • Rexroth High-response Directional Valves, Pilot Operated Type 4WRTE32 Valves
  • Rexroth High-response Directional Valves, Pilot Operated Type 4WRTE32 Valves
Rexroth High-response Directional Valves, Pilot Operated Type 4WRTE32 Valves
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Model Number: Rexroth 4WRTE32E1 4WRTE32E600L 4WRTE32Q2 4WRTE32V1 4WRTE32V600 4WRTE32W6 4WRTE32W8 High-response Directional Valves
CertifiSAARion: ISO9001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Standard paper box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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Detailed Product Description
High Light:

rexroth proportional valve


hydraulic solenoid valve

Rexroth High-response Directional Valves, Pilot Operated Type 4WRTE32 Valves 0Rexroth High-response directional valves, pilot operated, with electrical position feedbackand integrated electronics (OBE) 4WRTE

Size 10 … 35
Component series 4X
Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
Maximum flow 3000 l/min
Nominal flow 25 … 1000 l/min

Reliable - proven and robust design
- Automatic pressure compensation in the control chambers of the main stage bythe pilot controlvalve
- Control spool of the main stage in the springcentered centralposition and/or in the offset position
- Optionally with spool position monitoring
Flexible - suitable for position, velocity and pressure control
Precise - high response sensitivity and little hysteresis



Technical data

For appliSAARions outside these parameters, please consult us!


Type 4WRTE
Size 10 16 25 27 32 35
Component series   4X
Installation position   any, preferably horizontal
Earth kg 8.7 11.2 16.8 17 31.5 34
Ambient temperature range °C -20 … +50
Sine test according to DIN EN 60068-2-6   10 ... 2000 Hz / maximum 10 g / 10 cycles / 3 axes
Noise test according to DIN EN 60068-2-64   20 ... 2000 Hz / 10 gRMS / 30 g peak / 30 min / 3 axes
Transport shock according to DIN EN 60068-2-27   15 g / 11 ms / 3 shocks / 3 axes
MTTFD values according to EN ISO 13849 1) Years 150
Damp heat according to DIN EN 60068-2-30   Variant 2: +25 °C … +55 °C, 90 % … 97 % relative humidity, 2 cycles á 24 hours
1) With symbol E, E1, W6 and W8; in longitudinal control spool direction, there is sufficient positive overlap without shock/vibration load; observe the installation orientation with regard to the main direction of acceleration.


Type 4WRTE
Size 10 16 25 27 32 35
Maximum operating pressure bar 350 270 350
Maximum operating pressure Port P bar 350 270 350
Port A bar 350 270 350
Port B bar 350 270 350
Maximum operating pressure Pilot control valve Pilot oil supply 1) bar 25 … 315
Maximum return flow pressure Port T Internal pilot oil supply   static < 10 bar
Port T External pilot oil supply bar 315 250 210 250
Port Y   static < 10 bar
Nominal flow 2) l/min 25
500 400
Maximum flow l/min 170 460 870 1000 1600 3000
Pilot flow 3) l/min 7 14 20 27 29
Pilot volume 0 … 100% cm³ 1.1 2.9 6.8 17.7 33.9
Hydraulic fluid temperature range   °C -20 … +80
preferably °C +40 … +80
Viscosity range   mm²/s 20 … 380
preferably mm²/s 30 … 45
Maximum admissible degree of contamination of the hydraulic fluid, cleanliness class according to ISO 4406 (c) 4)     Class 18/16/13 according to ISO 4406 (c)
Hysteresis % ≤ 0.1
Response sensitivity % ≤ 0.05
Temperature drift %/10° C < 0.3
1) For perfect system behavior, we recommend an external pilot oil supply for pressures above 210 bar.
2) qV nom ±10% with Δp = 5 bar/control edge; flow for deviating Δp see formula.
3) At port X or Y with stepped input signal from 0 to 100% (315 bar)
4) The cleanliness classes specified for the components must be adhered to in hydraulic systems. Effective filtration prevents faults and simultaneously increases the life cycle of the components. For the selection of the filters, see
Hydraulic fluid ClassifiSAARion Suitable sealing materials Standards Data sheet
Mineral oils HL, HLP, HLPD, HVLP, HVLPD NBR, FKM DIN 51524 90220
Bio-degradable Insoluble in water HETG NBR, FKM ISO 15380 90221
Soluble in water HEPG FKM ISO 15380
Flame-resistant Water-free HFDU, HFDR FKM ISO 12922 90222
Containing water HFC (Fuchs Hydrotherm 46M, Petrofer Ultra Safe 620) NBR ISO 12922 90223

