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HC Series Mitsubishi PLC Modules / AC Servo Motor With Reduction Gear

HC Series Mitsubishi PLC Modules / AC Servo Motor With Reduction Gear

    • HC Series Mitsubishi PLC Modules / AC Servo Motor With Reduction Gear
    • HC Series Mitsubishi PLC Modules / AC Servo Motor With Reduction Gear
    • HC Series Mitsubishi PLC Modules / AC Servo Motor With Reduction Gear
    • HC Series Mitsubishi PLC Modules / AC Servo Motor With Reduction Gear
  • HC Series Mitsubishi PLC Modules / AC Servo Motor With Reduction Gear

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Japan
    Brand Name: Mitsubishi
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: HC-102TB-A51 HC-103RSB-A42 HC-203RT-A51 HC-KFS23B HC-KFS13BD HC-KFS23D HC-MF43BK HC-SF103B HC-SFS203BK

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: On Request
    Packaging Details: Paper
    Delivery Time: 5-7days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100/Month
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    Detailed Product Description

    Mitsubishi HC Series Servo Motor



    Mitsubishi General-Purpose AC Servo
    With Reduction Gear For Precision Application Compliant (G5/G7)
    HC-MFS G5/G7
    HC-KFS G5/G7
    HC-SFS G5/G7
    HC-RFS G5/G7


    Use the servo motor compatible with the EN Standard.
    Unless otherwise specified, the handling, performance, specifications and others of the EN Standardcompatible
    models are the same as those of the standard models.
    (1) Wiring
    Use the power connector which complies with the EN Standard for wiring.

    Power connector Set Model Servo Motor Model
    MR-PWCNS1 HC-SFS52 (B) to 152 (B)
    HC-SFS524 (B) to 1524 (B)
    HC-RFS103 (B) to 203 (B)
    MR-PWCNS2 HC-SFS202 (B) to 502 (B)
    HC-SFS2024 (B) to 5024 (B)
    HC-RFS353 (B) 503 (B)
    MR-PWCNS3 HC-SFS702 (B)
    HC-SFS7024 (B)

    (2) Installation
    The flange of the machine mounted with the HC-MFS/HC-KFS must be connected to the earth.


    SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.
    HC Series Mitsubishi PLC Modules / AC Servo Motor With Reduction Gear
    Mitsubishi servo motor HC-MFS HC-KFS HC-SFS HC-RFS on Sale, Short lead time, Best price!!!
    HC-102S-A42 HC-KFE73K
    HC-102S-A51 HC-KFS053
    HC-102SB-A42 HC-KFS053B
    HC-102SB-A51 HC-KFS053BD
    HC-102SB-E42 HC-KFS053BK
    HC-102SB-E51 HC-KFS053D
    HC-102S-E42 HC-KFS13
    HC-102S-E51 HC-KFS13B
    HC-102T-A42 HC-KFS13BD
    HC-102T-A51 HC-KFS13BK
    HC-102TB-A42 HC-KFS13BL-S18
    HC-102TB-A51 HC-KFS13D
    HC-102TB-E42 HC-KFS13K
    HC-102TB-E51 HC-KFS23
    HC-102T-E42 HC-KFS23B
    HC-102T-E51 HC-KFS23BD
    HC-103RS-A42 HC-KFS23BK
    HC-103RS-A51 HC-KFS23BL-S16
    HC-103RSB-A42 HC-KFS23D
    HC-103RSB-A51 HC-KFS23K
    HC-103RSB-E42 HC-KFS23-S24
    HC-103RSB-E51 HC-KFS410
    HC-103RS-E42 HC-KFS43
    HC-103RS-E51 HC-KFS43B
    HC-103RT-A42 HC-KFS43BD
    HC-103RT-A51 HC-KFS43BK
    HC-103RTB-A42 HC-KFS43D
    HC-103RTB-A51 HC-KFS43K
    HC-103RTB-E42 HC-KFS43-S4
    HC-103RTB-E51 HC-KFS73
    HC-103RT-E42 HC-KFS73B
    HC-103RT-E51 HC-KFS73BD
    HC-103S-A42 HC-KFS73BK
    HC-103S-A51 HC-KFS73D
    HC-103SB-A42 HC-KFS73K
    HC-103SB-A51 HC-KQ13
    HC-103SB-E42 HC-KQ13B
    HC-103SB-E51 HC-KQ13BD
    HC-103S-E42 HC-KQ13BK
    HC-103S-E51 HC-KQ13D
    HC-103T-A42 HC-KQ13K
    HC-103T-A51 HC-KQ23
    HC-103TB-A42 HC-KQ23B
    HC-103TB-A51 HC-KQ23BD
    HC-103TB-E42 HC-KQ23BK
    HC-103TB-E51 HC-KQ23D
    HC-103T-E42 HC-KQ23K
    HC-103T-E51 HC-KQ43
    HC-152S-A42 HC-KQ43B
    HC-152S-A51 HC-KQ43BD
    HC-152SB-A42 HC-KQ43BK
    HC-152SB-A51 HC-KQ43D
    HC-152SB-E42 HC-KQ43K
    HC-152SB-E51 HC-KQ73
    HC-152S-E42 HC-KQ73B
    HC-152S-E51 HC-KQ73BD
    HC-152T-A42 HC-KQ73BK
    HC-152T-A51 HC-KQ73D
    HC-152TB-A42 HC-KQ73K
    HC-152TB-A51 HC-MF053
    HC-152TB-E42 HC-MF053B
    HC-152TB-E51 HC-MF053BK
    HC-152T-E42 HC-MF053K
    HC-152T-E51 HC-MF13
    HC-153RS-A42 HC-MF13B
    HC-153RS-A51 HC-MF13BK
    HC-153RSB-A42 HC-MF13BL-S1
    HC-153RSB-A51 HC-MF13K
    HC-153RSB-E42 HC-MF23
    HC-153RSB-E51 HC-MF23B
    HC-153RS-E42 HC-MF23BK
    HC-153RS-E51 HC-MF23B-S24
    HC-153RT-A42 HC-MF23K
    HC-153RT-A51 HC-MF23-S16
    HC-153RTB-A42 HC-MF43
    HC-153RTB-A51 HC-MF43B
    HC-153RTB-E42 HC-MF43BK
    HC-153RTB-E51 HC-MF43K
    HC-153RT-E42 HC-MF73
    HC-153RT-E51 HC-MF73B
    HC-153S-A42 HC-MF73BK
