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Check Valves R900463364 SV10PA1-4X/V SV10PA1-42/V

Check Valves R900463364 SV10PA1-4X/V SV10PA1-42/V

  • Check Valves R900463364 SV10PA1-4X/V SV10PA1-42/V
Check Valves R900463364 SV10PA1-4X/V SV10PA1-42/V
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: R900463364 SV10PA1-4X/V SV10PA1-42/V
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Standard paper box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100PCS per month
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Detailed Product Description
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Yuken Check Valve

Check Valves, Pilot Operated SV 10...32



For subplate mounting
Porting pattern according to ISO 5781-06-07-0-00 (NG10), ISO 5781-08-10-0-00 (NG20), ISO 5781-10-13-0-00 (NG32)
For threaded connection
For the leakage-free blocking of one actuator port
Pilot oil return, internal
Version with pre-opening for dampened release, optional
Various cracking pressures, optional
Check valve installation sets available individually
Corrosion-protected design


Type Code:

01 02 03 04 05 06   07   08   09 10 11 12 13 14
S V         4X /             *
01 Check valve S
02 Pilot oil return, internal V
03 Size 10 10
Size 20 20
Size 32 30
Type of connection
04 Subplate mounting P
Threaded connection G
05 With pre-opening A
Without pre-opening B
Cracking pressure
06 See characteristic curves (A → B) 1
07 Component series 40 … 49 (40 … 49: unchanged installation and mounting dimensions) 4X
Spool position monitoring
08 Without position switch no code

With position switch


For more information see "Electrical connection"
Orifice fitting channel Y
09 Channel Y closed (standard) Y99

Orifice Ø** in channel Y


Seal material
10 NBR seals N
FKM seals V
Observe compatibility of seals with hydraulic fluid used. (Other seals upon request)
Corrosion resistance
11 None no code
Improved corrosion protection (240 h salt spray test according to EN ISO 9227) J3
12 Standard no code
Pilot pressure ppilot from channel X SO168
Control open spool with shaft sealing (between channel X–Y and Y–A) SO286
Connection thread (versions with threaded connection "G" only)
13 Pipe thread "G" according to ISO 228-1 no code
Pipe thread “UNF/UN” according to ANSI/ASME B 1.1 /12
14 Further details in the plain text *
1) Only version "B3"
2) Order example: ** = dimension in mm x 10 – e.g. orifice Ø1,2 mm in channel Y = "Y12"

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R900501010 SV15GA2-4X/V
R978865277 SV15GA2-4X/V/12
R900502709 SV15GA3-4X/
R900035312 SV15GA3-4X/V
R900203833 SV15GA4-4X/
R901019898 SV15GA4-4X//12
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R900518477 SV20GA1-4X/V/12
R900500216 SV20GA2-4X/
R900518319 SV20GA2-4X//12
R900053412 SV20GA2-4X/V
R900599639 SV20GA3-4X/
R900203988 SV20GA3-4X//12
R900511197 SV20GA4-4X/
R900511371 SV20GA4-4X/V
R900598553 SV20GB1-4X/
R900074693 SV20GB1-4X//12
R900528413 SV20GB1-4X/V
R978872250 SV20GB1-4X/V/12
R900599506 SV20GB2-4X/
R978897606 SV20GB2-4X/12
R901318587 SV20GB2-4X/V
R900502808 SV20GB3-4X/
R900059482 SV20GB3-4X//12
R900500842 SV20GB4-4X/
R900065256 SV20GB4-4X/V
R900587557 SV20PA1-4X/
R901430270 SV20PA1-4X/J3
R900500094 SV20PA1-4X/V
R900599535 SV20PA2-4X/
R901170055 SV20PA2-4X/J3
R900566627 SV20PA2-4X/V
R900598342 SV20PA3-4X/
R900502113 SV20PA3-4X/V
R900532463 SV20PA4-4X/
R900987025 SV20PA4-4X/V
R900501701 SV20PB1-4X/
R900021845 SV20PB1-4X/V
R900501802 SV20PB2-4X/
R900517582 SV20PB2-4X/V
R900501468 SV20PB3-4X/
R900507740 SV20PB4-4X/
R901444120 SV20PB4-4X/V
R900587551 SV25GA1-4X/
R900502332 SV25GA1-4X//12
R900507929 SV25GA1-4X/V
R900561890 SV25GA1-4X/V/12
R900500951 SV25GA2-4X/
R900505995 SV25GA2-4X/V
R900525172 SV25GA3-4X/
R900514600 SV25GA4-4X/
R978912051 SV25GA4-4X/12
R900516761 SV25GB1-4X/
R978892121 SV25GB1-4X/12
R900507224 SV25GB1-4X/V
R978002992 SV25GB1-4X/V/12
R900761841 SV25GB2-4X//12
R901059543 SV25GB2-4X/V
R900500483 SV25GB3-4X/
R900587552 SV30GA1-4X/
R900517536 SV30GA1-4X//12
R900527645 SV30GA1-4X/V
R900225857 SV30GA1-4X/V/12
R900501151 SV30GA2-4X/
R900528711 SV30GA2-4X//12
R900520649 SV30GA2-4X/V
R978906849 SV30GA2-4X/V/12
R900500091 SV30GA3-4X/
R900573238 SV30GA4-4X/
R978910038 SV30GA4-4X/V/12
R900599743 SV30GB1-4X/
R900560697 SV30GB1-4X//12
R901273399 SV30GB1-4X/V
R900504124 SV30GB2-4X/
R978899303 SV30GB2-4X/12
R900224095 SV30GB2-4X/V
R978903236 SV30GB2-4X/V/12
R900571302 SV30GB3-4X/
R900515510 SV30GB4-4X/
R900587558 SV30PA1-4X/
R900500892 SV30PA1-4X/V
R900599456 SV30PA2-4X/
R900502112 SV30PA2-4X/V
R900599890 SV30PA3-4X/
R978917483 SV30PA3-4X/V
R901137253 SV30PA3-4X/V
R900505554 SV30PA4-4X/
R900525829 SV30PA4-4X/V
R900502240 SV30PB1-4X/
R901135580 SV30PB1-4X/V
R900599647 SV30PB2-4X/
R900053091 SV30PB2-4X/V
R900515645 SV30PB3-4X/
R900572116 SV30PB3-4X/V
R900513203 SV30PB4-4X/
R900240914 SV30PB4-4X/V

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