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Anti Corrosive Yuken Pressure Relief Valve , BSG-06 Yuken Proportional Valve

Anti Corrosive Yuken Pressure Relief Valve , BSG-06 Yuken Proportional Valve

  • Anti Corrosive Yuken Pressure Relief Valve , BSG-06 Yuken Proportional Valve
  • Anti Corrosive Yuken Pressure Relief Valve , BSG-06 Yuken Proportional Valve
  • Anti Corrosive Yuken Pressure Relief Valve , BSG-06 Yuken Proportional Valve
  • Anti Corrosive Yuken Pressure Relief Valve , BSG-06 Yuken Proportional Valve
Anti Corrosive Yuken Pressure Relief Valve , BSG-06 Yuken Proportional Valve
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Yuken
Model Number: Yuken BST-06-2B3A BST-06-V-2B3A BST-06-2B3B BST-06-2B2B BST-06-V-2B2 BST-06-V-3C2 BST-06-3C2 BST-06-V-3C3 BST-06-3C3 BSG-06-2B3A BSG-06-V-2B3A BSG-06-2B3B BSG-06-2B2B BSG-06-V-2B2 BSG-06-V-3C2 BSG-06-3C2 BSG-06-V-3C3 BSG-06-3C3 Valves
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Paper box or wooden carton
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000/Month
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Detailed Product Description
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yuken solenoid valve


yuken directional control valve

Anti Corrosive Yuken Pressure Relief Valve , BSG-06 Yuken Proportional Valve 0

Yuken BST / BSG-03 / 06 / 10 Solenoid Controlled Relief Valves Solenoid Controlled Relief Valves

BST / BSG-03 / 06 / 10
Threaded Connections / Sub-plate Mounting
Max. Flow L/min: 40
Max. Operating Pressure MPa: 25

If a remote control relief valve is used in the vent circuit, see page 3. In addition, if the internal volume of the vent
line is too large, chattering is likely to occur. Thus, as far as possible reduce the inside Dia. and the length of the pipe.
Pressure is limited by collars fitted. If a working pressure cannot be attained, remove some collars. One collar is
equivalent to 10 MPa (1450 PSI).
With a small flow, the setting pressure may be unstable. Use models numbered 03 and 06 with a flow rate above
8 L/min (2.1 U.S. GPM) and model 10 with 15 L/min (4.0 U.S. GPM).
There are two threaded connection pressure ports. They can be connected each other in-line; one as inlet and the
other as an outlet or the valve can be used by plugging one of the pressure ports.


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Yuken BST-06-2B3A BST-06-V-2B3A BST-06-2B3B BST-06-2B2B BST-06-V-2B2 BST-06-V-3C2 BST-06-3C2 BST-06-V-3C3 BST-06-3C3 BSG-06-2B3A BSG-06-V-2B3A BSG-06-2B3B BSG-06-2B2B BSG-06-V-2B2 BSG-06-V-3C2 BSG-06-3C2 BSG-06-V-3C3 BSG-06-3C3 Valves​​ On sale, Short lead time, Best price!!!


BST-06-V-2B3A-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3A-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3A-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3A-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3A-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B3B-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B3B-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B3B-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B3B-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2B-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2B-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2B-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2B-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-2B2-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-2B2-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-2B2-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-2B2-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C2-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C2-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C2-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C2-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-V-3C3-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-V-3C3-R200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-A100-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-A100-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-A100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-A100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-A120-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-A120-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-A120-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-A120-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-A200-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-A200-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-A200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-A200-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-A240-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-A240-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-A240-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-A240-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-D12-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-D12-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-D12-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-D12-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-D24-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-D24-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-D24-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-D24-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-D48-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-D48-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-D48-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-D48-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-R100-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-R100-N-47 8KG
BST-06-3C3-R200-N-47 7.5KG BSG-06-3C3-R200-N-47 8KG


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