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General - Purpose AC PLC Modules , HF Series Mitsubishi Servo Motor

General - Purpose AC PLC Modules , HF Series Mitsubishi Servo Motor

    • General - Purpose AC PLC Modules , HF Series Mitsubishi Servo Motor
    • General - Purpose AC PLC Modules , HF Series Mitsubishi Servo Motor
    • General - Purpose AC PLC Modules , HF Series Mitsubishi Servo Motor
    • General - Purpose AC PLC Modules , HF Series Mitsubishi Servo Motor
  • General - Purpose AC PLC Modules , HF Series Mitsubishi Servo Motor

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Japan
    Brand Name: Mitsubishi
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: HF-KE43B HF-MP73B HF-SE102B HF-SP202B HF-SP102G1 HF-SP352G1H

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: On Request
    Packaging Details: Paper
    Delivery Time: 5-7days
    Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100/Month
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    Detailed Product Description

    Mitsubishi HF Series Servo Motor



    Mitsubishi General-Purpose AC Servo MODEL



    Provide an external emergency stop circuit to ensure that operation can be stopped and power switched off immediately.
    For equipment in which the moving part of the machine may collide against the load side, install a limit switch or stopper to the end of the moving part. The machine may be damaged due to a collision.
    Do not scratch the coated surface with hard objects nor clean the coated surface with an organic solvent.
    Doing so may scuff the surface.
    Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the product. Otherwise, an electric shock, fire, injury, etc. may occur.
    Disassembled, repaired, and/or modified products are not covered under warranty.
    Correctly wire options and peripheral equipment, etc. in the correct combination. Otherwise, an electric shock, fire, injury, etc. may occur.
    Before resetting an alarm, make sure that the run signal into the converter unit and servo amplifier (drive unit) is off to prevent an accident. A sudden restart is made if an alarm is reset with the run signal on.
    Do not modify the equipment.
    Use a noise filter, etc. to minimize the influence of electromagnetic interference. Electromagnetic interference may be given to electronic equipment used near the converter unit and servo amplifier (drive unit).
    Burning or breaking a converter unit and servo amplifier (drive unit) may cause a toxic gas. Do not burn or break a converter unit and servo amplifier (drive unit).
    Use the converter unit and servo amplifier (drive unit) with the specified servo motor.


    Wire the equipment correctly and securely. Otherwise, the servo motor may operate unexpectedly.
    Make sure to connect the cables and connectors by using the fixing screws and the locking mechanism.
    Otherwise, the cables and connectors may be disconnected during operation.
    Do not install a power capacitor, surge killer or radio noise filter (FR-BIF(-H) option) between the servo amplifier (drive unit).
    Connect the wires to the correct phase terminals (U/V/W) of the servo amplifier (drive unit) and servo motor.
    Otherwise, the servo motor does not operate properly.
    Connect the servo motor power terminal (U/V/W) to the servo motor power input terminal (U/V/W) directly.
    Do not let a magnetic contactor, etc. intervene.


