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Stock sale for R900444197 4WH10E43/ 4WH10E4X/

Stock sale for R900444197 4WH10E43/ 4WH10E4X/

  • Stock sale for R900444197 4WH10E43/  4WH10E4X/
Stock sale for R900444197 4WH10E43/  4WH10E4X/
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Model Number: R900444197 4WH10E43/ 4WH10E4X/
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Standard paper box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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Detailed Product Description
MNR: R900444197 Model No.: 4WH10E43/ 4WH10E4X/
High Light:

hydraulic pressure relief valve


hydraulic solenoid valve

Rexroth 4WH10 Series Directional spool valves, pilot operated, with hydraulic or electro-hydraulic actuation
Size 10 … 32
Component series 4X, 7X, 6X
Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
Maximum flow 1100 l/min
4/3-, 4/2- or 3/2-way version
Types of actuation (internal or external pilot control):
    – Electro-hydraulic (type WEH)
    – Hydraulic (type WH)
For subplate mounting
Porting pattern according toISO 4401
Spring or pressure centering, spring end position or hydraulic end position
Wet-pin DC or AC solenoids, optional
Electric connection as single or central connection
Optional versions:
    - Manual override
    - Switching time adjustment
    - Preload valve in channel P of the main valve
    - Stroke setting and/or spool position monitoring
Type Code:
01 02 03 04 05 06 07   08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16   17 18 19 20 21 22



            /           *
01 up to 280 bar no code
Up to 350 bar H-
Main ports
02 3-way version 3
4-way version 4
Type of actuation
03 Hydraulic WH
Electro-hydraulic WEH
04 NG10 10
NG16 16
NG25 (version "W.H 22") 22
NG25 (version "W.H 25") 25
Size 32 32
Spool return in the main valve
05 By means of springs no code



06 Symbols; for the possible version, see "Symbols/Circuit diagrams"  
Component series
07 Component series 40 … 49 (40 … 49: unchanged installation and connection dimension) – NG10 4X
Component series 60 … 69 (60 … 69: unchanged installation and connection dimension) – NG25 ("W.H 25") and NG32 6X
Component series 70 … 79 (70 … 79: unchanged installation and connection dimension) – NG16 (from series 72) andNG25 ("W.H 22") 7X
Control spool return in the pilot control valve with 2 spool positions and 2 solenoids (only possible with symbols C, D, K, Z and hydraulic control spool return in the main valve)
08 With spring return no code
Without spring return O

Without spring return with detent



Pilot control valve


09 High-power valve (data sheet 23178) 6E

Electrical voltages


10 Direct voltage 24 V G24
Alternating voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz W230
Manual override
11 Without manual override no code
With manual override N
With concealed manual override N9

Pilot oil flow



External pilot oil supply, external pilot oil return


no code

Internal pilot oil supply, external pilot oil return

4; 5)


Pilot oil supply internal, pilot oil return internal



External pilot oil supply, internal pilot oil return


Switching time adjustment
13 Without switching time adjustment no code
Switching time adjustment as supply control S
Switching time adjustment as discharge control S2
Corrosion resistance (outside)
14 None (valve housing primed) no code
Improved corrosion protection (240 h salt spray test according to EN ISO 9227) J3

Electrical connection


15 Individual connection
Without mating connector, connector according to DIN EN 175301-803 K4 6)
Spool position monitoring
16 Without position switch no code
Monitored spool position "a" QMAG24
Monitored spool position "b" QMBG24
Monitored spool position "a" and "b" QMABG24
Monitored rest position QM0G24
Stroke setting
17 Stroke setting on valve side A and B 10
Stroke setting on valve side A 11
Stroke setting on valve side B 12

Throttle insert


18 Without throttle insert no code
Throttle Ø 0.8 mm B08
Throttle Ø 1.0 mm B10
Throttle Ø 1.2 mm B12
Throttle Ø 1.5 mm B15
Throttle Ø 2.0 mm B20
Throttle Ø 2.5 mm B25

preload valve (not for NG10)


