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Rexroth R902161315 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S Plug-In Motor

Rexroth R902161315 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S Plug-In Motor

  • Rexroth R902161315 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S Plug-In Motor
  • Rexroth R902161315 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S Plug-In Motor
Rexroth R902161315 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S Plug-In Motor
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Model Number: Rexroth R902161315 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S Plug-In Motor
CertifiSAARion: ISO9001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On Request
Packaging Details: Standard Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000/Month
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Detailed Product Description
MNR: R902161315 Model: A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
High Light:



Rexroth Fixed Plug In Motor

Rexroth Fixed Plug-In Motor Type A2FE


Hydraulic fixed motor A2FE28, A2FE32, A2FE45, A2FE56, A2FE63, A2FE80, A2FE90, A2FE107, A2FE125, A2FE160, A2FE180,A2FE250, A2FE355

Open and closed circuits
Series 61 and 60
Size 28 to180 Nominal pressure 5800 psi (400 bar)/ Peak pressure 6500 psi (450 bar)
Size 250 to 355 Nominal pressure 5100 psi (350 bar)/ Peak pressure 5800 psi (400 bar)

The A2FE fixed plug-in motor with axial tapered piston rotary group of bent-axis design, for hydrostatic drives in open and closed circuits
–Far-reaching integration in mechanical gearbox due to recessed mounting flange loSAARed in the center of the case (extremely space-saving construction)
–The output speed is dependent on the flow of the pump and the displacement of the motor.
–The output torque increases with the pressure differential between the high-pressure and the low-pressure side.
–Small dimensions.
–High total efficiency.
–Complete unit, ready-assembled and tested.
–Easy to install, simply plug into the mechanical gearbox.
–No configuration specifiSAARions to be observed when installing.


Technical Data

Table of values (theoretical values, without efficiency and tolerances; values rounded)

Rexroth A2FE motor A2FE28 A2FE32 A2FE45 A2FE56 A2FE63 A2FE80  
Displacement Vg cm3 28.1 32 45.6 56.1 63 80.4  
Speed maximum nnom rpm 6300 6300 5600 5000 5000 4500  
nmax2) rpm 6900 6900 6200 5500 5500 5000  
Input flow Vg qV L/min 177 202 255 281 315 362  
Torque at Vg and Dp = 350 bar T Nm 157 178 254 313 351  
Dp = 400 bar T Nm 179 204 290 357 401  
Rotary stiffness c kNm/ rad 2.93 3.12 4.18 5.94 6.25 8.73  
Moment of inertia JGR kgm2 0.0012 0.0012 0.0024 0.0042 0.0042 0.0072  
Maximum angular a rad/s2 6500 6500 14600 7500 7500 6000  
Case volume V L 0.2 0.2 0.33 0.45 0.45 0.55  
Mass (approx.) m kg 10.5 10.5 15 18 19 23  
Size A2FE90 A2FE107 A2FE125 A2FE160 A2FE180 A2FE250 A2FE355
Displacement Vg cm3 90 106.7 125 160.4 180 250 355
Speed maximum nnom rpm 4500 4000 4000 3600 3600 2700 2240
nmax2) rpm 5000 4400 4400 4000 4000
Input flow qV L/min 405 427 500 577 648 675 795
Torque at Vg Dp = 350 bar T 501 594 696 893 1003 1393 1978
Dp = 400 bar T 573 679 796 1021 1146
Rotary stiffness c kNm/rad 9.14 11.2 11.9 17.4 18.2 73.1 96.1
Moment of inertia JGR kgm2 0.0072 0.0116 0.0116 0.022 0.022 0.061 0.102
Maximum angular a rad/s2 6000 4500 4500 3500 3500 10000 8300
Case volume V L 0.55 0.8 0.8 1.1 1.1 2.5 3.5
Mass (approx.) m kg 25 34 36 47 48 82 110


SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.
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R987369220 A2FE 63/61W-VAL191J
R902243359 A2FE63/61L-VAL49-S
R909611067 A2FE63/61W-NAL190
R909605944 A2FE63/61W-NAL190
R902004490 A2FE63/61W-NAL190J
R909610983 A2FE63/61W-NAL192-K
R909438542 A2FE63/61W-NAL280
R909429649 A2FE63/61W-NZL080
R909611195 A2FE63/61W-NZL080-K
R909611183 A2FE63/61W-NZL080-K
R909604319 A2FE63/61W-NZL080-K
R909604318 A2FE63/61W-NZL080-K
R909428646 A2FE63/61W-NZL086
R909418425 A2FE63/61W-NZL100
R909604103 A2FE63/61W-NZL181-K
R909604858 A2FE63/61W-NZL181-K
R902004421 A2FE63/61W-NZL181-K
R909441359 A2FE63/61W-NZL190
R909605702 A2FE63/61W-NZL190D
R909605542 A2FE63/61W-NZL192D-K
R902160971 A2FE63/61W-NZL201-S
R902004262 A2FE63/61W-NZL201-SK
R909420298 A2FE63/61W-PAL10
R902161336 A2FE63/61W-PZL100-S
R902134739 A2FE63/61W-PZL100-S
R902208568 A2FE63/61W-PZL181-S
R902161328 A2FE63/61W-PZL181-S
R902150283 A2FE63/61W-VAL020
R909603073 A2FE63/61W-VAL027
R902231427 A2FE63/61W-VAL027
R902193027 A2FE63/61W-VAL027-S
R902161190 A2FE63/61W-VAL027-S
R902150359 A2FE63/61W-VAL027J
R902227594 A2FE63/61W-VAL100
R992001874 A2FE63/61W-VAL100
R902201913 A2FE63/61W-VAL100
R902205887 A2FE63/61W-VAL100
R902193087 A2FE63/61W-VAL100
R902233030 A2FE63/61W-VAL100
R909437443 A2FE63/61W-VAL100
R902161355 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902036701 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R909610208 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902161364 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902115967 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902217739 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902065642 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902160959 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902161308 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902245392 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902090297 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902102598 A2FE63/61W-VAL100-S
R902239963 A2FE63/61W-VAL100F
R902207124 A2FE63/61W-VAL100F-S
R902004487 A2FE63/61W-VAL100J
R902241688 A2FE63/61W-VAL100J
R902203029 A2FE63/61W-VAL100J-S
R902231228 A2FE63/61W-VAL100U-S
R902245482 A2FE63/61W-VAL100U-S
R909447999 A2FE63/61W-VAL106
R902161230 A2FE63/61W-VAL106
R902193701 A2FE63/61W-VAL106
R902160548 A2FE63/61W-VAL106-S
R902060230 A2FE63/61W-VAL106-S
R909438561 A2FE63/61W-VAL180
R902060065 A2FE63/61W-VAL180-S
R902115896 A2FE63/61W-VAL181-K
R902057441 A2FE63/61W-VAL181-K
R902096717 A2FE63/61W-VAL181-K
R902033035 A2FE63/61W-VAL181-K
R902060067 A2FE63/61W-VAL181-SK
R902247129 A2FE63/61W-VAL188-S
R902004488 A2FE63/61W-VAL190J
R902198190 A2FE63/61W-VAL191J
R909605945 A2FE63/61W-VAL191J-K
R902150355 A2FE63/61W-VAL192J
R902004489 A2FE63/61W-VAL192J-K
R902006502 A2FE63/61W-VAL200-S
R902006504 A2FE63/61W-VAL201-S
R909434180 A2FE63/61W-VBL100-S
R902243444 A2FE63/61W-VBL100-S
R902115541 A2FE63/61W-VSL510-S
R902024968 A2FE63/61W-VZL010
R902042396 A2FE63/61W-VZL010D
R902206765 A2FE63/61W-VZL010D-S
R902115641 A2FE63/61W-VZL010D-S
R902050757 A2FE63/61W-VZL010F
R902033082 A2FE63/61W-VZL010J
R902155724 A2FE63/61W-VZL010J-S
R902198213 A2FE63/61W-VZL010J-S
R902080969 A2FE63/61W-VZL020
R902165574 A2FE63/61W-VZL020-S
R909437145 A2FE63/61W-VZL027
R902155830 A2FE63/61W-VZL027-S
R902201977 A2FE63/61W-VZL027-S
R902080886 A2FE63/61W-VZL027-S
R902165015 A2FE63/61W-VZL027-S
R902165012 A2FE63/61W-VZL027-S
R902067880 A2FE63/61W-VZL027D
R902067882 A2FE63/61W-VZL027D-K
R902165374 A2FE63/61W-VZL027F-S
R902088762 A2FE63/61W-VZL027F-SK
R902088764 A2FE63/61W-VZL027F-SK
R902035178 A2FE63/61W-VZL027J
R902198183 A2FE63/61W-VZL027J-S
R902211922 A2FE63/61W-VZL027J-S
R902231240 A2FE63/61W-VZL029-S
R909437441 A2FE63/61W-VZL100
R902251928 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902049057 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902197563 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R909603084 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902161145 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902160762 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902257884 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902160761 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902160758 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902257790 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902161337 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R992001504 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R992001973 