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R900413242 DR6DP2-54/150Y DR6DP2-5X/150Y Rexroth Pressure Reducing Valve

R900413242 DR6DP2-54/150Y DR6DP2-5X/150Y Rexroth Pressure Reducing Valve

  • R900413242 DR6DP2-54/150Y DR6DP2-5X/150Y Rexroth Pressure Reducing Valve
R900413242 DR6DP2-54/150Y DR6DP2-5X/150Y Rexroth Pressure Reducing Valve
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: R900413242 DR6DP2-54/150Y DR6DP2-5X/150Y
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Standard paper box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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Detailed Product Description
MNR: R900413242 DR6DP2-54/150Y DR6DP2-5X/150Y Model No.: DR6DP2-54/150Y DR6DP2-5X/150Y
High Light:

rexroth proportional valve


hydraulic solenoid valve

Rexroth DR6DP6 Series Pressure Reducing Valve, Direct Operated


Size 6
Component series 5X
Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
Maximum flow 60 l/min



•For subplate mounting
•Porting pattern according to ISO 4401-03-02-0-05 (with or without locating hole)
•5 pressure ratings
•4 optional adjustment types:
• Rotary knob
• Threaded pin with hexagon and protective cap
• Lockable rotary knob with scale
• Rotary knob with scale
•Check valve, optional
•Corrosion-protected design


Type Code:

01 02   03   04 05 06 07 08 09 10
DR 6 DP   5X /   Y         *
01 Pressure reducing valve, direct operated, size 6 DR 6 DP
Adjustment type
02 Rotary knob 1
Grub screw with hexagon and protective cap 2
Lockable rotary knob with scale 31)
Rotary knob with scale 7
03 Component series 50 … 59 (50 … 59: unchanged installation and connection dimensions) 5X
Maximum secondary pressure
04 25 bar 25
75 bar 75
150 bar 150
210 bar 210

315 bar

(Only with adjustment type "2" and without check valve)

05 Internal pilot oil supply, external pilot oil return Y
06 With check valve no code
Without check valve M
Corrosion resistance
07 None no code

Improved corrosion protection (240 h salt spray test according to EN ISO 9227)

(only version "1" and "2")

Seal material (observe compatibility of seals with hydraulic fluid used, see "Technical data")
08 NBR seals no code
FKM seals V
09 Without locating hole no code
With locating hole /60 2)
With locating hole and locking pin ISO 8752-3x8-St /62
10 Further details in the plain text *

