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Daikin RP15A1-22-30

Daikin RP15A1-22-30

  • Daikin RP15A1-22-30
  • Daikin RP15A1-22-30
Daikin RP15A1-22-30
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Daikin
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: RP15A1-22-30
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Paper box or wooden carton
Delivery Time: 5-7days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100/Month
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Detailed Product Description
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Daikin Industrial Hydraulic Pump

Daikin RP Series Rotor Pumps



Low noise
Substantial reduction of the operation noise, by 10 to 15 db (comparison with Daikin products), and improved sound quality are achieved by adopting noise reduction technology unique to Daikin.


The integrated structure reduces the total length by approximately 40% in comparison with Daikin conventional models, makes handling simpler, and is leading to downsizing the main machine.


Low pulsation
Pulsation has also been reduced by approximately 50% in comparison with Daikin conventional models.


High reliability
The fully enclosed structure with no shaft protruding from the casing eliminates the possibility of oil leakage without an oil seal. In addition, the oil cooled motor suppresses temperature rise of the coil and enables prolonged continuous overloaded operation.


CE compliant
These models are best suited to integration into European Safety Standard (CE) compliant equipment since they are equipped with a terminal box that satisfies the IP54 ingress protection grade and complies with international standards such as EN60034-1.



SAAR specialized in pumps, motors, valves, bearings, couplings, gearbox, engine spare parts, filter elements, fittings, connectors, electronic components and accessories, mobile equiupment spare parts.


Daikin RP Series Rotor Pumps Model List:


