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R902405046 A4VSO125DFR / 30R-VPB13N00 Rexroth A4VSO Series Axial Piston Variable Pump

R902405046 A4VSO125DFR / 30R-VPB13N00 Rexroth A4VSO Series Axial Piston Variable Pump

  • R902405046 A4VSO125DFR / 30R-VPB13N00 Rexroth A4VSO Series Axial Piston Variable Pump
  • R902405046 A4VSO125DFR / 30R-VPB13N00 Rexroth A4VSO Series Axial Piston Variable Pump
R902405046 A4VSO125DFR / 30R-VPB13N00 Rexroth A4VSO Series Axial Piston Variable Pump
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: R902405046 A4VSO125DFR/30R-VPB13N00
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On Request
Packaging Details: Standard Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Model No.: A4VSO125DFR/30R-VPB13N00 MNR: R902405046
High Light:

30R-VPB13N00 Axial Piston Variable Pump


Rexroth Axial Piston Pump A4VSO


Metric Axial Piston Variable Pump

Rexroth A4VSO Series Axial Piston Variable Pump


Hydraulic axial piston pump A4VSO71, A4VSO125, A4VSO180, A4VSO250
Robust high pressure pump for industrial applications
Size 40 … 1000
Nominal pressure 350 bar
Maximum pressure 400 bar
Open circuit
Metric version

Robust pump with very long service life
Low operating noise
Short control response times
Excellent suction characteristics
Through drive for mounting of further pumps up to same nominal size
Swashplate design


Technical Data

Table of values (theoretical values, without efficiency and tolerances; values rounded)

Nominal size A4VSO71 A4VSO125 A4VSO180 A4VSO250
Nominal pressure p N bar 350 350 350 350
Maximum pressure pmax bar 450 450 450 450
Displacement Vg max cm³ 71 125 180 250
Speed Max. speed n max rpm 2200 1800 1800 1500
Flow at n max q V max l/min 156 225 324 375
Power Δ p = 350 bar P max kW 91 131 189 219
Torque Δ p = 350 bar Tmax Nm 395 696 1002 1391
Weight (approx.) m kg 53 88 102 184
Nominal size A4VSO355 A4VSO500 A4VSO750 A4VSO1000
Nominal pressure p N bar 350 350 350 350
Maximum pressure pmax bar 450 450 450 450
Displacement Vg max cm³ 355 500 750 1000
Speed Max. speed n max rpm 1500 1320   1000
Flow at n max q V max l/min 533 660   1000
Power Δ p = 350 bar P max kW 311 385 525 583
Torque Δ p = 350 bar Tmax Nm 1976 2783 4174 5565
Weight (approx.) m kg 207 320 460 605


SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.
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R902454758 AA4VSO125DFR/30L-PPB13K34
R902485647 AA4VSO125DFR/30L-PPB13N00
R902564791 AA4VSO125DFR/30L-PPB13N00-SO86
R902401665 AA4VSO125DFR/30L-PZB13K24-SO19
R902454754 AA4VSO125DFR/30L-PZB13N00
R902483457 AA4VSO125DFR/30L-PZB25U01
R902576882 AA4VSO125DFR/30L-VPB13N00
R902483624 AA4VSO125DFR/30L-VPB25U01
R902547634 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-FPB13N00
R902411441 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13H00
R902404025 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13K01
R902426448 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13K01-SO86
R902429268 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13K02
R902430654 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13K25
R902421506 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13K31
R902455456 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13KB3
R902404903 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13N00
R902564475 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13N00-SO86
R902494730 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB25G70
R902481186 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB25U01
R902517372 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB25U33
R902489392 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB25U68
R902577209 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB25UB3
R902427561 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB13K24
R902422260 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB13K33
R902422425 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB13K34
R902416922 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB13K57
R902461809 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB13KB3
R902461530 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB13N00
R902566769 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB25U31
R902479476 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB25U33
R902497909 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB25U99
R902567834 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB25U99-SO86
R902405046 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-VPB13N00
R902513861 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-VPB25U01
R902535210 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-VPB25UB6
R902512952 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-VZB25U07
R902512155 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-VZB25U34
R902513115 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-VZB25U68
R902407763 AAA4VSO125DFR/30L-PSD63K05-S1310
R902500411 AAA4VSO125DFR/30R-PKD63K08
R902405236 AAA4VSO125DFR/30R-PKD63N00
R902406277 AAA4VSO125DFR/30R-PKD63N00E
R902443416 AAA4VSO125DFR/30R-PSD63K17ESO318
R902447825 AAA4VSO125DFR/30R-PSD63N00ESO318
R902533182 AAA4VSO125DFR/30R-VKD63N00E
R902556228 AAA4VSO125DFR/30R-VKD75U04
R902539265 AAA4VSO125DFR/30R-VKD75U17E
R902446064 AAA4VSO125DFR/30R-VKD75U99E
R902513862 AAA4VSO125DFR/30R-VSD75U99E
R902461951 A4VSO125DFR/30R+A4VSO125DFR+A10VSO28DRG
R902479477 A4VSO125DFR/30R+A4VSO71DFR/10R
R902517373 A4VSO125DFR/30R+A4VSO71DFR/10R
R902462891 A4VSO125DFR1/30L+A4VSO125DFR1/30L
R902555217 A4VSO125DFR1/30R+A10VSO28DFR1/31R
R902482272 A4VSO125DFR1/30R+A10VSO45DFR1/31R
R902563213 A4VSO125DFR1/30R+A10VSO45DR/31RC
R902411517 A4VSO125DFR1/30R+A4VSO125DFR1/30R
R902490583 A4VSO125DFR1/30R+A4VSO125DFR1/30R
R902516179 A4VSO125DFR1/30R+A4VSO125DFR1/30R
R902535897 A4VSO125DFR1/30R+A4VSO125DFR1/30R
R902542433 A4VSO125DFR1/30R+A4VSO125DFR1/30R
R902516320 A4VSO125DFR1/30R+A4VSO125DFR1+A4VSO125DF
R902563704 A4VSO125DFR1/30R+A4VSO71DFR1/10R
R902413380 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB13L60
R902447468 AA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB13N00-SO86
R902443456 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13G70
R902412203 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13G70-SO484
R902405205 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13K01
R902419054 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13K31
R902405746 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13K34
R902404002 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13N00
R902512584 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB25U01
R902484246 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB25U31
R902420471 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB13K02-SO171
R902405745 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB13N00
R902444432 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-VPB13K31
R902444435 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-VPB13K34
R902408494 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-VPB13N00
R902444436 AEA4VSO125DFR/30R-VZB13N00
R902564793 ALA4VSO125DFR/30L-PPB13N00-SO86
R902401664 ALA4VSO125DFR/30L-PZB13K24-SO19
R902563245 ALA4VSO125DFR/30L-VPB13N00
R902543193 ALA4VSO125DFR/30R-APB25N00
R902564792 ALA4VSO125DFR/30R-PPB13N00-SO86
R902566770 ALA4VSO125DFR/30R-PZB25U31
R902405047 ALA4VSO125DFR/30R-VPB13N00
R902481220 ALA4VSO125DFR/30R-VPB25U01

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