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902160757 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902161338 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902160856 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902160765 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902186348 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902225782 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902070598 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902161315 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R992001503 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R909605038 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902165008 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902170178 A2FE63/61W-VZL100-S
R902134886 A2FE63/61W-VZL100F-K
R902134888 A2FE63/61W-VZL100F-K
R902155024 A2FE63/61W-VZL100F-S
R902245199 A2FE63/61W-VZL100H-S
R902073625 A2FE63/61W-VZL100J
R902006630 A2FE63/61W-VZL106
R902232576 A2FE63/61W-VZL106-S
R902160516 A2FE63/61W-VZL106-S
R902161208 A2FE63/61W-VZL106-S
R902201679 A2FE63/61W-VZL106-S
R902160513 A2FE63/61W-VZL106-S
R902156332 A2FE63/61W-VZL106-S
R902161146 A2FE63/61W-VZL106-S
R902161098 A2FE63/61W-VZL106F-S
R909441086 A2FE63/61W-VZL180
R902100060 A2FE63/61W-VZL180F
R902088577 A2FE63/61W-VZL180J
R909604876 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902119671 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902101312 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902078580 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902060497 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902102825 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902094572 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902050692 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902063976 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902082457 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902063867 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902075033 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902075099 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902121926 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902080603 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902063950 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902102746 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902040007 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-K
R902201677 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902161147 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902235231 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902160854 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902165395 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902198211 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902165009 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902149104 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902155969 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902165018 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902040005 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902198212 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902165054 A2FE63/61W-VZL181-S
R902100062 A2FE63/61W-VZL181F-K
R902198305 A2FE63/61W-VZL181F-S
R902088579 A2FE63/61W-VZL181J-K
R902165317 A2FE63/61W-VZL181J-S
R902217635 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902165903 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902150327 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902215210 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902226215 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902231268 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902225898 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902233718 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902215214 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902165932 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902215213 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902247247 A2FE63/61W-VZL188-S
R902150304 A2FE63/61W-VZL188F-S
R902028571 A2FE63/61W-VZL190J
R909604102 A2FE63/61W-VZL191J-K
R902203056 A2FE63/61W-VZL191J-S
R902198193 A2FE63/61W-VZL191J-S
R902165126 A2FE63/61W-VZL191J-S
R902161148 A2FE63/61W-VZL191J-S
R909605700 A2FE63/61W-VZL192J-K
R902165511 A2FE63/61W-VZL192J-S
R902161201 A2FE63/61W-VZL192J-S
R902004297 A2FE63/61W-VZL200-S
R902049053 A2FE63/61W-VZX010D-S
R909437442 AA2FE63/61W-NZL600


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