    HC-153S-A51 HC-MF73K
    HC-153SB-A42 HC-MF73K-D5
    HC-153SB-A51 HC-MF73-S1
    HC-153SB-E42 HC-MFS053
    HC-153SB-E51 HC-MFS053B
    HC-153S-E42 HC-MFS053BD
    HC-153S-E51 HC-MFS053BK
    HC-153T-A42 HC-MFS053D
    HC-153T-A51 HC-MFS053K
    HC-153TB-A42 HC-MFS053-S43
    HC-153TB-A51 HC-MFS13
    HC-153TB-E42 HC-MFS13B
    HC-153TB-E51 HC-MFS13BD
    HC-153T-E42 HC-MFS13BK
    HC-153T-E51 HC-MFS13D
    HC-202S-A42 HC-MFS13K
    HC-202S-A51 HC-MFS23
    HC-202SB-A42 HC-MFS23B
    HC-202SB-A51 HC-MFS23BD
    HC-202SB-E42 HC-MFS23BK
    HC-202SB-E51 HC-MFS23D
    HC-202S-E42 HC-MFS23K
    HC-202S-E51 HC-MFS43
    HC-202T-A42 HC-MFS43B
    HC-202T-A51 HC-MFS43BD
    HC-202TB-A42 HC-MFS43BK
    HC-202TB-A51 HC-MFS43D
    HC-202TB-E42 HC-MFS43K
    HC-202TB-E51 HC-MFS73
    HC-202T-E42 HC-MFS73B
    HC-202T-E51 HC-MFS73BD
    HC-203RS-A42 HC-MFS73BK
    HC-203RS-A51 HC-MFS73D
    HC-203RSB-A42 HC-MFS73K
    HC-203RSB-A51 HC-MFS73-S23
    HC-203RSB-E42 HC-PQ033
    HC-203RSB-E51 HC-PQ033B
    HC-203RS-E42 HC-PQ033BD
    HC-203RS-E51 HC-PQ033BK
    HC-203RT-A42 HC-PQ033D
    HC-203RT-A51 HC-PQ033K
    HC-203RTB-A42 HC-PQ033L
    HC-203RTB-A51 HC-PQ053
    HC-203RTB-E42 HC-PQ053B
    HC-203RTB-E51 HC-PQ053BD
    HC-203RT-E42 HC-PQ053BK
    HC-203RT-E51 HC-PQ053D
    HC-203S-A42 HC-PQ053K
    HC-203S-A51 HC-PQ053L
    HC-203SB-A42 HC-PQ053-S10
    HC-203SB-A51 HC-PQ13
    HC-203SB-E42 HC-PQ13B
    HC-203SB-E51 HC-PQ13-UE
    HC-203S-E42 HC-PQ23
    HC-203S-E51 HC-PQ23B
    HC-203T-A42 HC-PQ23BD
    HC-203T-A51 HC-PQ23BK
    HC-203TB-A42 HC-PQ23D
    HC-203TB-A51 HC-PQ23K
    HC-203TB-E42 HC-PQ23L
    HC-203TB-E51 HC-PQ43
    HC-203T-E42 HC-PQ43B
    HC-203T-E51 HC-PQ43BD
    HC-352S-A42 HC-PQ43BK
    HC-352S-A51 HC-PQ43D
    HC-352SB-A42 HC-PQ43K
    HC-352SB-A51 HC-PQ43L
    HC-352SB-E42 HC-RF103
    HC-352SB-E51 HC-RF103B
    HC-352S-E42 HC-RF103BK
    HC-352S-E51 HC-RF103K
    HC-352T-A42 HC-RF103-S1
    HC-352T-A51 HC-RF153
    HC-352TB-A42 HC-RF153B
    HC-352TB-A51 HC-RF153BK
    HC-352TB-E42 HC-RF153K
    HC-352TB-E51 HC-RF203
    HC-352T-E42 HC-RF203B
    HC-352T-E51 HC-RF203BK
    HC-353RS-A42 HC-RF203K
    HC-353RS-A51 HC-RF203K-S2
    HC-353RSB-A42 HC-RFS103
    HC-353RSB-A51 HC-RFS103B
    HC-353RSB-E42 HC-RFS103BK
    HC-353RSB-E51 HC-RFS103K
    HC-353RS-E42 HC-RFS103-S1
    HC-353RS-E51 HC-RFS153
    HC-353RT-A42 HC-RFS153B
    HC-353RT-A51 HC-RFS153BK
