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Rexroth Directional Spool Valve R900467936 4WMM6E50 / 4WMM6E5X

Rexroth Directional Spool Valve R900467936 4WMM6E50 / 4WMM6E5X

  • Rexroth Directional Spool Valve R900467936 4WMM6E50 / 4WMM6E5X
Rexroth Directional Spool Valve R900467936 4WMM6E50 / 4WMM6E5X
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Model Number: R900467936 4WMM6E50/ 4WMM6E5X/
CertifiSAARion: ISO9001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Standard paper box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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Detailed Product Description
MNR: R900467936 Model No.: 4WMM6E50/
High Light:

hydraulic pressure relief valve


hydraulic solenoid valve

Directional spool valves, direct operated, with mechanical or manual actuation 4WMM6


Size 6
Component series 5X
Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
Maximum flow 60 l/min


4/3-, 4/2- or 3/2-way version
Porting pattern according to DIN 24340 form A (without loSAARing hole)
Porting pattern according to ISO 4401-03-02-0-05 (with loSAARing hole)
Type of actuation: hand lever
Inductive position switch and proximity sensors (contactless)


Type Code:


01 02 03 04 05   06 07 08   09 10 11 12 13
  WMM 6   5X /       /   no code     *
01 3 main ports 3
4 main ports 4
Type of actuation
02 Hand lever WMM
03 Size 6 6
04 Symbols e. g. C, E, EA, EB, etc.; for the possible version, see Symbols and Types of actuation  
05 Component series 50 … 59 (50 … 59: unchanged installation and connection dimensions) 5X
06 With spring return ohne Bez.
Without spring return with detent F
Corrosion protection
07 Standard corrosion protection ohne Bez.

Improved corrosion protection



Spool position monitoring


08 Without position switch ohne Bez.
Inductive position switch type QM
Monitored spool position "a" QMAG24
Monitored spool position "b" QMBG24
Monitored rest position QM0G24
09 Without throttle insert ohne Bez.
Throttle Ø 0.8 mm B083)
Throttle Ø 1.0 mm B10 3)
Throttle Ø 1.2 mm B123)
Clamping length
10 42 mm (standard) no code
Seal material
11 NBR seals ohne Bez.
FKM seals V
Observe compatibility of seals with hydraulic fluid used. (Other seals upon request)
12 Without loSAARing hole ohne Bez.
With loSAARing hole /604)
With loSAARing hole and locking pin ISO 8752-3x8-St /62
13 Further details in the plain text *


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Rexroth Directional Spool Valves 4WMM6 Series On Sale, Short Lead Time, Best Price!!!