19 Without pre-decompression no code
With preload valve P4,5
20 Without pressure reducing valve no code
With pressure reducing valve D3 7)
Seal material (observe compatibility of seals with hydraulic fluid used, see "Technical data")
21 NBR seals no code
FKM seals V
22 Further details in the plain text *
SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.
Rexroth 4WH10 Series Directional spool valves On Sale, Short Lead time, Best Price!!!
R996018716 4WH10D4X/SO82
R900437793 4WH10C4X/
R900568415 4WH10C4X/S
R901338201 4WH10C4X/S
R901133566 4WH10C4X/S2
R987046509 4WH10C4X/S2
R900564718 4WH10C4X/S2/V
R900406030 4WH10D34-4X/SO613
R900441150 4WH10D4X/
R978876914 4WH10D4X//12
R900552119 4WH10D4X//43
R900427851 4WH10D4X//V
R979010855 4WH10D4X/ET
R900473466 4WH10D4X/J
R900539776 4WH10D4X/JSO562
R900592347 4WH10D4X/S
R900471150 4WH10D4X/S2
R900398293 4WH10D4X/SO613
R900774755 4WH10D4X/TSO309
R900444197 4WH10E4X/
R900910498 4WH10E4X//10
R900539718 4WH10E4X//10SO757
R900246400 4WH10E4X//V
R900248282 4WH10E4X/ET/B10V
R901402807 4WH10E4X/J
R900534006 4WH10E4X/S2
R900523929 4WH10E4X/SO733
R900518247 4WH10F4X/
R900441155 4WH10G4X/
R900437263 4WH10G4X/J
R900582265 4WH10G4X/S2
R900474423 4WH10H4X/
R900442588 4WH10H4X//11
R900567688 4WH10HC4X/
R901193461 4WH10HC4X//10
R900428182 4WH10HD4X/
R900744309 4WH10HD4X//V
R979006547 4WH10HD4X/ET
R900510249 4WH10HZ4X/
R900428004 4WH10J4X/
R900777126 4WH10J4X//10
R900960590 4WH10J4X//V
R900510213 4WH10J4X/J
R900562494 4WH10J4X/S2
R900564101 4WH10J4X/SO584
R900449796 4WH10K4X/
R900582530 4WH10L4X/
R900562602 4WH10M4X/
R901438224 4WH10M4X/J
R901430030 4WH10P4X/
R900538177 4WH10Q4X/
R900529533 4WH10Q4X//10
R900440768 4WH10R4X/
R900529175 4WH10R4X/S2
R900529242 4WH10T4X/
R901127650 4WH10T4X/
R900572805 4WH10T4X/SO562
R900428197 4WH10T4X/JSO12
R900586615 4WH10T4X/S2
R900736797 4WH10U4X/
R900472695 4WH10V4X/
R900462239 4WH10W4X/
R900428076 4WH10X132-4X/
R900443486 4WH10Y4X/
R900539355 4WH10Y4X//V
R900598835 4WH10Z4X/
R900522199 4WH10Z4X//V
R978862767 4WH10C4X/V
R978871910 4WH10E4X/SO43A-1108A
R979001595 4WH10E4X/SO41-8857
R979001596 4WH10E4X/SO41-8858
R979811439 4WH10E4X/SO8/SO41-8480
R979019917 4WH10EB4X/SO41-7499
R978901244 4WH10J4X/VSO43A-1518
R978917184 4WH10Q4X/SO43A-154
R978019445 4WH10R4X/VSO8
R900246899 H-4WH10C4X/
R900738780 H-4WH10C4X/S2
R900528376 H-4WH10D4X/
R900521539 H-4WH10D4X//V
R900512094 H-4WH10E4X/
R901077671 H-4WH10E4X//ZV
R901232464 H-4WH10E4X/S2
R900534845 H-4WH10G4X/
R900575340 H-4WH10G4X//V
R901077679 H-4WH10G4X//ZV
R900534847 H-4WH10H4X/
R901077670 H-4WH10H4X//ZV
R900599089 H-4WH10HC4X//V
R900941397 H-4WH10HD4X/
R900534846 H-4WH10J4X/
R901077677 H-4WH10J4X//ZV
R901351939 H-4WH10K4X/
R900566847 H-4WH10M4X/
R901125325 H-4WH10R4X/
R901220320 H-4WH10R4X//V
R901152932 H-4WH10R4X//ZV
R900907246 H-4WH10T4X/
R901037628 H-4WH10T4X//V
R900508622 H-4WH10U4X/
R901425598 H-4WH10W4X//ZV
R900513847 H-4WH10Y4X/
R900539589 H-4WH10Y4X//V
R901077680 H-4WH10Y4X//ZV
R901096134 H-4WH10Z4X//V


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