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    HF-KE13 HF-SP3524K
    HF-KE13B HF-SP352B
    HF-KE13BK HF-SP352BK
    HF-KE13BW1-S100 HF-SP352K
    HF-KE13K HF-SP502
    HF-KE13W1-S100 HF-SP502B
    HF-KE23 HF-SP502BK
    HF-KE23B HF-SP502K
    HF-KE23BJW1-S100 HF-SP51
    HF-KE23BK HF-SP524
    HF-KE23JW1-S100 HF-SP524B
    HF-KE23K HF-SP52B
    HF-KE23W1-S100 HF-SP52BK
    HF-KE43 HF-SP702
    HF-KE43B HF-SP702B
    HF-KE43BJW1-S100 HF-SP702BK
    HF-KE43BK HF-SP702K
    HF-KE43BW1-S100 HF-SP81B
    HF-KE43JW1-S100 HF-SP81BK
    HF-KE43K HF-SP81J
    HF-KE43W1-S100 HF-SP52
    HF-KE73 HF-SP51
    HF-KE73B HF-SP1024
    HF-KE73BJW1-S100 HF-SP81
    HF-KE73BK HF-SP1524
    HF-KE73JW1-S100 HF-SP2024
    HF-KE73K HF-SP3524
    HF-KE73W1-S100-K HF-SP5024
    HF-KN13BJ-S100 HF-SP421
    HF-KN13J-S100 HF-SP7024
    HF-KN23BJ-S100 HF-SP1524B
    HF-KN23J-S100 HF-SP2024B
    HF-KN43BJ-S100 HF-SP201B
    HF-KN43J-S100 HF-SP3524B
    HF-KN73BJ-S100 HF-SP5024B
    HF-KN73J-S100 HF-SP421B
    HF-KP053 HF-SP7024B
    HF-KP053B HF-SP52G1
    HF-KP053BD HF-SP524G1
    HF-KP053BK HF-SP102G1
    HF-KP053D HF-SP1024G1
    HF-KP053K HF-SP152G1
    HF-KP13 HF-SP1524G1
    HF-KP13B HF-SP202G1
    HF-KP13BD HF-SP2024G1
    HF-KP13BK HF-SP502G1
    HF-KP13D HF-SP5024G1
    HF-KP13G1 HF-SP702G1
    HF-KP13K HF-SP7024G1
    HF-KP23 HF-SP52BG1
    HF-KP23B HF-SP524BG1
    HF-KP23BJ HF-SP102BG1
    HF-KP23BK HF-SP1024BG1
    HF-KP23JK-S11 HF-SP152BG1
    HF-KP23K HF-SP1524BG1
    HF-KP43 HF-SP202BG1
    HF-KP43B HF-SP2024BG1
    HF-KP43BJK HF-SP352BG1
    HF-KP43BK HF-SP3524BG1
    HF-KP43JK HF-SP502BG1
    HF-KP43JK-S6 HF-SP5024BG1
    HF-KP43K HF-SP702BG1
    HF-KP43-S12 HF-SP7024BG1
    HF-KP73 HF-SP52G1H
    HF-KP73B HF-SP524G1H
    HF-KP73BK HF-SP102G1H
    HF-KP73K HF-SP1024G1H
    HF-KP73-S2 HF-SP152G1H
    HF-MP053 HF-SP1524G1H
    HF-MP053B HF-SP202G1H
    HF-MP053BK HF-SP2024G1H
    HF-MP053K HF-SP352G1H
    HF-MP13 HF-SP3524G1H
    HF-MP13B HF-SP502G1H
    HF-MP13BG1 HF-SP5024G1H
    HF-MP13BK HF-SP702G1H
    HF-MP13D HF-SP7024G1H
    HF-MP13K HF-SP52BG1H
    HF-MP23 HF-SP524BG1H
    HF-MP23B HF-SP102BG1H
    HF-MP23BK HF-SP1024BG1H
    HF-MP23B-S25 HF-SP152BG1H
    HF-MP23K HF-SP1524BG1H
    HF-MP23K-S23 HF-SP202BG1H
    HF-MP23-S23 HF-SP2024BG1H
    HF-MP43 HF-SP352BG1H
    HF-MP43B HF-SP3524BG1H
    HF-MP43BK HF-SP502BG1H
    HF-MP43K HF-SP5024BG1H
    HF-MP73 HF-SP702BG1H
    HF-MP73B HF-SP7024BG1H
    HF-MP73BG1 HF-SP52G5
    HF-MP73BG1K HF-SP524G5
    HF-MP73BK HF-SP102G5
    HF-MP73K HF-SP1024G5
    HF-MP73-S20 HF-SP152G5
    HF-SE102 HF-SP1524G5
    HF-SE102B HF-SP202G5
    HF-SE102BK HF-SP2024G5
    HF-SE102JW1-S100 HF-SP352G5
    HF-SE102K HF-SP3524G5
    HF-SE152 HF-SP702G5
    HF-SE152B HF-SP7024G5
    HF-SE152BK HF-SP52BG5
    HF-SE152JW1-S100 HF-SP524BG5
    HF-SE152K HF-SP102BG5
    HF-SE202 HF-SP1024BG5
    HF-SE202B HF-SP152BG5
    HF-SE202BK HF-SP1524BG5
    HF-SE202K HF-SP202BG5
    HF-SE52 HF-SP2024BG5
    HF-SE52B HF-SP352BG5
    HF-SE52BK HF-SP3524BG5
    HF-SE52JW1-S100 HF-SP702BG5
    HF-SE52K HF-SP7024BG5
    HF-SN102BJ-S100 HF-SP52G7
    HF-SN102J-S100 HF-SP524G7
    HF-SN152J-S100 HF-SP102G7
    HF-SN202J-S100 HF-SP1024G7
    HF-SN52J-S100 HF-SP152G7
    HF-SP102 HF-SP1524G7
    HF-SP1024BK HF-SP202G7
    HF-SP102B HF-SP2024G7
    HF-SP102BK HF-SP352G7
    HF-SP102K HF-SP3524G7
    HF-SP121 HF-SP502G7
    HF-SP121B HF-SP5024G7
    HF-SP121K HF-SP702G7
    HF-SP152 HF-SP7024G7
    HF-SP152B HF-SP52BG7
    HF-SP152BG7K HF-SP524BG7
    HF-SP152BK HF-SP102BG7
    HF-SP152K HF-SP1024BG7
    HF-SP201 HF-SP152BG7
    HF-SP202 HF-SP1524BG7
    HF-SP2024K HF-SP202BG7
    HF-SP202B HF-SP2024BG7
    HF-SP202BK HF-SP352BG7
    HF-SP202K HF-SP3524BG7
    HF-SP301 HF-SP502BG7
    HF-SP301B HF-SP5024BG7
    HF-SP352 HF-SP702BG7

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