R900476226 4WMD6C5X/F
R900476880 4WMD6D5X/F
R900347461 4WMD6D5X/F/B08
R900331970 4WMD6D5X/F/B10SO24
R900538115 4WMD6D5X/F/B12
R900479041 4WMD6D5X/F/V
R900475573 4WMD6E5X/F
R900475573 4WMD6E5X/F
R900328369 4WMD6E5X/F/B10
R900407525 4WMD6E5X/F/V
R901045376 4WMD6EB5X/F/V
R900405610 4WMD6G5X/F
R900335194 4WMD6GB5X/F
R900471013 4WMD6J5X/F
R900487761 4WMD6J5X/F/B08
R900368985 4WMD6J5X/F/B10
R900477921 4WMD6J5X/F/V
R900342023 4WMD6L5X/F
R900957397 4WMD6MB5X/F
R900403395 4WMDA6C5X/F
R900468573 4WMDA6D5X/F
R900468573 4WMDA6D5X/F
R900371503 4WMDA6D5X/F/B12
R900405380 4WMDA6D5X/F/V
R900472548 4WMDA6E5X/F
R900472548 4WMDA6E5X/F
R900463543 4WMDA6E5X/F/B08
R900383476 4WMDA6E5X/F/V
R900415571 4WMDA6G5X/F
R900375165 4WMDA6GA5X/F
R900419010 4WMDA6H5X/F
R900479721 4WMDA6J5X/F
R900479721 4WMDA6J5X/F
R900395738 4WMDA6J5X/F/B04
R900370606 4WMDA6J5X/F/B08
R900353020 4WMDA6J5X/F/B10
R900499394 4WMDA6JB5X/F
R900572829 4WMDA6L5X/F
R900338009 4WMDA6M5X/F
R900417156 4WMDA6Q5X/F
R900418368 4WMDA6RB5X/F
R900479281 4WMM6C5X/
R900497305 4WMM6C5X/V
R900472158 4WMM6C5X/F
R900339423 4WMM6C5X/F/B08
R900443660 4WMM6C5X/F/B12
R900332804 4WMM6C5X/FSO329
R900914980 4WMM6C5X/QMAG24
R900618761 4WMM6C5X/QMAG24/V
R900468328 4WMM6D5X/
R900468328 4WMM6D5X/
R900427547 4WMM6D5X/B12
R900499287 4WMM6D5X/V
R900469301 4WMM6D5X/F
R900469301 4WMM6D5X/F
R900342116 4WMM6D5X/F/B08
R900511793 4WMM6D5X/F/B08SO22
R901038314 4WMM6D5X/F/B08V
R900406650 4WMM6D5X/F/B10
R900911448 4WMM6D5X/F/B10V
R900408046 4WMM6D5X/F/B12
R900559856 4WMM6D5X/F/T06SO67
R900409450 4WMM6D5X/F/V
R901041825 4WMM6D5X/FQMAG24/B08
R900926820 4WMM6D5X/FQMBG24
R900512945 4WMM6D5X/FSO115
R900347727 4WMM6D5X/FSO329
R900355274 4WMM6D5X/FSO67
R900333582 4WMM6D5X/FSO68
R901068170 4WMM6D5X/FSO869
R900494952 4WMM6D5X/SO329
R901068171 4WMM6D5X/SO869
R900923610 4WMM6D5X/SO90
R901057715 4WMM6E19-5X/F
R901063822 4WMM6E19-5X/FSO329
R900351693 4WMM6E36-5X/SO73
R900393038 4WMM6E42-5X/
R900467936 4WMM6E5X/
R900467936 4WMM6E5X/
R900411035 4WMM6E5X/B08
R901056150 4WMM6E5X/B08V
R900493475 4WMM6E5X/B10
R900486843 4WMM6E5X/B12
R900332580 4WMM6E5X/T06
R900496904 4WMM6E5X/V
R900405611 4WMM6E5X/F
R900405611 4WMM6E5X/F
R900387379 4WMM6E5X/F/B08SO329
R900488218 4WMM6E5X/F/B12
R900389059 4WMM6E5X/F/B12V
R900416917 4WMM6E5X/F/T06
R900413615 4WMM6E5X/F/V
R900512944 4WMM6E5X/FSO115
R900417930 4WMM6E5X/FSO329
R900592281 4WMM6E5X/SO12
R900942234 4WMM6E5X/SO32
R900352720 4WMM6E5X/SO329
R900546856 4WMM6E65-5X/
R901113798 4WMM6E67-5X/T06V
R900474975 4WMM6E90-5X/T06SO73
R900495420 4WMM6EA5X/
R900495891 4WMM6EA5X/F
R900495891 4WMM6EA5X/F
R900365171 4WMM6EA5X/FSO329
R900499217 4WMM6EB5X/
R900403196 4WMM6EB5X/F
R900413562 4WMM6F5X/
R900404664 4WMM6F5X/F
R900471209 4WMM6G5X/
R900725034 4WMM6G5X/B10V
R900475493 4WMM6G5X/B12
R900487265 4WMM6G5X/V
R900469533 4WMM6G5X/F
R900469533 4WMM6G5X/F
R900353273 4WMM6G5X/F/B08
R900436691 4WMM6G73-5X/
R900412911 4WMM6GA5X/
R900470084 4WMM6GA5X/F
R900467370 4WMM6H5X/
R901104947 4WMM6H5X/B12SO329
R900407066 4WMM6H5X/V
R900380136 4WMM6H5X/VSO100
R900472755 4WMM6H5X/F
R900472755 4WMM6H5X/F
R901129198 4WMM6H5X/F/B12
