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R901277139 DREM10-60/315YG24K4M DREM10-6X/315YG24K4M

R901277139 DREM10-60/315YG24K4M DREM10-6X/315YG24K4M

  • R901277139 DREM10-60/315YG24K4M DREM10-6X/315YG24K4M
  • R901277139 DREM10-60/315YG24K4M DREM10-6X/315YG24K4M
R901277139 DREM10-60/315YG24K4M DREM10-6X/315YG24K4M
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: R901277139 DREM10-60/315YG24K4M DREM10-6X/315YG24K4M
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Standard paper box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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Detailed Product Description
MNR: R901277139 Model No.: DREM10-60/315YG24K4M DREM10-6X/315YG24K4M
High Light:

hydraulic pressure relief valve


hydraulic solenoid valve

Rexroth Proportional pressure reducing valve, pilot-operated DRE(M) 10, DRE(M) 20


Size 10, 25
Component series 6X
Max. operating pressure 315 bar
Flow, max. 300 l/min



Valve for reducing a system pressure
Operation by means of a proportional solenoid
Proportional solenoid with rotatable and detachable coil
For subplate mounting: porting pattern according to ISO 5781
Third way A to Y (Ø 7.5 mm)
Linearized pressure/command value characteristic curve
Good transient response
Optional check valve between A and B
Optional maximum pressure limitation


Type Code:

01 02 03   04   05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
DRE     6X /   Y   G24   K4   *
01 Proportional pressure reducing valve, pilot-operated, with external control electronics DRE
02 Without maximum pressure limitation no code
With maximum pressure limitation M 1)
03 Size 10 10
Size 25 20
04 Component series 60 … 69 (60 … 69: unchanged installation and connection dimensions) 6X
Pressure rating  
05 50 bar 50
100 bar 100
200 bar 200
315 bar 315
06 Pilot oil return always external, separate and depressurized to the tank Y
07 With check valve between A and B no code
Without check valve M
Supply voltage of the control electronics  
08 Direct voltage 24 V G24
09 1600 mA version no code
800 mA version -8 2)
Electrical connection  
10 Without mating connector; connector DIN EN 175301-803 K4
Seal material  
11 NBR seals M
FKM seals V
12 Further details in the plain text *
1) The maximum pressure limitation only serves as protection against overpressure in case of an error in the pilot valve (e. g. in case of contamination or over-current).  
2) Replacement for series 5X. (Attention! External amplifiers only suitable for G24 = 1.6 A solenoid),


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