Important information on hydraulic fluids:

For further information and data on the use of other hydraulic fluids, please refer to the data sheets above or contact us.
There may be limitations regarding the technical valve data (temperature, pressure range, life cycle, maintenance intervals, etc.).
The ignition temperature of the hydraulic fluid used must be 40 K higher than the maximum solenoid surface temperature.
Flame-resistant – containing water:
Maximum operating pressure 210 bar
Maximum pressure differential per control edge 175 bar
Pressure pre-loading at the tank port >20% of the pressure differential, otherwise increased cavitation erosion
Life cycle as compared to operation with mineral oil HL, HLP 50 … 100%
Maximum hydraulic fluid temperature 50 °C


Type 4WRTE
Voltage type   Direct voltage
Power supply Nominal voltage VDC 24
Lower limit value VDC 18
Upper limit value VDC 35
Maximum admissible residual ripple 1) Vpp 2.5
Maximum current consumption of the amplifier A 1.6
of the amplifier (impulse current) A 2.7
Maximum coil temperature 2) °C 150
Duty cycle % 100
Maximum power consumption   72 VA (average = 24 VA)
Required fuse protection AT 4 (time-lag)
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529   IP65 (with mating connector mounted and locked)
Zero point calibration 3) % ≤ 1
Voltage input "A1" (differential input) Measurement range VDC -10 ... +10
Input resistance Ω 100
Current input "F1" Input current mA ​4 ... ​20
Input resistance Ω 100
Enable input "A5" Low level VDC ​0 ... ​2
High level VDC > 11
1) Observe the absolute limit values of the supply voltage.
2) Due to the surface temperatures of the solenoid coils, the standards ISO 13732-1 and ISO 4413 (contact protection) must be observed.
3) Related to the pressure-signal characteristic curve (symbol V), ex works

Inductive position switch: Electrical connection

The electrical connection is realized via a 4-pole mating connector (separate order, see "Accessories") with connection thread M12 x 1.

Inductive position switch: Switching logics

Position switch on side A, monitored spool position "0"

Central position (mechanical control spool overlap)
Valve opening P→B
Valve opening P→A