R900492186 4WMM6HA5X/
R900474830 4WMM6HA5X/F
R900439127 4WMM6HB5X/
R900412859 4WMM6J2-5X/F
R900469302 4WMM6J5X/
R900469302 4WMM6J5X/
R900491533 4WMM6J5X/B08
R900352087 4WMM6J5X/B10
R900359970 4WMM6J5X/B12
R900520071 4WMM6J5X/B20
R900520071 4WMM6J5X/B20
R900402164 4WMM6J5X/V
R900402164 4WMM6J5X/V
R900466583 4WMM6J5X/F
R900466583 4WMM6J5X/F
R900363911 4WMM6J5X/F/B10
R901030312 4WMM6J5X/F/B10V
R900371450 4WMM6J5X/F/B12
R900402409 4WMM6J5X/F/V
R900402409 4WMM6J5X/F/V
R900332136 4WMM6J5X/FSO329
R901087140 4WMM6J5X/FSO869
R900401309 4WMM6J5X/SO329
R901067575 4WMM6J5X/SO869
R901028938 4WMM6J6X/B25SO126
R900537457 4WMM6J73-5X/V
R900413600 4WMM6JA5X/
R900372646 4WMM6JA5X/V
R900494250 4WMM6JA5X/F
R900548479 4WMM6JA5X/F/V
R900529106 4WMM6JB5X/
R900965381 4WMM6JB5X/V
R900965381 4WMM6JB5X/V
R900492869 4WMM6JB5X/F
R900725424 4WMM6JB5X/F/V
R900476480 4WMM6L5X/
R900486542 4WMM6LB5X/F
R900328256 4WMM6LB5X/F/V
R901094259 4WMM6LB5X/FQMBG24/B12
R901045610 4WMM6M18-5X/FSO67
R900479042 4WMM6M5X/
R901115196 4WMM6M5X/B08
R900409630 4WMM6M5X/F
R900479758 4WMM6MA5X/
R900488484 4WMM6P5X/
R900475319 4WMM6Q5X/
R900712709 4WMM6Q5X/VSO329
R900403020 4WMM6Q5X/F
R900474383 4WMM6R5X/F
R901053430 4WMM6R5X/F/V
R900528128 4WMM6RB5X/
R901119620 4WMM6RB5X/B12
R900471263 4WMM6T5X/
R900514810 4WMM6T5X/H08
R900477795 4WMM6T5X/F
R900402212 4WMM6U5X/
R900348110 4WMM6UA5X/F
R900365487 4WMM6W13-5X/
R900581340 4WMM6W5-5X/
R900535121 4WMM6W5-5X/B40SO329
R900405829 4WMM6W5X/
R900338220 4WMM6W5X/B08
R901049410 4WMM6W5X/B40SO329
R900511309 4WMM6X36-5X/F
R900351736 4WMM6X7-5X/FSO73
R900495893 4WMM6Y5X/
R900495893 4WMM6Y5X/
R900740090 4WMM6Y5X/V
R900404770 4WMM6Y5X/F
R900404770 4WMM6Y5X/F
R900941196 4WMM6Y5X/F/B08SO67
R900431010 4WMM6Y5X/F/B12
R900343782 4WMM6Y5X/F/V
R901109722 4WMM6Y5X/FSO67
R900705129 4WMM6Y5X/SO67
R900469300 4WMR6C5X/
R900383137 4WMR6C5X/SO329
R900342255 4WMR6D5-5X/SO45
R900465984 4WMR6D5X/
R900465984 4WMR6D5X/
R900346009 4WMR6D5X/B08
R900415679 4WMR6D5X/B12
R900478476 4WMR6D5X/B12SO31
R900474952 4WMR6D5X/T06
R900478694 4WMR6D5X/V
R900391466 4WMR6D5X/X15
R900928150 4WMR6D5X/QMAG24
R900928150 4WMR6D5X/QMAG24
R900942188 4WMR6D5X/QMBG24
R900935591 4WMR6D5X/QMBG24SO87
R900471518 4WMR6D5X/SO17
R900353113 4WMR6D5X/SO329
R900341752 4WMR6E45-5X/
R900469532 4WMR6E5X/
R901109600 4WMR6EA5X/SO17
R900511039 4WMR6EB5X/
R900730765 4WMR6G73-5X/
R900477994 4WMR6J5X/
R900561587 4WMR6J5X/V
R900589011 4WMR6J5X/SO33
R900955019 4WMR6JA5X/SO17
R900479763 4WMR6M5X/
R900515154 4WMR6R5X/
R900972267 4WMR6X7-5X/
R900403680 4WMR6Y5X/
R900512164 4WMR6Y5X/V
R901033221 4WMR6Y5X/QMAG24
R900328380 4WMRA6D5X/
R900931249 4WMRA6D5X/QMBG24
R900473468 4WMRB6D5X/
R900512483 4WMRC10D3X/YAWSO117
R900925186 4WMRD6D5X/
R901112187 4WMRZ6Y6X/YBW/ZVSO129
R900403521 4WMU6C5X/
R900403521 4WMU6C5X/
R900479282 4WMU6D5X/
R900497172 4WMU6D5X/B10
R900773202 4WMU6D5X/B12
R901067576 4WMU6D5X/SO869
R900415572 4WMU6E5X/
R900418863 4WMU6J5X/
R900569244 4WMU6J72-5X/
R900536431 4WMU6M5X/
R900515177 4WMU6Y5X/
R900514239 4WMU6Y5X/SO329


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