RP08A1-07-30 30KG
RP08A1-07-30-001 30KG
RP08A1-07-30-T 30KG
RP08A1-07X-30 30KG
RP08A1-07X-30-T 30KG
RP08A1-07Y-30 30KG
RP08A2-07-30 30KG
RP08A2-07-30RC 30KG
RP08A2-07-30RC-T 30KG
RP08A2-07-30-T 30KG
RP08A2-07X-30 30KG
RP08A2-07X-30RC 30KG
RP08A2-07X-30RC-T 30KG
RP08A2-07X-30-T 30KG
RP08A2-07Y-30 30KG
RP08A2-07Y-30RC 30KG
RP15A1-15-30 45KG
RP15A1-15-30RC 45KG
RP15A1-15-30RC-T 45KG
RP15A1-15-30-T 45KG
RP15A1-15X-30 45KG
RP15A1-15X-30RC 45KG
RP15A1-15Y-30 45KG
RP15A1-15Y-30RC 45KG
RP15A1-15Y-30RC-T 45KG
RP15A1-15Y-30-T 45KG
RP15A1-22-30 45KG
RP15A1-22-30-001 45KG
RP15A1-22-30-T 45KG
RP15A1-22X-30 45KG
RP15A1-22Y-30 45KG
RP15A1-22Y-30-T 45KG
RP15A2-15-30 45KG
RP15A2-15-30-T 45KG
RP15A2-15X-30 45KG
RP15A2-15Y-30 45KG
RP15A2-15Y-30-T 45KG
RP15A2-22-30 45KG
RP15A2-22-30RC 45KG
RP15A2-22-30RC-T 45KG
RP15A2-22-30-T 45KG
RP15A2-22X-30 45KG
RP15A2-22X-30RC 45KG
RP15A2-22Y-30 45KG
RP15A2-22Y-30RC 45KG
RP15A2-22Y-30RC-T 45KG
RP15A2-22Y-30-T 45KG
RP15A3-15-30 45KG
RP15A3-15-30-T 45KG
RP15A3-15X-30 45KG
RP15A3-15Y-30 45KG
RP15A3-15Y-30-T 45KG
RP15A3-22-30 45KG
RP15A3-22-30-T 45KG
RP15A3-22X-30 45KG
RP15A3-22Y-30 45KG
RP15A3-22Y-30-T 45KG
RP15C11H-15-30 45KG
RP15C11H-22-30 45KG
RP15C11JA-15-30 45KG
RP15C11JB-15-30 45KG
RP15C11JP-15-30 45KG
RP15C12H-15-30 45KG
RP15C12H-22-30 45KG
RP15C12JA-15-30 45KG
RP15C12JB-15-30 45KG
RP15C12JP-15-30 45KG
RP15C13H-15-30 45KG
RP15C13H-22-30 45KG
RP15C13JA-15-30 45KG
RP15C13JB-15-30 45KG
RP15C13JP-15-30 45KG
RP15C22H-15-30 45KG
RP15C22H-22-30 45KG
RP15C22JA-15-30 45KG
RP15C22JB-15-30 45KG
RP15C22JP-15-30 45KG
RP15C23H-15-30 45KG
RP15C23H-22-30 45KG
RP15C23JA-15-30 45KG
RP15C23JB-15-30 45KG
RP15C23JP-15-30 45KG
RP23A1-22-30 67KG
RP23A1-37-30 73KG
RP23A2-22-30 67KG
RP23A2-22-30RC 67KG
RP23A2-37-30 73KG
RP23A3-22-30 67KG
RP23A3-37-30 73KG
RP23A3-37-30RC 73KG
RP23C11H-22-30 72KG
RP23C11H-37-30 78KG
RP23C11JA-22-30 72KG
RP23C11JA-37-30 78KG
RP23C11JB-22-30 72KG
RP23C11JB-37-30 78KG
RP23C11JP-22-30 72KG
RP23C11JP-37-30 78KG
RP23C12H-22-30 72KG
RP23C12H-37-30 78KG
RP23C12JA-22-30 72KG
RP23C12JA-37-30 78KG
RP23C12JB-22-30 72KG
RP23C12JB-37-30 78KG
RP23C12JP-22-30 72KG
RP23C12JP-37-30 78KG
RP23C13H-22-30 72KG
RP23C13H-37-30 78KG
RP23C13JA-22-30 72KG
RP23C13JA-37-30 78KG
RP23C13JB-22-30 72KG
RP23C13JB-37-30 78KG
RP23C13JP-22-30 72KG
RP23C13JP-37-30 78KG
RP23C22H-22-30 72KG
RP23C22H-37-30 78KG
RP23C22JA-22-30 72KG
RP23C22JA-37-30 78KG
RP23C22JB-22-30 72KG
RP23C22JB-37-30 78KG
RP23C22JP-22-30 72KG
RP23C22JP-37-30 78KG
RP23C23H-22-30 72KG
RP23C23H-37-30 78KG
RP23C23JA-22-30 72KG
RP23C23JA-37-30 78KG
RP23C23JB-22-30 72KG
RP23C23JB-37-30 78KG
RP23C23JP-22-30 72KG
RP23C23JP-37-30 78KG
RP38A1-37-30 73KG
RP38A1-55-30 87KG
RP38A2-37-30 73KG
RP38A2-37-30RC 73KG
RP38A2-55-30 87KG
RP38A3-37-30 73KG
RP38A3-55-30 87KG
RP38A3-55-30RC 73KG
RP38C11H-37-30 78KG
RP38C11H-55-30 92KG
RP38C11JA-37-30 78KG
RP38C11JA-55-30 92KG
RP38C11JB-37-30 78KG
RP38C11JB-55-30 78KG
RP38C11JP-22-30 78KG
RP38C11JP-37-30 78KG
RP38C12H-37-30 78KG
RP38C12H-55-30 92KG
RP38C12JA-37-30 78KG
RP38C12JA-55-30 92KG
RP38C12JB-37-30 78KG
RP38C12JB-55-30 92KG
RP38C12JP-37-30 78KG
RP38C12JP-55-30 92KG
RP38C13H-37-30 78KG
RP38C13H-55-30 92KG
RP38C13JA-37-30 78KG
RP38C13JA-55-30 92KG
RP38C13JB-37-30 78KG
RP38C13JB-55-30 92KG
RP38C13JP-37-30 78KG
RP38C13JP-55-30 92KG
RP38C22H-37-30 78KG
RP38C22H-55-30 92KG
RP38C22JA-37-30 78KG
RP38C22JA-55-30 92KG
RP38C22JB-37-30 78KG
RP38C22JB-55-30 92KG
RP38C22JP-37-30 78KG
RP38C22JP-55-30 78KG
RP38C23H-55-30 92KG
RP38C23JA-22-30 78KG
RP38C23JA-37-30 78KG
RP38C23JB-37-30 78KG
RP38C23JB-55-30 92KG
RP38C23JP-37-30 78KG
RP38C23JP-55-30 92KG
RP38C38H-37-30 78KG


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