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R900472190 DR6DP1-53/150Y
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R900458990 DR6DP1-5X/150YM
R900450073 DR6DP1-5X/150YMV
R900431820 DR6DP1-5X/150YMV/12
R900481093 DR6DP1-5X/150YMW5
R900425745 DR6DP1-5X/150YMW74
R900479589 DR6DP1-5X/150YV
R900481034 DR6DP1-5X/210Y
R900401214 DR6DP1-5X/210Y/12
R900475604 DR6DP1-5X/210YM
R900479686 DR6DP1-5X/210YM/12
R900979029 DR6DP1-5X/210YMV
R900469823 DR6DP1-5X/210YMVW5
R900421242 DR6DP1-5X/210YMW5
R900479616 DR6DP1-5X/210YV
R900469278 DR6DP1-5X/25Y
R900424292 DR6DP1-5X/25Y/12
R900479509 DR6DP1-5X/25YM
R900362735 DR6DP1-5X/25YM/12
R900481566 DR6DP1-5X/25YMV
R900479584 DR6DP1-5X/25YV
R900413204 DR6DP1-5X/75Y
R900479617 DR6DP1-5X/75Y/12
R900466591 DR6DP1-5X/75YM
R900459607 DR6DP1-5X/75YMV
R900405822 DR6DP1-5X/75YMVW5
R900424372 DR6DP1-5X/75YMW37
R900481035 DR6DP1-5X/75YMW5
R900452857 DR6DP1-5X/75YV
R900472020 DR6DP2-52/150YM
R900435680 DR6DP2-52/210YMV
R900435686 DR6DP2-53/150YMV
R900413242 DR6DP2-5X/150Y
R900472020 DR6DP2-5X/150YM
R900479792 DR6DP2-5X/150YM/12
R900435686 DR6DP2-5X/150YMV
R900435504 DR6DP2-5X/150YMV/12
R900407273 DR6DP2-5X/150YMVW5
R900401176 DR6DP2-5X/150YMW37
R900479695 DR6DP2-5X/150YMW5
R900474897 DR6DP2-5X/150YV
R900479689 DR6DP2-5X/150YW5
R900431831 DR6DP2-5X/150YW99
R900413243 DR6DP2-5X/210Y
R900455316 DR6DP2-5X/210YM
R900434477 DR6DP2-5X/210YM/12
R900435680 DR6DP2-5X/210YMV
R900432951 DR6DP2-5X/210YMV/12
R900479791 DR6DP2-5X/210YMVW5
R900479790 DR6DP2-5X/210YMW5
R900437373 DR6DP2-5X/210YV
R900481094 DR6DP2-5X/210YVW5
R900465254 DR6DP2-5X/25Y
R900424293 DR6DP2-5X/25Y/12
R900472470 DR6DP2-5X/25YM
R900430658 DR6DP2-5X/25YM/12
R900481068 DR6DP2-5X/25YMV
R900400126 DR6DP2-5X/25YMVW5
R900479789 DR6DP2-5X/25YMW5
R900468219 DR6DP2-5X/25YMW99
R900423025 DR6DP2-5X/25YV
R900478224 DR6DP2-5X/25YW102
R900479694 DR6DP2-5X/25YW5
R900592501 DR6DP2-5X/315YM
R900597846 DR6DP2-5X/315YMV
R900413241 DR6DP2-5X/75Y
R900479788 DR6DP2-5X/75Y/12
R900450964 DR6DP2-5X/75YM
R900433346 DR6DP2-5X/75YM/12
R900475695 DR6DP2-5X/75YM/12W5
R900422809 DR6DP2-5X/75YMV
R900432949 DR6DP2-5X/75YMV/12
R900481091 DR6DP2-5X/75YMVW5
R900440105 DR6DP2-5X/75YMW102
R900479787 DR6DP2-5X/75YMW37
R900469399 DR6DP2-5X/75YMW5
R900457995 DR6DP2-5X/75YMW99
R900425719 DR6DP2-5X/75YV
R900479690 DR6DP2-5X/75YW5
R900444532 DR6DP2-5X/75YW99
R900479809 DR6DP3-5X/150Y
R900476911 DR6DP3-5X/150YM
R900436586 DR6DP3-5X/150YMV
R900396846 DR6DP3-5X/150YMW5
R900478697 DR6DP3-5X/210Y
R900481033 DR6DP3-5X/210YM
R900424503 DR6DP3-5X/210YMW5
R900414524 DR6DP3-5X/210YV
R900479794 DR6DP3-5X/25Y
R900475755 DR6DP3-5X/25YM
R900470040 DR6DP3-5X/25YMV
R900405580 DR6DP3-5X/25YMW5
R900439560 DR6DP3-5X/25YV
R900471146 DR6DP3-5X/25YW102
R900469279 DR6DP3-5X/75Y
R900472420 DR6DP3-5X/75YM
R900456615 DR6DP3-5X/75YM/12
R900429111 DR6DP3-5X/75YMV
R900401177 DR6DP3-5X/75YMW37
R900428937 DR6DP7-5X/150Y
R900479793 DR6DP7-5X/150YM
R900441240 DR6DP7-5X/150YMW74
R900423007 DR6DP7-5X/210Y
R900512734 DR6DP7-5X/25Y
R900460831 DR6DP7-5X/25YMV
R900437119 DR6DP7-5X/75YM


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