    HC-353RTB-A42 HC-RFS153K
    HC-353RTB-A51 HC-RFS203
    HC-353RTB-E42 HC-RFS203B
    HC-353RTB-E51 HC-RFS203BK
    HC-353RT-E42 HC-RFS203K
    HC-353RT-E51 HC-RFS353
    HC-353S-A42 HC-RFS353B
    HC-353S-A51 HC-RFS353BK
    HC-353SB-A42 HC-RFS353K
    HC-353SB-A51 HC-RFS503
    HC-353SB-E42 HC-RFS503B
    HC-353SB-E51 HC-RFS503BK
    HC-353S-E42 HC-RFS503K
    HC-353S-E51 HC-SF102
    HC-353T-A42 HC-SF102B
    HC-353T-A51 HC-SF102BK
    HC-353TB-A42 HC-SF102K
    HC-353TB-A51 HC-SF102X
    HC-353TB-E42 HC-SF103
    HC-353TB-E51 HC-SF103B
    HC-353T-E42 HC-SF103BK
    HC-353T-E51 HC-SF103K
    HC-452S-A42 HC-SF201
    HC-452S-A51 HC-SF201B
    HC-452SB-A42 HC-SF201BK
    HC-452SB-A51 HC-SF201K
    HC-452SB-E42 HC-SF202
    HC-452SB-E51 HC-SF202B
    HC-452S-E42 HC-SF202BK
    HC-452S-E51 HC-SF202K
    HC-452T-A42 HC-SF203
    HC-452T-A51 HC-SF203B
    HC-452TB-A42 HC-SF203BK
    HC-452TB-A51 HC-SF203K
    HC-452TB-E42 HC-SF301
    HC-452TB-E51 HC-SF301B
    HC-452T-E42 HC-SF301BK
    HC-452T-E51 HC-SF301K
    HC-453S-A42 HC-SF352
    HC-453S-A51 HC-SF352B
    HC-453SB-A42 HC-SF352BK
    HC-453SB-A51 HC-SF352K
    HC-453SB-E42 HC-SF353
    HC-453SB-E51 HC-SF353B
    HC-453S-E42 HC-SF353BK
    HC-453S-E51 HC-SF353K
    HC-453T-A42 HC-SF502
    HC-453T-A51 HC-SF502B
    HC-453TB-A42 HC-SF502BK
    HC-453TB-A51 HC-SF502K
    HC-453TB-E42 HC-SF52
    HC-453TB-E51 HC-SF52B
    HC-453T-E42 HC-SF52BK
    HC-453T-E51 HC-SF52K
    HC-502S-E42 HC-SF53
    HC-503RS-A42 HC-SF53B
    HC-503RS-A51 HC-SF53BK
    HC-503RSB-A42 HC-SF53K
    HC-503RSB-A51 HC-SF81
    HC-503RSB-E42 HC-SF81B
    HC-503RSB-E51 HC-SF81BK
    HC-503RS-E42 HC-SF81K
    HC-503RS-E51 HC-SFE102
    HC-503RT-A42 HC-SFE102B
    HC-503RT-A51 HC-SFE102BK
    HC-503RTB-A42 HC-SFE102K
    HC-503RTB-A51 HC-SFE152
    HC-503RTB-E42 HC-SFE152B
    HC-503RTB-E51 HC-SFE152BK
    HC-503RT-E42 HC-SFE152K
    HC-503RT-E51 HC-SFE202
    HC-52S-A42 HC-SFE202B
    HC-52S-A51 HC-SFE202BK
    HC-52SB-A42 HC-SFE202K
    HC-52SB-A51 HC-SFE52
    HC-52SB-E42 HC-SFE52B
    HC-52SB-E51 HC-SFE52BK
    HC-52S-E42 HC-SFE52K
    HC-52S-E51 HC-SFS102
    HC-52T-A42 HC-SFS102B
    HC-52T-A51 HC-SFS102BK
    HC-52TB-A42 HC-SFS102K
    HC-52TB-A51 HC-SFS103
    HC-52TB-E42 HC-SFS103B
    HC-52TB-E51 HC-SFS103BK
    HC-52T-E42 HC-SFS103K
    HC-52T-E51 HC-SFS121
    HC-53S-A42 HC-SFS121B
    HC-53S-A51 HC-SFS121BK
    HC-53SB-A42 HC-SFS121K
