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CPDG-10-20-60 Pilot Controlled Check Valve

CPDG-10-20-60 Pilot Controlled Check Valve

  • CPDG-10-20-60 Pilot Controlled Check Valve
  • CPDG-10-20-60 Pilot Controlled Check Valve
CPDG-10-20-60 Pilot Controlled Check Valve
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Yuken
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: CPDG-10-20-60
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: On request
Packaging Details: Paper box or wooden carton
Delivery Time: 7-10days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000/Month
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Detailed Product Description
High Light:

CPDG-10-20-60 Pilot Controlled Check Valve


Yuken CPT Pilot Controlled Check Valve


Yuken CPT Hydraulic Valve

Yuken CPT/CPG/CPDT/CPDG Pilot Controlled Check Valves
Pilot Controlled Check Valves
These check valves allow flow in one direction and prevent flow in the reverse direction, until operated by pilot pressure
to allow free reverse flow. The specified cracking pressure is required to open the valve to allow free flow direction.


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Yuken CPT/CPG/CPDT/CPDG Pilot Controlled Check Valves on sale, Short lead time, Best price!!!



CPDG-03-04-50 3.3KG
CPDG-03-20-50 3.3KG
CPDG-03-35-50 3.3KG
CPDG-03-50-50 3.3KG
CPDG-03-E-04-50 3.3KG
CPDG-03-E-20-50 3.3KG
CPDG-03-E-35-50 3.3KG
CPDG-03-E-50-50 3.3KG
CPDG-06-04-50 5.4KG
CPDG-06-20-50 5.4KG
CPDG-06-35-50 5.4KG
CPDG-06-50-50 5.4KG
CPDG-06-E-04-50 5.4KG
CPDG-06-E-20-50 5.4KG
CPDG-06-E-35-50 5.4KG
CPDG-06-E-50-50 5.4KG
CPDG-10-04-50 8.5KG
CPDG-10-20-50 8.5KG
CPDG-10-35-50 8.5KG
CPDG-10-50-50 8.5KG
CPDG-10-E-04-50 8.5KG
CPDG-10-E-20-50 8.5KG
CPDG-10-E-35-50 8.5KG
CPDG-10-E-50-50 8.5KG
CPDT-03-04-50 3KG
CPDT-03-20-50 3KG
CPDT-03-35-50 3KG
CPDT-03-50-50 3KG
CPDT-03-E-04-50 3KG
CPDT-03-E-20-50 3KG
CPDT-03-E-35-50 3KG
CPDT-03-E-50-50 3KG
CPDT-06-04-50 5.5KG
CPDT-06-20-50 5.5KG
CPDT-06-35-50 5.5KG
CPDT-06-50-50 5.5KG
CPDT-06-E-04-50 5.5KG
CPDT-06-E-20-50 5.5KG
CPDT-06-E-35-50 5.5KG
CPDT-06-E-50-50 5.5KG
CPDT-10-04-50 9.6KG
CPDT-10-20-50 9.6KG
CPDT-10-35-50 9.6KG
CPDT-10-50-50 9.6KG
CPDT-10-E-04-50 9.6KG
CPDT-10-E-20-50 9.6KG
CPDT-10-E-35-50 9.6KG
CPDT-10-E-50-50 9.6KG
CPG-03-04-50 3.3KG
CPG-03-20-50 3.3KG
CPG-03-35-50 3.3KG
CPG-03-50-50 3.3KG
CPG-03-E-04-50 3.3KG
CPG-03-E-20-50 3.3KG
CPG-03-E-35-50 3.3KG
CPG-03-E-50-50 3.3KG
CPG-06-04-50 5.4KG
CPG-06-20-50 5.4KG
CPG-06-35-50 5.4KG
CPG-06-50-50 5.4KG
CPG-06-E-04-50 5.4KG
CPG-06-E-20-50 5.4KG
CPG-06-E-35-50 5.4KG
CPG-06-E-50-50 5.4KG
CPG-10-04-50 8.5KG
CPG-10-20-50 8.5KG
CPG-10-35-50 8.5KG
CPG-10-50-50 8.5KG
CPG-10-E-04-50 8.5KG
CPG-10-E-20-50 8.5KG
CPG-10-E-35-50 8.5KG
CPG-10-E-50-50 8.5KG
CPT-03-04-50 3KG
CPT-03-20-50 3KG
CPT-03-35-50 3KG
CPT-03-50-50 3KG
CPT-03-E-04-50 3KG
CPT-03-E-20-50 3KG
CPT-03-E-35-50 3KG
CPT-03-E-50-50 3KG
CPT-06-04-50 5.5KG
CPT-06-20-50 5.5KG
CPT-06-35-50 5.5KG
CPT-06-50-50 5.5KG
CPT-06-E-04-50 5.5KG
CPT-06-E-20-50 5.5KG
CPT-06-E-35-50 5.5KG
CPT-06-E-50-50 5.5KG
CPT-10-04-50 9.6KG
CPT-10-20-50 9.6KG
CPT-10-35-50 9.6KG
CPT-10-50-50 9.6KG
CPT-10-E-04-50 9.6KG
CPT-10-E-20-50 9.6KG
CPT-10-E-35-50 9.6KG
CPT-10-E-50-50 9.6KG



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