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Eaton Vickers PVXS Series Open Loop Piston Pumps

Eaton Vickers PVXS Series Open Loop Piston Pumps

  • Eaton Vickers PVXS Series Open Loop Piston Pumps
  • Eaton Vickers PVXS Series Open Loop Piston Pumps
  • Eaton Vickers PVXS Series Open Loop Piston Pumps
  • Eaton Vickers PVXS Series Open Loop Piston Pumps
Eaton Vickers PVXS Series Open Loop Piston Pumps
Product Details:
Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Eaton Vickers
Model Number: PVXS-066M02R0001A01SV0ADF000A0F00000000000000010 PVXS-090M02R0001R01SVVADF000A0000000000000000010 PVXS-130M04R0001R01SVVADF000A0000000000024200010 PVWS-250M07R0001R01SCVADF000A0F00000000000000010
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Paper or wooden carton
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Model No.: PVWS-250M07R0001R01SVVALR000A201100100H000000010 Model: PVXS-250M06R0001R01SCVADF000A000000100H000000010
Type: PVXS-180M04R0001R01SVVADF000A0F00000000000000010 Material: PVXS-066M02R0001A01SV0ADF000A0000000000028700010
High Light:

eaton vickers piston pumps


hydraulic axial piston pump

Eaton Vickers PVXS Series Open Loop Piston Pumps 0Eaton Vickers PVXS Series Open Loop Piston Pumps


Pump Dimensions 
PVXS 066 - 250 DF, Two Stage Pilot Valve
PVXS 066 - 250 DF, with Load Sensing Valve
PVXS 066 - 250 LR, with Pressure Limiter
PVXS 066 - 250 ES
PVXS 066 - 250 DP, with Prop. Pilot Valve
PVXS 066 - 250 SP, with Prop. Pilot Valve
Thru - drives
Splined Shaft
SAE4 - Bolt Mounting, Installation Data




Eaton Vickers Hydrokraft Open Loop Piston Pump

Displacement: 66 cc (4.0 in3)–250 cc (15/2 in3).

Rated Pressure: 350 bar (5,000 psi)


The Vickers Hydrokraft PVXS piston pump is high pressure (350 bar) axial piston pumps designed for industrial markets. The PVXS pumps are widely used where their range of specialized pump controls can optimize circuits. AppliSAARions: Metal forming, tube bending, press, marine and offshore winches, chemical mixing grinding/shredding and hydraulic power supplies.

– Axial piston pumps with swash plate design for reliable operation and long life.

– Oversize shafts and bearings.

– Rotating and pressure loaded parts are pressure balanced.

– Integrated pilot pump, filter and pressure relief valves available.

– “Building block” design gives these pumps a wide range of appliSAARion.


Technical Data

Table of values (theoretical values, without efficiency and tolerances; values rounded)

Vickers pump PVXS 66 90 130 180 250
Pipe connection SAE/Flange B psi 1 1/2″ = 3000 2″ = 3000 2 1/2″ = 3000 2 1/2″ = 3000 3 1/2″ = 500
A 1″ = 6000 1″ = 6000 1″ = 6000 1 1/4″ = 6000 1 1/4″ = 6000
Direction of rotation Clockwise when viewing shaft end of pump  
Counterclockwise available on request
Speed range nmin min-1 150
nmax   1800
Maximum geometric n= 1500 min-1 displacement n= 1800 min-1 Vg cm3 66 90 130 180 250
Maximum geom. n= 1500 min-1


pump flow n= 1800 min-1

Qg L/min 99 135 195 270 375
118 162 234 324 450
Mass of inertia J kg m2 0.016 0.016 0.045 0.045 0.146
Weight m kg 55 75 106 114 212


Displacement controls:

ES – Electric motor displacement control

HG – Hand wheel displacement control

FE – Screw adjustment control (Special feature)

DF – Pressure compensator controlled

DQ – Mooring control

LR – Power control with pressure limiter

SP, SM – Displacement proportional to electric signal

DP – Displacement proportional to pressure signal


SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.
Eaton Vickers PVXS-066, PVXS-090, PVXS130, PVXS180, PVXS250 Series Open Loop Piston Pumps on Sale, Short lead time, Best price!!!
HC806052039501 PVXS-066M02R0001A01SV0ADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806052040000 PVXS-066M02R0001A01SV0ADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806052041700 PVXS-066M02R0001R01SV0ADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806052041701 PVXS-066M02R0001R01SVVADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806052042302 PVXS-066M02R0001A01SVVADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806052042309 PVXS-066M02R0001A01SVVADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806052042316 PVXS-066M02R0001R01SV0ADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806052042322 PVXS-066M02R0001R01SVVADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806052042333 PVXS-066M02R0001A01SV00DF000A0000000000020800010
HC806052042336 PVXS-066M02R0001A01SV0ADF000A0000000000028700010
HC806052051804 PVXS-090M02R0001R01SVVADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806052051806 PVXS-090M02R0001R01SV0ADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806052051808 PVXS-090M02R0001R01SV0ADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806062041400 PVXS-130M04R0001A01SV0ADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806062042002 PVXS-130M04R0001R01SVVADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806062042003 PVXS-130M04R0001R01SV0ADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806062042011 PVXS-130M04R0001R01SVVADF000A0000000000024200010
HC806062042110 PVXS-130M04R0001R01SVVADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806062043703 PVXS-130M04R0001R01SV0ALR000A2F03000000000000010
HC806062052119 PVXS-180M04R0001R01SV0ALR000A2F03700000000000010
HC806062058000 PVXS-180M04R0001R01SV0ADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806062058002 PVXS-180M04R0001R01SVVADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806062058005 PVXS-180M04R0001R01SV0ADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806062058019 PVXS-180M04R0001R01SVVADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806062058042 PVXS-180M04R0001R01SVVADF000A0F00000000025200010
HC806062059005 PVXS-180M04R0001R01SV0ALR000A2008300000000000010
HC806062059007 PVXS-180M04R0001R01SV0ALR000A2002900000000000010
HC806062059010 PVXS-180M04R0001R01SVVALR000A2005500000000000010
HC806072033600 PVXS-250M06R0001A01SV0ADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806072036500 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SV00DF000A0000000000002200010
HC806072036502 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SV0ADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806072036503 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SVVADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806072036509 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SV0ADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806072036514 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SVVADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806072038626 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SV0ALR000A2018000000000000010
HC806072038700 PVXS-250M06R0001A01SV0ADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806072038709 PVXS-250M06R0001A01SVVADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806072038900 PVXS-250M06R0001A01SVVADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806072040000 PVXS-250M06R0001A01SV0ADF000A000000100H000000010
HC806072041100 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SVVADF000A000000100H000000010
HC806072041300 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SC0ADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806072041301 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SCVADF000A0000000000000000010
HC806072041302 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SCVADF000A0F00000000000000010
HC806072041305 PVXS-250M06R0001R01SCVADF000A000000100H000000010

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