    HC-53SB-A51 HC-SFS152
    HC-53SB-E42 HC-SFS152B
    HC-53SB-E51 HC-SFS152BK
    HC-53S-E42 HC-SFS152K
    HC-53S-E51 HC-SFS153
    HC-53T-A42 HC-SFS153B
    HC-53T-A51 HC-SFS153BK
    HC-53TB-A42 HC-SFS153K
    HC-53TB-A51 HC-SFS201
    HC-53TB-E42 HC-SFS201B
    HC-53TB-E51 HC-SFS201BK
    HC-53T-E42 HC-SFS201K
    HC-53T-E51 HC-SFS202
    HC-702S-A42 HC-SFS202B
    HC-702S-A51 HC-SFS202BK
    HC-702SB-A42 HC-SFS202K
    HC-702SB-A51 HC-SFS203
    HC-702SB-E42 HC-SFS203B
    HC-702SB-E51 HC-SFS203BK
    HC-702S-E42 HC-SFS203K
    HC-702S-E51 HC-SFS301
    HC-702T-A42 HC-SFS301B
    HC-702T-A51 HC-SFS301BK
    HC-702TB-A42 HC-SFS301K
    HC-702TB-A51 HC-SFS352
    HC-702TB-E42 HC-SFS352B
    HC-702TB-E51 HC-SFS352BK
    HC-702T-E42 HC-SFS352K
    HC-702T-E51 HC-SFS353
    HC-703S-A42 HC-SFS353B
    HC-703S-A51 HC-SFS353BK
    HC-703SB-A42 HC-SFS353K
    HC-703SB-A51 HC-SFS502
    HC-703SB-E42 HC-SFS502B
    HC-703SB-E51 HC-SFS502BK
    HC-703S-E42 HC-SFS502K
    HC-703S-E51 HC-SFS52
    HC-703T-A42 HC-SFS52B
    HC-703T-A51 HC-SFS52BK
    HC-703TB-A42 HC-SFS52K
    HC-703TB-A51 HC-SFS53
    HC-703TB-E42 HC-SFS53B
    HC-703TB-E51 HC-SFS53BK
    HC-703T-E42 HC-SFS53K
    HC-703T-E51 HC-SFS702
    HC-902S-A42 HC-SFS702B
    HC-902S-A51 HC-SFS702BK
    HC-902SB-A42 HC-SFS702K
    HC-902SB-A51 HC-SFS81
    HC-902SB-E42 HC-SFS81B
    HC-902SB-E51 HC-SFS81BK
    HC-902S-E42 HC-SFS81K
    HC-902S-E51 HC-UF13
    HC-902T-A42 HC-UF13B
    HC-902T-A51 HC-UF13BK
    HC-902TB-A42 HC-UF13BL-S3
    HC-902TB-A51 HC-UF13K
    HC-902TB-E42 HC-UF23
    HC-902TB-E51 HC-UF23B
    HC-902T-E42 HC-UF23BK
    HC-902T-E51 HC-UF23K
    HC-KF053 HC-UF43
    HC-KF053B HC-UF43B
    HC-KF053BK HC-UF43BK
    HC-KF053K HC-UF43K
    HC-KF13 HC-UF72
    HC-KF13B HC-UF72B
    HC-KF13K HC-UF72K
    HC-KF23 HC-UFS13
    HC-KF23B HC-UFS13B
    HC-KF23K HC-UFS13K
    HC-KF43 HC-UFS152
    HC-KF43B HC-UFS152B
    HC-KF43K HC-UFS152K
    HC-KF43K-S3 HC-UFS202
    HC-KF73 HC-UFS202B
    HC-KF73B HC-UFS202BK
    HC-KF73BK HC-UFS202K
    HC-KF73K HC-UFS23
    HC-KFE13 HC-UFS23B
    HC-KFE13K HC-UFS352
    HC-KFE152 HC-UFS352B
    HC-KFE152B HC-UFS352BK
    HC-KFE152BK HC-UFS352K
    HC-KFE152K HC-UFS43
    HC-KFE202 HC-UFS43B
    HC-KFE202K HC-UFS502
    HC-KFE23 HC-UFS502B
    HC-KFE23K HC-UFS72
    HC-KFE43 HC-UFS72B
    HC-KFE43K HC-UFS73
    HC-KFE73 HC-UFS73B

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