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Rexroth 4WRTE32E1 4WRTE32E600L 4WRTE32Q2 4WRTE32V1 4WRTE32V600 4WRTE32W6 4WRTE32W8 High-response Directional Valves​ on Sale, Short lead time, Best price!!!
R900781259 4WRTE32E1-400L-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M
R900244404 4WRTE32E1-400L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901180765 4WRTE32E1-400L-4X/6EG24K31/A1WB15M
R900954300 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M
R900776143 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A5M
R900733933 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A5M-280
R900719150 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24EK31/F1M
R901253094 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24EK31/F1V
R901225556 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1M
R901145118 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24ETK31/A5WB15M
R901307562 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24ETK31/F1M
R900739977 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901190181 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1V
R901160745 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1WB15M
R901262579 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R900743111 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A5WB15M
R901349447 4WRTE32E1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R900775143 4WRTE32E3-600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A5M
R900245788 4WRTE32E3-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R900733592 4WRTE32E3-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R901033399 4WRTE32E400L-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1M
R900249499 4WRTE32E400L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901131400 4WRTE32E400L-4X/6EG24K31/A1V
R901238652 4WRTE32E400L-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R900775781 4WRTE32E400P-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R900973643 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M
R900783517 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A5M
R900954301 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1M
R901066924 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24ETK31/A5M
R900954302 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901131398 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1V
R901307116 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1WB15M
R900728097 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R901349451 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R900747078 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24TK31/A1M
R900748596 4WRTE32E600L-4X/6EG24TK31/A5M
R901435696 4WRTE32E600L-4X=6EG24K31/F1M
R901374965 4WRTE32E600P-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1V
R901445270 4WRTE32E600P-4X/6EG24ETK31/F1M
R901412101 4WRTE32E600P-4X/6EG24ETK31/F1V
R900775780 4WRTE32E600P-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901235556 4WRTE32E600P-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R900765011 4WRTE32Q2-400L-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M
R900785810 4WRTE32Q2-600P-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1M
R901174373 4WRTE32Q2-600P-4X/6EG24ETK31/A5M
R900979979 4WRTE32Q2-600P-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901009292 4WRTE32Q2-600P-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R901031298 4WRTE32Q2-600P-4X/6EG24K31/A5WB15M
R901074170 4WRTE32Q2-600P-4X/6EG24K31/A5WB16M
R900769955 4WRTE32Q2-600P-4X/6EG24TK31/A5M
R900972707 4WRTE32R1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901164449 4WRTE32R1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1WB15M
R900728547 4WRTE32R5-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R900974079 4WRTE32R600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R900758706 4WRTE32R600L-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R900777117 4WRTE32V1-400L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901323939 4WRTE32V1-600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M
R901022150 4WRTE32V1-600L-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1M
R900618418 4WRTE32V1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901362850 4WRTE32V1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1V
R900731825 4WRTE32V1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A5M-280
R900730927 4WRTE32V1-600L-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R901446711 4WRTE32V1-600P-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901000717 4WRTE32V400L-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M
R900759183 4WRTE32V400L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901190180 4WRTE32V400L-4X/6EG24K31/A1V
R901094076 4WRTE32V400L-4X/6EG24K31/A1WB15M
R900713841 4WRTE32V400L-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R901042815 4WRTE32V400L-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R901170733 4WRTE32V400P-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1V
R901126386 4WRTE32V400P-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1V-280
R901407812 4WRTE32V400P-4X/6EG24ETK31/F1M
R901352981 4WRTE32V400P-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901136768 4WRTE32V5-600P-4X/6EG24TK31/A1M
R901008507 4WRTE32V600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M
R900701430 4WRTE32V600L-4X/6EG24EK31/F1M
R901164193 4WRTE32V600L-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1M
R900954303 4WRTE32V600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901190179 4WRTE32V600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1V
R901051101 4WRTE32V600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1WB15M
R900975548 4WRTE32V600L-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R901060309 4WRTE32V600L-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R901307348 4WRTE32V600P-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M-280
R901116727 4WRTE32V600P-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1V-280
R901412107 4WRTE32V600P-4X/6EG24ETK31/F1V
R901227848 4WRTE32V600P-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901257493 4WRTE32V600P-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R901160781 4WRTE32V600P-4X/6EG24TK31/A1V-280
R901384897 4WRTE32V600P-4X/6EG24TK31/A5M
R901392815 4WRTE32W6-400L-4X/6EG24EK31/F1M
R901216121 4WRTE32W6-400P-4X/6EG24ETK31/F1V
R901269495 4WRTE32W6-400P-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R901089845 4WRTE32W6-600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M
R978917948 4WRTE32W6-600L-4X/6EG24ETK31/A1M
R900954304 4WRTE32W6-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901102528 4WRTE32W6-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R901216920 4WRTE32W6-600L-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R900248533 4WRTE32W6-600L-4X/6EG24TK31/A1M
R987171978 4WRTE32W6-600P-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R901002154 4WRTE32W6-600P-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R901019215 4WRTE32W6-600P-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R901295949 4WRTE32W8-400L-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M
R901287893 4WRTE32W8-400L-4X/6EG24ETK31/F1M
R900979382 4WRTE32W8-400L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R900974930 4WRTE32W8-600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M-280
R901105809 4WRTE32W8-600L-4X/6EG24EK31/A5M
R901111511 4WRTE32W8-600L-4X/6EG24ETK31/F1M
R900737350 4WRTE32W8-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A1M
R900747190 4WRTE32W8-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A5M
R900730752 4WRTE32W8-600L-4X/6EG24K31/A5V
R901178229 4WRTE32W8-600L-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R900736833 4WRTE32W8-600L-4X/6EG24TK31/A1M
R901039598 4WRTE32W8-600P-4X/6EG24EK31/A1M
R901038788 4WRTE32W8-600P-4X/6EG24K31/F1M
R901374555 4WRTE32-E600P-4X/6EG24K31/A1V

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